You love what you do. Producing and hosting your podcast is a dream come true; you love everything about it. Except for those podcast show notes. You dread them like busy work in high school. But don’t skip over this step. Even though it may not be your favorite part of your podcast, it’s a crucial part of engaging your audience, offering links, and even attracting new listeners. So yeah, don’t forget those show notes!

What are podcast show notes?

Podcast show notes are just what they sound like. According to Rachel Corbett, a podcasting expert and founder of Podschool, show notes are essentially a written post on your website that relates to the content you cover in your podcast. They are just a written version of your show that people can turn to after the show. Sometimes they are word for word, other times the notes are condensed versions of the show, highlighting the big points. Notes make it easy for your audience to find links and references. It’s also easy to pass this version of your show on to someone else and can help promote listenership and engagement. Basically, it’s just a matter of converting the spoken show into a written show. Ahh, pretty simple, right? Then why do so many podcasters skip this part of the process?

A lot of podcasters just don’t like doing this. They love the hosting aspect, the creating and production aspect, even the marketing and social media end of their show. But show notes – well, they’re just not exciting. Let’s face it. But these boring show notes have so much power. They have the power to engage, to share, to enhance the show itself, and even to attract listeners. They can broaden the podcast community and create a more credible story.  And what about creating catchphrases and quoted bits? Podcast show notes are made for this. It’s also the perfect place to share all of your social media handles. Engage engage engage, right? So we ask again, why do so many hosts skip this step?

It’s pretty easy. There are so many facets of creating a podcast, and most of them are either super fun are crucial to the production. But show notes? Maybe not so fun and maybe not quite such a have-to. In other words, your podcast can go on without show notes. And consider this, which would most podcast hosts rather do – contact engaging, potential guests, research their next topic down a captivating rabbit hole, or write show notes. You see, it’s not the most exciting aspect of podcasting. But it’s pretty important to grow your show. Here’s more on that…

podcast show notes

Blogging and show notes increase your SEO

Do you want new listeners to find you? Create a blog with show notes and it’s easier for them to do so. This article from our Bunny Library shares this:

If you want to become an authority figure in your niche, you need to turn up your strategy in how to grow your podcast by starting a blog and posting transcripts of your episode. For this, you may need to hire a transcriber to make sure all your transcripts are accurate.

Having a blog will allow people to find your podcast more easily on Google. This is important since search engines have more traffic compared with podcast platforms. Unless your podcast is about a niche whose market is very small, people are most likely searching about your podcast topic. When you have transcriptions and show notes on your website, Google can easily find your keywords and rank your blog for the said keywords. After Google has crawled and ranked your website, you will have more interested searchers knowing about your podcast. Since they actively searched for your topic, there’s a higher chance that they will listen to it.

And here we find some great advice – hire someone to help. At Bunny Studio, we offer top-notch transcribers who can create your show notes for you. Then all you have to do is post them and SEO begins to work its magic. If you’re not into transcribing and creating your own show notes, let us help you out. Then you can tend to all those other podcast tasks you do love.

Podcast show notes create an easy sharing platform

With podcast show notes, you can not only share your own thoughts and the podcast, but you can also share your links and the call to action you asked of your listeners. Let’s break this down a bit.


Making things shareable and reference-able

Maybe there is something you said on your podcast that a listener wants to refer back to or even share with a friend. With show notes, all they have to do is look at your site and scan your notes. They can send the link to their friend who can do the same thing. It’s easier than listening to the show again and trying to locate that exact point, and it’s more likely the friend will check it out than if they sent the entire podcast show itself.  You may even find yourself being quoted or referenced on other shows or blogs. It’s much easier to do in written format, and show notes are a lasting, SEO searchable platform.

Show notes help listeners act and follow through

You probably mention a lot of things on your show. Maybe you reference something you love that your listeners should check out or maybe more information on a topic you’re discussing. You probably shared your Patreon account or maybe a promo code for a product you promote. It’s not always easy for your listeners to remember everything they hear, so podcast show notes are the perfect place to include all of this. It makes it easier for listeners to act on your call to action, follow through, and dig deeper. Maybe you’ll see more hits on the links you share, your promo codes, and active engagement.

You can also include all of your social media here so you’ll probably notice more activity on your social platforms. You see, it’s all connected.

How do you share your podcast show notes?

There are some different ways to go about sharing your podcast show notes. For one, as we mentioned, you can give the complete transcription of your show. This is often seen on the show’s blog or website. If you need a little help getting your blog started, check out this great post from our own Bunny Pro, James, How to Write A Blog Post, What You Need to KnowYou’ll find great tips here to help you get started.

Others like to give a short version of their show which includes all relevant links, advertisers, a brief note of what the show is about, and where to find it. You’d see this on a page like this at Apple Podcasts.  This is great for quick reminders and references, maybe go with the longer show notes if you are trying to increase SEO and create shareable content.

How about some pro help?

Maybe this all sounds overwhelming and intimidating to you. After all, isn’t creating the podcast itself enough? Then you have design to think about, like your logo and cover art. You have to think about when to release each podcast, do you have a Patreon account, and what about advertising? Then you have to think about show notes. And all you thought you’d be doing is recording yourself talking about what you love. But there’s help out there! No worries!

Here at Bunny Studio, we love to take on the tasks that you don’t want to deal with. Whether it’s your podcast show notes, your intro or outro, or your music, we’ve got a talented pro to take on any aspect of your podcast. We have top-notch professionals who can transcribe your show or condense it to show notes that will capture and engage your audience.

Think about it. Did you hire someone to help you with your editing or production?  Do you have a co-host that takes on some of the work while you do other production components? Maybe you’re good at the jokes while your co-host is the compassionate one. See, you don’t have to handle each and every part of your podcast. You can do what you do best. Let us help out with your show notes.

podcast show notes

The big take away on podcast show notes

Show notes are a big part of a podcast. Yes, a podcast can go on without them, but they can bring the community together, promote engagement, make you stand out, and be found with SEO, If provides an easy place for your listeners to find your links and follow through on your calls to action. It’s easy enough to let this step get lost in the forest, but with podcast show notes, your show is that much easier to find, reference, and engage with. So our bottom-line advice is to get those show notes going!

Helen Keller said, Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. Take her advice and reach out for a bit of help with your podcast notes. When you let us take on your podcast show notes, you have the time you want to commit to your favorite aspects of podcast creation, like hosting or production. And it’s not just show notes that we can help with, our pros can work on any aspect of your podcast or your content you’d like. We can help you creating or improving your podcast! Submit your project now. We can’t wait to get started!