Podcasts are becoming ubiquitous sources of information and entertainment in the USA as the decade progresses.51% of the American population, 144 million, admits to listening to a podcast at least once in their lifetime. Moreover, about 22% of the people, or 62 million Americans, tend to listen to a podcast every week. With such significant figures, the market is, therefore, suitable to provide numerous podcast jobs. Furthermore, the jobs will diversify and become more lucrative as the number of podcast listeners grows.

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This post has been updated in October 2021.

Necessary Skills needed in Most Podcast Jobs

Producing and broadcasting a quality podcast isn’t usually a one-person job. It will require the input of other several professionals. These jobs are opening up opportunities for more people to utilize their skills and make a living through podcasting.

So, what are the skills required to produce a podcast?

  • Content creation- a podcast episode requires the input of a professional who can develop a concept, turn it into a script, then edit the text, and finally turn it into a story. Capturing the attention of listeners calls for much creativity on your end. Thus, content design, and scripting, are valuable skills for persons looking for production podcast jobs.
  • Audio recording and editingThe production of podcasts is in audio format. Hence, producers need to be aware of what a good audio clip entails. The sound technician must also understand the equipment and software used in the process. Such understanding helps you to deliver high-quality podcast clips.
  • Marketing- this skill is necessary, especially after the production of your podcast. Marketing skills help you to promote the channel to attract more listeners.

Podcast Jobs for podcasting

The quality of a podcast and its popularity or ability to connect with target listeners will depend on the skills of the production team. The channel owner should, therefore, gather a competent team that can deliver to expectations.

Specific Jobs in the Podcast Industry

Are you looking for particular jobs in the podcast industry? Let’s have a look at Podcast jobs available in the chain of production, their qualifications, and expected earning levels.

1. Podcast Concept Developer

The best podcasts will stem from the most thoughtful ideas. These ideas have to be captivating to the imagination of listeners. The ides must also easily resonate with the target audience. Hence, it will take a creative podcast content developer to engineer ideas that result in an informative podcast.

The concept developer is usually in charge of the podcast project. Their main work is to issue instructions that inform the production processes. Therefore, the role of a concept developer requires a deeper understanding of the podcast industry to generate informative ideas.

In most cases, the concept developer is the entrepreneur behind the business or social idea. Thus, all other members of the production team tend to take instructions from the concept developer.

A concept developer holds a senior position in any production process. They will be in charge of brainstorming and helping the team to narrow down their ideas. The average salary scale of a podcast producer is $55,349 but will go all the way to $147,000 a year.

2. Podcast Script Writer

The script is the backbone of your podcast production process. When capturing the imagination of the audience, the quality of text written is a significant factor to consider. That’s why the role of a scriptwriter will always be present in the podcast jobs section.

As a podcast scriptwriter, you will be responsible for capturing the theme accurately and using the best tricks to engage listeners.

A good podcast scriptwriter must be creative enough to produce captivating podcast content. The writer must likewise master the appropriate script length, technical words to use, and how to keep their listeners interested in their podcast, among other aspects of podcast script-writing.

A scriptwriter can work as a freelancer, charging each project at a time. If you work for an organization, the average pay is for a scriptwriter is $56,630. Your skills level, the topic you are handling, the length of the script, and the organization behind the project will determine how much you make.

3. Podcast Producer

A podcast producer is one of the most common podcast jobs you will find today. The producer is responsible for the entire process of developing ideas, recording, and releasing the podcast. You design content for the channel, plan the episodes, organize the voiceover talents, develop a content plan, and take full responsibility for the quality of a podcast.

Although being a producer is a supervisory role, understanding the minute production details is essential. Luckily, most producers have grown through the system and, therefore, understand what it takes to deliver a captivating podcast. The average earning for a podcast producer is $70,000 annually going all the way to $132,000. For a part-time basis, your earning will be as much as $25 per hour.

4. Podcast Audio Technician

One of the most crucial technicians to have onboard in any podcast production team is an audio engineer.

The sound technician is responsible for setting up the studio or recording equipment, monitor the quality of production, and edit the final file so that it can meet the desired standards. However, the audio editor must know the best equipment for use in sound recording.

