They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. This makes you wonder, how much could online video advertising be worth? A minute of video is easily worth over a million words; you can say so much more with so much less. 

Online video advertising holds an overwhelming advantage over static media. Online video ads turn big chunks of information into bite-sized media, which are easier for audiences to consume. Think of it as a beautiful package that attracts consumers to your brand.

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Static media vs online video advertising

Static media is any advertising done on print or digital platforms. These ads come in the form of rectangular banners.  This includes all those ads you see on webpages and social media.

And don’t forget those ads that interrupt you when you are using your favorite app. 

Banner Blindness

Static web ads have become so common that many users have started ignoring them. This phenomenon is referred to as banner blindness. Online video advertising can help you avoid this shortcoming.

Most internet users also spend more time on webpages that contain videos when compared with sites that don’t include videos. Studies also show that the conversation rate increases by up to 86% on landing pages with online video ads.

Video is more engaging, but don’t forget about the advertising part of it. Everything you put in your ad should have a purpose.

Online video advertising for beginners

What Makes Online Videos Advertising So Catchy?

For starters, the democratization of information and broader internet usage has made data more accessible to people worldwide. Creating and sharing information is also easier. It’s even rumored that Google registers 7,000 searches each second of the day. 

However, most people who visit websites only scheme for critical pieces of information. 

Here’s how online video advertising bridges this gap;

People prefer watching videos.

According to Cisco, videos account for nearly 70% of all global internet traffic. This means that more internet users prefer to get news and information from watching videos.

YouTube currently has over 2 billion users. This provides a platform for you to advertise to global consumers. 

Videos ads are immersive

Online video advertising allows you to explain and demonstrate in ways you couldn’t using posters or words. People are more likely to sit through a video showing how your product works than read a white paper. Print and digital advertising are not only static, but they are also restrictive.

Online video ads offer a more immersive experience.

Why simply inform your viewers when you could illustrate your point as you entertain them? Video ads could be the secret sauce needed to create a lasting impression.

Types of Online Video Advertising

Online video advertising is constantly evolving.

There are a lot of platforms you can run your ads on, and this presents a challenge: which type of online video ads will maximize your ROI?

How to choose the best advertising medium. 

The most common types include; 

Webpage video ads

They are also known as in-page video ads and are supported by most web browsers. There’s no limit to the amount of information you can communicate to your audience using webpage ads.

You can use them to tell your audience more about your product or service and even dive into the history of your business. 

The beauty of in-page ads is that they inform your viewers as they browse through your website. Since they are already checking you out, chances are that they wouldn’t mind the extra help in finding what they are looking for. 

In-game ads

Users of all ages play video games on their mobile devices. For businesses, this means that there is a platform and ready consumers they can advertise to.

In-game ads use the gamers’ browser history to target them with video ads that might stir their interest.  

Some ads provide in-game rewards to users that sit through the entire presentation. These rewards vary from extra lives in the game, hidden loot to other tokens that enhance their gaming experience.

Gamers, therefore, consider in-game ads less of a pest and more of a commercial break. This makes them more cost-effective than other types of online video advertising. 

Interactive videos

Nothing drives user engagement more than interactive video ads.

These video ads take over the entire screen and demand the viewers’ attention and interaction. Interactive online video ads work better than any call-to-action statement because they fully engage the user, often through the use of questions. 

Interactive video ads appear at any point in the video and last for less than 30 seconds. Most users appreciate the level of enjoyment and engagement that these ads provide. 


Out-steam ads are not tied to or accompanied by any other content.

They also don’t need a web-video player. Instead, they exist as independent ad placements that feature within the text of web articles or on the corners of webpages. They are friendly to the eye and rarely interrupt users and they browse through your site.

Out-stream ads are subtle, yet still manage to attract the attention of potential customers.


There must have been a time when online video advertising interrupted your YouTube viewing experience. That’s in-stream ads for you. They usually come before, after, or somewhere between streaming videos. 

They can be quite disruptive, which is why most people simply skip them.

