In 2020, COVID-19 turned our lives upside down in the blink of an eye. Not only have we suffered the loss of millions of human lives, but we have also had to discover new ways of working, learning, loving, and grieving. 

2 years later, pandemic-related stress lingers on. Furthermore, political conflicts and economic concerns contribute to increasing global uncertainty. How can we cope with such a context? We still have to discover new ways of taking care of ourselves.

That’s why Bunny Studio is announcing Pause of Mind Week: a paid week off for all team members to rest and recharge. While we take care of ourselves, we will still take care of our customers. During this time, the company will operate without pause, and our clients will continue receiving 24/7 support. 

This is part of our comprehensive benefits plan, which includes several policies to improve our team’s work-life balance and psychological wellbeing. 

With the Pause of Mind Week, we aim to:

  • Prevent burnout
  • Reduce stress level
  • Improve productivity

Let us tell you more about this initiative!


Will our Pause of Mind week affect you?

Although Bunny Studio is taking a week off, rest assured that we are still operating with business as usual. Here’s what to expect from our response time during this period. 

Client support

Our live chat will still be available from 7am to 11am CT time. If you need assistance outside of this timeframe, send us an email at, and we will respond within 5 hours. We recommend sending just a single email to expedite our response time. Should you have inquiries on payments and invoices, reach out to us at

Bunny Pro support

If you are a new Bunny Pro seeking assistance, our help center might be able to answer your questions. Our community page can also provide you with tips on how we work. Plus, we have a thriving forum where our operations team and other experienced Bunny Pros can advise you on your work. If you cannot find the answers and need help regarding a specific project, send us an email at and we will respond within 5 hours.


Why a Pause of Mind?

Let’s face it: the last 2 years have been an uphill battle for most, and the future is still brimming with uncertainty. With this sense of global uncertainty, it isn’t strange to feel in distress. In the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, anxiety and depression increased by a massive 25%, according to WHO.

And, as humans, we cannot separate our emotions from work. On the contrary, at work, we may come across high-pressure situations that deepen our feelings of helplessness or anxiety. These causes can contribute to burnout.

Burnout is typically recognized as a job-driven mental health problem. Common symptoms include feelings of helplessness, cynicism, insomnia, and fatigue. But burnout can even develop alongside depression or anxiety, and it can lead to physical symptoms as well.


Tackling burnout from the inside

At Bunny Studio, we work in a high-performance environment. We set ambitious goals and commit ourselves to excellence. We dream big and deliver even bigger. But above all, we know that such an environment can be stressful and that we can’t leave our health in second place. 

Moreover, employees shouldn’t be solely responsible for their well-being at work. Burnout must be tackled from the inside and addressed not as an individual but as a social issue that deserves a long-term plan of meaningful actions.

Evidence shows that burnout can be prevented, and, as a company, we acknowledge that we need to take care of our greatest resource: our team. 

A recent survey revealed that 24% of our employees feel guilty for taking time off. We believe that paid time off isn’t only a benefit; it is necessary in order to stay healthy. That is why this pause of mind is not optional but mandatory. Yes, you read that right! We won’t let any excuse prevent us from resting.


Putting health first in a remote-first company

Bunny Studio is a fully remote company with a team of 92 people from 20 countries and 5 continents. We built a culture that celebrates diversity and inclusion. But, as much as we love learning new words and traditions, having a multicultural team means we also have to learn about our cultural differences. Time off is not the exception. Each culture has its own approach to free time.

Pause of Mind Week is part of a comprehensive benefits plan created to address our multicultural team’s needs. It also includes:

  • Flexible working hours: so everyone can perform their tasks and plan their days according to their schedule.
  • Unlimited paid time off: no upper limit to the number of days our employees would like to take to recharge.
  • 4-day workweek (4DWW): one extra day to attend self and family care.

Curious about our culture and benefits? Discover what makes us unique reading about Bunny Studio behind the scenes.


Pause our minds to keep raising the bar

As a data-driven company, we are passionate about evidence. Can a week off have a tangible impact on our health?

Yes! A study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health shows that a short vacation positively affects well-being. Therefore, encouraging employees to take short vacations is an efficient workplace health promotion strategy to decrease stress and protect against long-term negative health effects.

Similar initiatives, such as the 4-day workweek, have equivalent outcomes. Research reported a reduction of staff stress levels by 45% when they introduced the 4-day work week policy.

Our company’s motto is “Raise your bar”. We are dedicated to making every user experience exceptionally memorable. And evidence shows that we need to rest to give our best. A study proved that professionals who took time off were significantly more productive than those who spent more time working.

In a nutshell, time off makes us improve our health while enhancing our productivity.


Planning ahead to rest our head

We wouldn’t be able to “pause our minds” if we knew we would find a ton of emails and pending work upon return. A worry-free rest can only come with organization and trust in our teammates’ support. Getting ready to rest, we updated our roadmaps to avoid an increased workload on our return. We even have a plan B in case of emergencies.

We will divide the team into two halves. That way, the company will continue to operate without pause. During Pause of Mind Week, our customer support will not be affected. Even though we’ll work with a reduced staff, our clients will continue receiving 24/7 support. Yes, we want to maintain our Award-contending title as one of the best remote workplaces globally.  

Changing times demand innovative solutions, sometimes disrupting traditional frameworks. At Bunny Studio, we are committed to preventing burnout and promoting work-life balance, but not only that: we want to stay the best workplace. The Pause of Mind Week is another initiative to improve our team’s well-being. 


Join Bunny Studio in pausing your mind

In need of some respite? Let’s work towards building a society with better mental health. Here are some self-care ideas for you and your family:

  • Get physical: Walk, run, do yoga, dance, or exercise. 
  • Practice gratitude: Make a 2022 list of the things you’re grateful for. 
  • Call that friend you haven’t spoken with in months. 
  • Pamper yourself: Do something for YOU, meditate, indulge in your favorite goodies, or get a massage. 
  • Plan your week with different activities: Repair that old chair on the corner, paint a wall, or just organize the closet.
  • Make a list of 20 things that bring joy to your life… and do them!