The freelance content market is blossoming, and these opportunities won’t fade anytime soon. As more businesses come online, entrepreneurs realize the vital role of content marketing campaigns in ensuring a substantial internet presence. Outsourcing content marketing is no longer an afterthought. Savvy business owners now consider it a must-do for the many reasons we’ll discuss below.

The notion that a remote team is ineffective is archaic because this approach is the secret of many top digital brands. Maybe it’s time to accept that this generation of employees wants to work from home or anywhere but in a formal office.

In an interview of 1,500 tech gurus, 36 percent cited they’d accept a 10% salary deduction to get the chance to operate remotely! People genuinely want to have better control of their work-life, even if it means cutting something small from their earnings.

If you’re new to ecommerce, do not discredit freelance content marketers before you witness their work. Many times they become a crucial link to your clients because they represent your brand’s intentions through their work.

Again, what you get depends on who you hire for your projects. It all depends on your approach. Consider partnering with established content creation sites to get the best results. These websites act as regulators. They guarantee content security and timely delivery so that all your campaigns launch in good time.

Still to Come;

  • What is content marketing
  • Types of content
  • Picking the right tools for your unique campaign
  • Why should you outsource?

What is content marketing?

It is a digital marketing strategy that leverages content like emails, blog posts, newsletters, podcasts, videos, social media content, etc., to engage a business’s clientele.

When commerce went to the internet, the founders had to rethink their marketing practices. So they embarked on articles and blogs. They also thought, “now that we have Gmail, Yahoo, etc., why don’t we ditch the expensive physical mails sent through a courier” for digital methods like newsletters.

Then came social media, and ecommerce fell head over heels. Soon after, videos were no longer the pride of Youtube alone, and who knows what next?

In a nutshell, necessity did give birth to innovation, and the results are wow!

Today, the warming sound of a voice expert advertising a company’s service right before a Youtube video begins echoes sales for any entrepreneur looking to adopt the same strategy. While executing such a project may seem complicated, you realize the company hired a voice specialist from a freelance site like Bunny Studio.

Contents like these reach out to your audience, sell your company, and portray you as an expert in your field.

outsourcing content marketing

Types of Content

Content is anything from emails, blog posts, newsletters to podcasts, videos, social media content, and any other medium you use to reach out to your audience.

If you choose to market your ecommerce through different content, research more about these options to decide what can work for you;

  • Blog posts
  • Articles
  • Case Studies
  • Podcasts
  • Social media posts
  • Newsletters
  • Press release
  • Website copy
  • Whitepapers
  • eBooks
  • Email videos
  • Infographics
  • Research
  • Emails
  • Product descriptions

This is not all. There’s much more. In essence, nearly anything you produce to lure your clients’ trust and money can fall under this category.

Pick the Right tools Before Outsourcing Content Marketing

The right tools for you depend on your audience’s preference, the campaign’s timeline & message, and your overall delivery. You can also combine video content with written works, e.g., by attaching a video to your short newsletter.

Consider these factors before outsourcing content marketing to an external team.

·         Audience preference

Customer preference refers to the kind of content your audience enjoys. Access to content is also a key consideration when choosing a tool for your project. If most of your sales come from social media, maximize on that.

·         Campaign timeline.

Some projects warrant time for a sophisticated video project, but time-sensitive campaigns or urgent messages may involve more direct communication. Use a natural medium like newsletters for these.

·         Message.

If you’re launching a new feature, it makes more sense to write a short instructional ebook explaining everything you need to share. You can also pair this with a video campaign on social media to spread the word.

·         Intent.

Blogs help you persuade your audience by focusing on their emotion (through inspiring stories), while Case Studies packaged in digital books seek to add new info and value to a client’s life.

·         Target recipient (s).

Emails and newsletters offer a more personalized experience than other tools. Consider the latter If the goal is to focus on every client.

·         Delivery

When push comes to shove, everything falls back to your delivery strategy. How you package and present the message matters. Even a well-written ebook can defeat the whole purpose of a poorly-developed video.

