Because we know that things don’t stop at voiceovers. A simple translation, a short audio ad or the just-right copy might be exactly what you need to get done.

That’s why we tried to replicate what we had with Voicebunny but added a new twist.

We bring you Bunny Studio, a creative outsourcing platform that guarantees amazing, versatile content for those who can’t compromise quality.

For those who need peace of mind.

This is the story of how we got here:

Creative Outsourcing

We are living in exciting times.

This might seem a bit obvious, but it’s true and it never hurts to be mindful of it – especially in business.

It was not long ago when doing something as simple as a meeting with a person on a different timezone meant endless coordination, late nights and hassle.


Nowadays, we have Zoom, or Skype, or even Whatsapp.

The truth is, there’s never been a more interconnected, atemporal, globalized time in humanity and this brings exciting opportunities.

What we can do, is limited to what we can imagine.


And since we are in the business of outsourcing, “exciting” resounds true. Every. Single. Day.

A couple of years back, we found an opportunity. You’ve probably heard about it before, “automation will last affect the creative services” and other such claims.

The reasoning was sound: creative services have the most complex processes and need the most human-like qualities to get done.

Simply put: creative services are subjective.

Meaning they are tough to reproduce and guarantee.

Let’s be clear:

We have not automated creative services, but here’s the story of how, and why we are trying to make it seem as we have.

This post was updated in April 2021

Current Situation

So, here’s the deal.

In today’s world, you could either do everything yourself or, if you’re more proactive than most, you could outsource a ton of tasks for your business.

Potentially, you could outsource most of the things that you:

  • Don’t want to do
  • Don’t know how to do
  • Don’t have time to do

That’s amazing!

And incredibly valuable and productive as well.

If you go back a couple of decades, doing something out of your expertise often meant having to hire expensive services or stretching yourself too thin.

Let’s say you wanted to venture your business into digital marketing back then.

What options did you have to get digital marketing done?

Either hire an external agency that will charge you god knows what, or get a “Digital Marketing for Dummies” book and start from scratch.

Whichever option you chose, some unwanted complications would eventually start to pop up…

Managing Stress

Bunny Studio Peace of Mind

It’s simple.

We avoid what we don’t want to do because these tasks are generally more difficult than the ones that we like to do.

Think about it. What’s the natural result of doing something you don’t want to do? Or doing something that you’re not good at?

Stress. Good old fashioned stress.

Which can be bad by itself, but even worse: it can result in being unproductive and risk it having negative ripples in other aspects of life.

If you need to add some fun video effects, does this mean you have to learn After Effects?

You could argue it helps to learn about everything, but what if it’s a one-time thing?

You could push through and still do it.

But trust us, this is no easy task, even less so if it’s something a tad more complicated than simple editing. Stress would come a-knocking.

But, what happens if you get others to do it for you?

Well, you could focus on what really matters.

You could focus on what makes you special.


Better than the rest.

You can manage stress.


Strengths & Weaknesses

So there’s a debate as old as time.

Before, people used to think: “find your weaknesses and work on them until they no longer are.”

Nowadays, people know better.

Instead, you should find your strengths, work on them as much as you can, be as good as you can be and polish your weaknesses until they are no longer liabilities.

“Good enough” is a common saying today.

But this brings up another issue as old as time: delegation.

“If you want it done right, then do it yourself”.

For instance: you might not be the strongest at accounting – your thing is marketing. But you do have to submit your taxes, so you still need a solution.

The question is: why should you be the one doing it?

It’ll take longer to do. You’ll struggle and fight against balancing sheets. And who knows if it’ll come out the way you wanted?

Instead, simply find the experts, let them handle it. Your income will thank you later.

How We Tackle This Issue

We get it.

It’s tough to let go. Especially since no-one can do you, as well as you can.

But this is a question you have to ask yourself at a certain point in your business.

The truth is: you have to learn how to delegate.

Now, or eventually.

You can’t expect to be the best in every-single-area. It’s simply impossible.

Instead, focus on what you do best, and get other things done by people you know will do them well.

So focus on finding these right people.



Naturally, outsourcing will immediately come to mind.

It’s one of the greatest benefits of today’s globalized world.

In theory, outsourcing is simple:

You want something done, you get it done. Right?

Unfortunately, for those of you who have outsourced anything, you know it’s not as easy as this.

Difficulties with Outsourcing

If you’ve ever ventured into this world, you know what we are talking about. Some common difficulties you’ll encounter are:

  • Fickle communication
  • Unpredictable deadlines
  • Sub-par results
  • Inconsistent pricing

And the list goes on…

As we mentioned before, the biggest issue with outsourcing is its lack of accountability and reliability.

Nobody can do it as well as you can.

Plus, what worked one week, might not work the next.

And sometimes, this is too much to ask for any given business.

This lack of guarantee was one of the triggers which pushed us to create VoiceBunny back in 2012.

We had been on both sides of the outsourcing coin and knew that often it’s not the freelancer’s or the client’s fault, sometimes, some processes are doomed to fail right from the get-go.

We needed reliable voice overs, but wanted the flexibility that comes with hiring freelancers, and the quality guarantee of a well-established agency, so we decided:

To set up an in-house quality control team.

An internal team that goes over the freelancer’s (pro’s) creations, and holds them to the highest quality standards – your quality standards.

