Numbers don’t lie. Well, they can, depending on how they’re manipulated, but despite that, it’s important to pay attention to podcast statistics, especially your own podcast’s statistics. Statistics tell us what’s happening in the podcast world and how your own podcast is doing. And if you don’t like what your numbers reflect, well, let’s change something!


A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers.


But isn’t there some in between? You hear a lot of banter about statistics, oh the quotes we could pull on the manipulation of statistics…but when you toss some knowledge in there, those numbers become powerful. The gist of this is that it’s important to pay attention to statistics, but it’s also important to know what they mean. Think about this for a minute for statistician Jim Frost

The field of statistics is the science of learning from data. Statistical knowledge helps you use the proper methods to collect the data, employ the correct analyses, and effectively present the results. Statistics is a crucial process behind how we make discoveries in science, make decisions based on data, and make predictions. Statistics allows you to understand a subject much more deeply.

We have to understand the data to understand what it’s showing us. And that means understanding where it came from, who is telling us, and how they collected it. It also is important to see how it’s relevant to our needs and what we can take from it. So the bottom line, keep an eye on statistics, and use them to your advantage to help your podcast grow, but keep in mind they can always be manipulated.

podcast statistics

Podcast Statistics

If we can’t always believe statistics then why are podcast statistics so important? Well, general statistics can show us what is current, what people want, who’s listening, and even who is listening to your own podcast. When you look at credible numbers, you can take them and use them to help improve your show. So, though, sure, some “number one podcasts” may be that because they’re Grandma’s favorites, some statistics can be very relevant.

Where to get your information

One key is to get your statistics from reliable sources. When you look at statistics from some business sites or academic pages, you will probably get more reliability than if you’re looking at a blog with no citations. For instance, this page shares some podcast statistics worth paying attention to. We can see things like:

  • how many podcasts are registered
  • what kind of money is spent on podcasts
  • how many people have heard of podcasts
  • who is listening to what
  • and some global numbers

These types of numbers can help you see where you may want to focus your show or who may be receptive to it. It can also help you think about advertising and production opportunities.

Remember, these numbers are going to be broad and encompassing. If you want specifics, you’ll have to dig deeper, but these board numbers shouldn’t get overlooked. They can share plenty of stories, help you see the current state of podcasts, and perhaps where they’re going so you can stay ahead of the trend.

Podcast Statistics Relevant to Your Own Show

You probably know that the majority of listeners are affluent young adults and that most people are at least aware of podcasts, but how is that going to help your own show? It’s vital to look at your own podcast download numbers to see how your show is doing in relation to itself.

Those numbers are there, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, what’s not on the Internet. For instance, if your show is on iTunes, you can check your podcast performance with Podcast Analytics. This can show you all sorts of things about your podcast including:

  • How many people are listening to your podcast episodes?
  • Are people skipping over your episode intro or your second mid-roll?
  • How are your episodes and podcasts performing over time?
  • Which parts of your episodes are more interesting than others?
  • Where are your listeners located in the world?

These statistics can help build your audience and focus your show. All of these numbers can add value and show you relevant feedback on what you’re doing now to help you increase your numbers in the future.

The great thing about knowing your own show’s podcast statistics is that you can take these statistics and grow. It doesn’t even mean you have to change, per se, but maybe just tweak some things a bit.

Growing Your Show Knowing Your Statistics


Once you know where you stand, you can take a look and see how to improve your statistics. For instance, as this article from our own Bunny Library shares, fostering engagement is huge for making your audience feel you’re all in a community together.

You can ask your listeners to send questions on social media platforms or create a question and answer section on your show. This will not only strengthen your bond but also give you a more thorough understanding of what type of content your audience loves to hear. Another awesome way to inspire engagement is to make a Facebook group or community for your show. This will enable people to discuss your episodes and explore your points further.

You can also create partnerships with relevant advertisers and encourage your audience to act with a call to action. If you have a sleep podcast, for instance, what better ads to have than mattress, pillows, or tea? Seek out those businesses and form an advertising partnership.

Show length

You can look at if your listeners are skipping parts of your show or tuning out mid-way through to work on your show length. Maybe your show is too long and you could tighten it up a bit or break it up into multiple episodes. Do they always skip out before your outro? Maybe take a look at recreating that, adding some great music, a strong and specific call to action, or a what’s coming next tease. You can also coordinate it with your intro to make the show cohesive, like great material packed between two relevant and sturdy bookends.

A good length is vital to the success of your show, but it has to match your audience. That’s where podcast statistics can help you. Do a bit of research and see what length your target audience loves. Some listeners want those 10-minute shows. They can tune in when unloading the dishes or walking the dog and be done. Others want the longer shows for a commute or to immerse and forget the world around them for an hour. Keep your length somewhat consistent, too, that will help your podcast download numbers. You’ll have more subscribers and return listeners. They’ll know what to expect.

podcast statistics

What to Know About Your Own Download Numbers

When you are looking at your own podcast statistics, take a look at your overall download numbers. That’s a given, right? Then look at some other things, like what shows got the most listens? Then think about why that show? Was it because of when you aired it or because of the topic? Did you have a cohost or guest that everyone loved? Did you release it on a Thursday evening instead of a Tuesday morning?

You probably also want to know where your listeners are listening, especially if you have multiple platforms. Are they tuning in on Chrome or iTunes or Podcasts? Are you ready for Spotify? How are your numbers linking to your advertisers? Do you see listeners going there and using your code for purchase? Maybe think about how to increase that through changing up your advertisers or refining how you share the product.

Where are your listeners geographically located? If your podcast statistics can share this, it’s pretty helpful. If you’re thinking about a live event, go to the city where your listeners are, if that’s possible. Live events are great ways for your community to bond. It not only gives you an opportunity to meet and engage with your audience, but they can meet and mingle with one another. That’s how these amazing podcast communities are formed! And while you’re hosting that live event, stock up on your merch as your listeners will love getting a t-shirt or cap to show their community. A live event could be huge in increasing your future downloads and broadening your community. And we love that podcast community – it’s so important.

Don’t ignore these numbers. Even if you think your podcast is perfect, there’s probably something you can shift around, tweak, or improve on. Creating a podcast is putting a piece of your heart out there, so we know it’s intimidating, yet exciting at the same time. As you see your download numbers grow and your community engagement, it gets even more exciting!

The Big Takeaway on Podcast Statistics

Remember, statistics are pretty easy to manipulate. They just are. But they also can share great insight and information to help you better your podcast. When you are checking them out, find credible ones. Don’t believe everything and make sure what you do believe is relevant. Think about where you’d like to see your podcast improve and how you’d like to grow it. Do you want more advertisers, better intro music, more guests, a tighter, better-edited show? Use those statistics to help decide and then tackle it!

We can help you improve your podcast! Submit your project now. Head on over to Bunny Studio, and let’s see what we can do. Submit your project, and we’ll get our best pros started on it. We love to help out our podcast hosts, and we can take on almost any area. Can’t wait to see those numbers grow!