A podcast producer is one of the many crucial parts of the podcast itself. Whether you as the host also want to produce the show or you hire someone else as the producer, this is an integral role in a successful podcast.

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This post has been updated in October 2021.

Steps in Creating a Podcast

You’ve come up with an amazing idea for a podcast. You have a great voice to listen to along with the gift of gab. It makes sense that if you put this together you could have an amazing podcast. But wait, how easy is all of this? There are certain steps to take in creating a podcast and where you may be handling some of them, you may need to get some help in putting all of the moving parts together. A podcast producer can help to create a solid working podcast.

Buzzsprout shares some valuable insight on the steps to creating a podcast. The first one is to develop a concept. This is that great idea you’ve come up with. This is the why and the what of the podcast, and it includes your podcast’s name, the genre, the goals you’ve set with it, and your theme.

The next step is to choose your format. This entails how your show will run. Will you have a cohost, just yourself, or maybe a guest host or interview guest each episode? Think about how long each episode will be and how often you will release new episodes. Consistent episodes are good for you and good for your audience. A regular schedule will help you be on a schedule and let your audience be excited about new releases as they know when to expect them. A podcast producer will help a lot in this area.

Next is thinking about and purchasing the software and recording equipment you’ll need. It’s a good time to research what is best to suit the needs of your podcast. And then, you’re ready to record. This is where the fun begins. Make sure your area is quiet (soundproof is ideal) and practice working with the microphone. Then grab a drink and give it a go.

podcast producing for amateur podcasters

After this, you’re onto editing and production. This is where your producer could come in to help. You’ll want sound bites and music, and you’ll need to edit. Your podcast should have cover art and a logo and a great title for each episode. And then you are onto releasing it so people can hear your podcast and fall in love with it.

This may sound like a lot to take on yourself. Plenty of podcast hosts do it all; others like to enlist a producer.

What Does a Podcast Producer do?

A podcast producer is a necessary component of a podcast. You hear the producer’s name in the credits of the podcast. Sometimes it is the host, sometimes someone else. But before you decide how much you want to take on, it’s important to know what a podcast producer does.

According to Resonate Recordings, a podcast producer does quite a lot. One of these roles is to help develop and maintain the creative vision of the podcast. The producer will decide all the ins and outs to make the podcast successful. Often this is the host if he is the one who came up with the podcast. Sometimes the host wants some help making her vision reality, so she’ll hire a producer. Other times, the producer has the vision but wants someone else to tell the story.

A producer often is the one who researches and books guests. He or she may also come up with ideas and research them for the host. Often they are called the creative genius of the podcast, and according to PodcastEngineers.com:

A podcast producer acts as an administrator and technical director. They handle many responsibilities like managing the podcast, recording and editing the episodes, and other behind-the-scenes interaction.

A podcast producer also helps with production. This is the during and after the podcast is recorded. In fact, it can even be before. A producer may line up the guests or offer suggestions for shows and topics to the host. You can see that often the producer and host can be one in the same person. The producer also works on post-production and getting the podcast edited and released.

Clearly a podcast producer takes on a full load. If you are the one who conceptualized this podcast, you may want to take on all of the roles, from hosting to editing to producing. But if you don’t feel up to all of this, think about creating a team for your podcast. Then you each can focus on your own talents and putting them all together for a successful, finished podcast.

Should You Be the Host and the Podcast Producer?

Are you wondering if you can wear all of the hats when it comes to creating a podcast? Can you be the editor, the host, and the podcast producer? If you have the skills to multitask and take control, you sure can. However, if you want some help in your podcast, there is nothing wrong with creating a team. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to think about what you want to do…

  • Do you want to be your own boss? If this is the case, you may want to take this all on yourself. One simple key is thinking ahead. If you can research, plan, and stick to a calendar, you will be a great producer.
  • Do you love taking charge, organizing, and planning? If this is you, you’d be a great podcast producer. Podcast producers keep the podcast flowing and sticking to a schedule. They know how to schedule guests along with show topics and promos.
  • Would you rather just focus on hosting? If you just can’t wait to be in front of the mic but the other aspects don’t excite you, maybe you’d like to hire a podcast producer. And there is nothing wrong with that. This also allows you to focus more on the thing you do best and your producer can manage the other parts.

If you decide to host and produce, you have the ability to create a podcast exactly how you want it. But if you’d rather have a team to work with and bounce ideas around with, look for a podcast producer who will fit your vision.

Hiring a Podcast Producer and Creating a Team Endeavor

Many podcasters embrace the idea of a team endeavor. They can host and hire a producer to produce. It often makes sense because there is a lot entailed in producing a podcast. But what if you want a producer but you don’t know where to find one?

First of all, think about your friends. Do you have someone you can envision yourself working with and not only getting along with but also having fun and creating a successful show? Maybe it’s someone not in your closest circle of friends, but a friend of a friend with a knack for this or someone you’ve worked with before. Think wide and maybe you can come up with someone.

Another way to look at working with a friend is to think about a friend you may have who would be up for developing the skills even if they don’t already have them. You may be surprised how easy this could be if they have this personality already.

podcast producer what you must know

You can also hire a podcast producer from a freelance or a production site. Just make sure you’ll enjoy working with them and be okay taking direction from them. You may have to relinquish some control, but you can still be the star.

Another idea is pooling your efforts with other people interested in your podcast. Maybe you have a co-host and she is up for producing the podcast. Maybe the guy who is doing your music or your art would be a great podcast producer, too. Just like you are stepping into a new zone, someone on your team could try out a new comfort level, too. You can support each other and take on this new challenge in a positive and encouraging light.

Don’t forget about the other roles when it comes to creating a podcast. These are other opportunities you can try your hand at or let your producer take them on or someone else for that matter. Some additional roles in the creation of a podcast are things like outreach manager, audio engineer, and writer.  You can do them all yourself or work with a team of talented individuals to create your podcast.

Another thing about a podcast producer is depending on how big your podcast is, you could have a team of producers. According to a Spotify piece, you could have an executive producer, a senior producer, and a team of producers. That may be a lot to start off with, so maybe first things first and just find that one perfect producer. But as your podcast grows, who knows who you may end up with.

To Sum Up Podcast Producers

A podcast producer could run your show, literally. Maybe you just can’t wait to get your hands dirty doing everything it takes to run a podcast, but maybe you look forward to the teamwork and camaraderie of having a podcast producer. If you want to focus on a single aspect of the show, don’t hesitate to find a great producer. Just make sure you find someone you’ll love working with. On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with being your own producer. Whatever it takes and however you decide to carry out, you can do it! Good luck with your new podcast!

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