With our quality control team, we try to give our clients something we believe is crucial when trusting someone else with your creative needs:

Peace of Mind.

How it works

Peace of mind because with our team, you know that whatever project you created will be back the day you needed it to be, at the right time, with the right tone and no major issues.

That’s why we decided to introduce a satisfaction guarantee in our outsourcing services.

Satisfaction guarantee and peace of mind. No questions asked.

Need a voice over? Submit a project and hire a pro on the spot!

Bigger Issues (Creative Outsourcing)

And everything was going just fine.

With QC and all the chips in the right places, we achieved a top NPS score, continually satisfied our customers and gained the trust of our partners as a customer-centric company.

Until we started to notice something even bigger…

A behemoth we knew we would need to eventually tackle:

Creative outsourcing services.

The thing with creative outsourcing its that it’s an entirely different monster than everything we’ve done before.


What is Creative Outsourcing

“What’s the difference from traditional outsourcing?” – you might be wondering.

It seems simple, but it isn’t really.

Simply put, creative outsourcing is when you outsource creative services.

At first, this might not seem too hard to do.

But it can quickly get more complicated when you need to maintain something that’s non-negotiable for us:

Our satisfaction guarantee.

You see, the thing with creative services is they are by definition ambiguous – subjective. What might be amazing for one, might be sub-par for another.

There’s just no way to clear-cut amazing for all.

Plus, there is one more head to this Hydra.

Creative outsourcing projects are a bit different from other outsourcing projects.

They incorporate a concept we’ve coined “Full-Stack Outsourcing”.

“Developers?”. Nope.

There’s a difference between what we call “Partial Outsourcing” and “Full Stack Outsourcing” – the first is the outsourcing process of one single task or the task can be completed by a single freelancer.

The latter is more complex.

This is when the outsourcing process involves the effective coordination of more than one freelancer, or when one is dependent on another for the project to be fulfilled.

Take a podcast.

You’ll need to coordinate:

And however many more freelancers you want to add.

This means it can all get pretty complicated. Pretty quickly.

This is why most people stay away, or at least allocate plenty of resources, in trying to tackle creative outsourcing projects.

But these challenges didn’t stop us.

Bunny Studio Level Up

Our Dream

We want to shape the future of outsourcing.

And in order to do it, we’d have to learn how to include Creative Outsourcing in our plans.


From VoiceBunny to Everything Creative

Because we know that things don’t stop at voiceovers.

A simple design, a short video or the just-right copy might make a world’s difference for our customers.

These small but varying products have humongous implications and they fuel our customer’s dreams.

Dreams of the business you’ve dreamt of, or the product you wished existed.

But that sometimes you don’t have the manpower or financial muscle to hire a whole team to do.

We had to try to replicate what we did with Voicebunny or our other services such as WritingBunny or PodBunny:

Great, flexible, content for those who can’t compromise quality.

For those who need peace of mind.

But now, we needed to do it with any type of creative media.


Paving the Path for Future Outsourcing

So we took all the lessons we’ve learned from Voicebunny, PodBunny, VideoBunny, WritingBunny, TranslationBunny, AudioAdsBunny and kept what worked and ditched what didn’t.

We kept the processes that help us stand out and researched how we could improve.

We set up a new team, a new website, and a new concept.

And we bring you:

Bunny Studio.

Bunny Studio Banner

A creative outsourcing platform that aims to make outsourcing what it should be: seamless and hassle-free.

Because we know that in today’s world, you need versatility but you can’t concede in terms of quality.

There’s so much competition, that true quality is the only way to stand out.

This also meant that we needed to be even more flexible in a flexible world.

To offer flexible products – from the simplest to the most complex.

So we went back and researched what our clients had asked from us, the top trends around the globe and picked the services we could guarantee to do well.

This brought us to 4 main content types:

  • Audio Content
  • Written Content
  • Video Content
  • Design Content

Each of these main topics include a wide array of subcategories that we could talk endlessly about, but won’t in this piece, but include Translation, 3D Audio, Video Editing, Podcasts, Audio Ads, and some more you can find here.

And that’s where we stand. For now.

What the Future Holds

This last iteration of Bunny is the most complete of them all.

Bunny Studio Homepage

An online, creative outsourcing platform that is there to help you get that thing done.

But BunnyStudio’s iteration is by no means our last.

As we’ve grown through time, we know that we need to be nimble and learn quick.

So that’s our commitment: we’ll continue to learn and improve to give you the just-right product you wished for.

All in a seamless, transparent way – to make outsourcing as easy as it could be.

To really shape the future of outsourcing.

Final Thoughts

What started as a solution for an opportunity in the outsourcing market, has evolved beyond our wildest dreams.

And we couldn’t have done it without you.

Your feedback has made us realize that we have a great process that enables us to guarantee top-notch quality all while being as versatile as you need us to be.

Your feedback has led us towards our current direction, a direction of growth and expansion.

To try to serve all of our customer’s needs. All shapes, all forms, and all sizes. All sorts of creative outsourcing that you might need.

So thank you.

And here is our final promise to you:

We will aim to be the most flexible, quality & customer-driven outsourcing company, and become your ideal partner for all your creative outsourcing needs.

From the smallest script or copy to the largest video project – we are here for you.

And with us, your peace of mind. Guaranteed.

Need any professional service that’s not on the menu? Contact us for full-stack creative solutions!