However, they are highly effective at building brand awareness because each viewer has to wait at least 5 seconds to skip the ads. And some can’t be skipped at all. This guarantees brand exposure as even 2 seconds can live a recurring impression on your viewer. 

Current trends in online video advertising?

There’s nothing static about online video advertising.

The nature of the medium is always changing. You need to keep up with the latest development to stay ahead of the pack. The following trends will help you identify and see to your audience’s core needs;

There is a greater focus on a story

We spend an average of up to 12 hours a day staring into our phones, T.V.s, and other screens. However, most people spend a more significant deal of time on their smartphones. It’s a great opportunity for businesses, but a nightmare for marketers. How do they place ads on smaller screens without being disruptive? 

Well, story-based online video advertising is a remedy to this problem.

A good indication of this is the growth of “stories” on Instagram and Facebook. Such videos are also shared more than pictures and texts. 

Appeal to the interests of your audience: video advertising is all about the entertainment factor,

Animation is growing in popularity.

Animation can make ad campaigns more “attention-grabbing.” Embellishing live-action footage with motion graphics or cartoon characters can create an ad that’s more relevant, captivating, and even fun to watch.

The flexibility of animation also allows people to extend beyond the possibilities of the real world. It can make inanimate objects such as cars come to life or let actors defy the rules of physics. 

Companies are spending more on online video advertising.

Pre-coronavirus, a report confirms that company spending on online video advertising experienced a 25% annual rise. For instance, video ad budgets in the entertainment industry rose by 75% in 2019. This sustained trend is bound to grow as various industries, and the world’s population shakes off the effects of the global pandemic. 

Keeping track of these trends will give you an advantage over the competition. 

A little something called spot advertising also creates an incredible opportunity for your business.

How Do You Create An Effective Online Video Ad?

At this point, you should be convinced that online video ads are the way to go for your next ad campaign. However, it’s not just about following the trends or picking a suitable video format.

Your online video ads should be achieve the set goal, whether it is to increase brand awareness or to increase conversion rates. To do this, the ad should be visually appealing and unique enough to demand attention. 

Here are more guidelines for online video advertising:

K.I.S.S. ( Keep It Short and Sweet)

15 to 30 seconds, that’s the sweet spot your online videos need to hit. The first 2 seconds are the most important ones.

Open with a bang to jolt your audience into paying attention. They are unlikely to watch the entire video, so hit the high and quick!

Online video advertising for everyone

Create a personalized viewing experience

What device is your target audience likely to use when viewing the ad? You could have the most brilliant videographer working on your video, but it could look awful on a smartphone. Most video platforms are optimized for the use of mobile devices, but double-check just in case.

This phenomenon is actually called native video advertising.

Appeal to your customers’ needs

Create appeal by telling a story that has a start, conflict, and resolution.

Build an emotional connection with the audience by giving your video ad a genuine, warm, and authentic touch. And why stop there? Extend the same courtesy all the other content in your ad campaign.

Cap it off with a call to action

Be bold about what you want your audience to do after watching the video. This could be visiting your website or checking out your web store.

Interactive ad components can make it easier for them to act.

You could incentivize such actions with promo codes, discounts, and anything else that can sweeten the deal. Incentives lead to a higher visitor-to-customer conversion rate.

One more thing…

Have you considered hiring a video marketing agency to tell your story? Here are three reasons why:

  • You get access to the best talent
  • The production value is great.
  • And the best part is that you can be a part of the process, from start to finish.

Check out this article for more information on the subject: Why Should You Let a Video Marketing Agency Tell Your Story?


Online video advertising is booming in both B2B and B2C industries.

It has never been easier to build a genuine connection with your audience. All you have to do is come up with a creative, personalized video da campaign. Contrary to what most marketers believe, you don’t have to pack in a lot of information into your video ad. Simply make the ad interesting enough so potential customers would want to know more.

Online video advertising increases brand awareness, conversion rates, and helps you target specific buyers. It is worth the investment, now and in the future.