Audio preparation also requires the use of sound editing software. The technician has to insert soundtracks and other effects that enhance the quality of the production. Since audio recording and editing is one of the major tasks involved in sound production, the skills of this technician will always influence, to a great extent, the quality of the output.

Audio production technicians are some of the best-paid members of a podcast production team. Employers pay between $16 and $21 per hour for sound technicians. If you work on a full-time basis, you can expect a salary of $63,721/year on average.

The podcast market is growing by the day. Revenue from the industry is projected to surpass $1 billion by 2021. The projection is an indication of the sector’s unending potential. Thus, sound technicians will continue reaping handsome returns from podcast productions.

5. Script Editor

Editors have the honorous job of polishing a script after delivery and before it is voiced. The editor’s work is to align the text with the desires of the production team. The final script has to meet the highest standards in terms of content, style, format, and overall messaging.

Script editors correspondingly play a supervisory role. They are in charge of a team of writers developing the scripts. An editor has to ensure that all the final writings adhere to the storyline set by the production team. The editor also safeguards that the overall themes should reflect accurately on a script. Hence, they are in charge of approving the narrative for final production.

Being a script editor is mostly about experience. They must understand the style of a channel and how to please the corresponding audience. The editor must be keen on details to avoid errors or unnecessary words on a script.

The average editor will earn $67,837 a year working as an employee. The most experienced editors tend to make over $133,000 each year. Since the fortunes of podcast editors are growing by the year, their earnings are about to balloon.

6. Podcast Transcriber

The competitive podcast market is pushing the developers to transcribe their audio files before uploading them online. Transcribing the podcasts into text can enhance your ranking on search engines. It will expand the audience of a podcast beyond the regular listeners.

Podcast Jobs for podcasters

As channel owners embrace digital marketing to promote their episodes, podcast transcriber is one of the fastest-growing podcast jobs segment. Most podcast transcribers tend to be freelancers. A freelancer transcriber earns $15 to $27 per hour. Employed transcribers earn an average of $54,581 with an upper limit of $123,678 per year. It is, therefore, one of the lucrative jobs you can hold in the podcast industry.

Other podcast job opportunities will depend on individual production houses. One podcast producer may be running a small shop that cannot employ too many people. Another production unit may have the resources to hire an expanded team. Financial muscle and the quality of work required will always determine the nature of the group gathered to work on a single podcast.

Where To Find High Paying Podcast Jobs

With an expanding podcast industry, podcasting jobs are becoming easier to find. The positions come as a result of many professionals and brands embracing podcast production as part of their marketing strategy.

So, where can you get quality podcasting career opportunities?

  • Company websites– do you follow a podcasting channel? Such channels are always searching for people to add on to their teams. Watch out for advertised job opportunities from these companies.
  • Freelance websites– podcasting employers are using freelancing sites to recruit for different positions. Interested professionals have to register at these freelancing websites to either take the jobs or place a bid. Your rating on the website will determine your progress and potential of getting more freelance podcasting jobs. The best way to get a job at a freelancing website is to create a captivating profile. Indicate your areas of competence, experience in podcasting, your charges, and a portfolio of previous projects you have handled in the past.
  • Recruitment agents– podcast producers also use recruitment agencies to hire podcast staff. Enroll at a recruitment agency to get alerts whenever a job opportunity opens. Registration involves creating a profile that will inform your potential employer about the podcast skills you can offer.
  • Create a podcast channel– please view this step as a long term plan. Start a podcast that will be covering a topic you are conversant. Build the channel through consistent content, fresh ideas, and digital marketing. Promote the podcast on social media and any other platform that will help you to build a name. Eventually, the channel will gain popularity and generate money for you.

Final Remarks

Starting a successful podcast requires consistency in content production. Identify a niche that can gain popularity and grow your audience. Deliver quality content, engage your listeners, and promote your podcast.

If you run a popular podcast, the host company will likely promote your content, giving you incredible popularity.

Getting a lucrative podcast job requires sharp and admirable skills. Grow and refine your skills to be on top of your competition in your job market. Keep searching for the best podcast jobs and strive to deliver the best quality work once hired.

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