·         B2B Vs. B2C Prospects

This is a crucial distinction to make when choosing content marketing resources to share with your prospects.

In Business to Business writing, you use logic-based content to persuade business clients to use your service. Because the stories in Business to Consumer blogs don’t work here, consider tools like a well-thought-out Research Book or an informative Infographic.

Why Outsourcing Content Marketing is the Key

Persuading you to outsource content may sound like doubting your ability to represent your brand! If anything, you know best what your audience needs. But think of it, won’t taking over this role entirely mean dropping all other business aspects? Plus, you may be an excellent entrepreneur but not a Jack/Jill of all trades.

In all honesty, the internet is yet to name an entrepreneur who runs every facet of their online business alone. With so many pieces to move, it’s better to take an administrative role and let an expert content creator work on your campaigns.

Stats show numerous benefits reaped from these projects. Letting an expert service take care of your content needs also ensures a quick turnaround if the event is due (or the content is time-sensitive).

Beyond that, you’re guaranteed to enjoy quality work customized for your specific audience’s needs. Most freelance websites only require you to prepare a content strategy to lead them throughout the process.

This is your primary role, to supervise and see that the outsourced project meets all your customer’s needs. In other words, you maintain total control over your campaigns while professional service providers handle all the work.

outsourcing content marketing

The Pros of Outsourcing Content Marketing

Below are the benefits of contracting these services to experienced content makers.

1.      Save on costs

With different content to maneuver between, the paycheck for a permanent internal team can be hectic. This may mean hiring content writers, voice experts, video makers, social media specialists, and so on.

All these can sum up to a lump sum compared to what you’d spend on small contracting projects to remote freelancers.

Outsourcing reduces the content marketing budget because you only pay people to get on board when a project is due.

2.      Work on multiple projects simultaneously

Spotting the right freelancers for your brand is a sure way to get help with any time-bound project idea. Having one or two experts on standby for all your writing tasks guarantees assistance when it’s time to get down to business.

Do the same for other segments that require unique skill sets like video production and voice-overs.

In the end, teams will prove handy when looking to use multiple tools to reinforce your campaign. For instance, if you plan to include a video in your newsletter, you can have video makers record their content as the writers prepare the accompanying texts.

3.      You get up-to-date professional content

Content creators don’t just record anything and share it with you to show your audience. Experts registered in competent freelance sites have a knack for accuracy and content value. They do in-depth research to ensure every piece adds value to their profile and your website.

The best content-making sites ensure their passionate freelancers work to meet client goals.

4.      Consistent content on a fair budget

Hiring freelance experts connect you with industry gurus who could impress you and be part of your remote team.

Because we operate in a fast-changing market, outsourcing content marketing to a ready remote crew ensures a consistent campaign.

This approach further simplifies your job because you don’t have to begin from scratch every time you need content.

Again, you pay when you only need content produced and let your writing service worry about quality and correctness.

5.      Have your content shared on other platforms

Most of the experts you hire are social media influencers. While they do this to build their careers, partnering with them can expand your content’s reach.

Freelance professionals flaunt their work to attract other projects. Allowing them to share your public video or blog on their social media pages and personal blogs can bring more followers to your brand.

6.      Use an array of content marketing tools

Handling all the content, you need alone can cause severe burn-out. It can also cause delays and restrict the number of tools you use to engage prospects.

Writers, voice, and video experts work separately to reinforce a single campaign, thereby expanding its reach. For instance, if you plan to include a video in your newsletter, you can have video makers record their content as the writers prepare the accompanying text.

7.      Research-based work and different perspectives

Experts registered in competent freelance sites have a knack for accuracy and content value. They do in-depth research to ensure every piece of work adds value to their profile and your website.

Working with industry experts also gives you a different perspective. They’ll likely introduce you to something new because they strive to update their skills every day.

The bottom line

So you’ve made up your mind to begin outsourcing content marketing to remote professionals. Well, start small and build slowly. It can be hectic trying to vet a voice artist and newsletter writer at the same time.

Also, carefully do your research because not everyone you meet online has what it takes to represent your brand.