Strong product descriptions are essential for online sales, especially in our age of eCommerce. Whether you write these yourself or hire a professional writer, your description should showcase the attributes of your product and entice your customers to make those purchases.

What exactly are product descriptions?

Product descriptions are just as they sound. They are detailed overviews of the product, or even service, that you offer. A good product description will go over all aspects of what you’re selling in clear, informative language. It should include things like:

  • what the product is
  • what the product can do
  • how it can solve problems
  • how a customer can use it to their advantage

The content should automatically answer any questions that consumers may have regarding your product or service. In fact, this content is very similar to advertising copy and essentially does the same thing – it sells the product. Whereas advertising copy usually shows up in places other than the product website, product descriptions are on the site itself, offering information about what you can purchase.

Let’s take a look at these components…

product descriptions

What the product is

The primary goal of a product description is to convey what the product is. This should cover things like size, materials, color… you know, what it physically is. Think about when you scroll through a shopping site. When you see something you like, you click on it. Then the description pops up. Here is where you find out more about it. You may see more images, and you may see your choices here on color or size. You may even learn about a service here.

It’s not just physical products that need product descriptions, but so do services. Think about your hair salon. You can probably scroll through the website and learn about the different services your salon offers, from hair cuts to balayage. You should be able to read descriptions of each of the services as well so you know what you’re getting.

So anytime a product or service is listed, it needs a great description to go with it. This should explain clearly what the product is, sharing details, and letting the consumer know all about it. Descriptions should cover things like the measurements of the item, the color options, the material. If it’s a service, the content should still describe it so the consumer knows just what they are getting.

Examples of do’s and don’t’s

Here’s a quick little example of two product descriptions. We’re sharing a strong one and a weaker one. Check them out and notice the difference. Let’s say our item is a sweater.

Yes: This hand-sewn women’s sweater is made of the softest of cashmere yarn to create a drapey, feminine fit. The pastel colors will look great with anything you pair this sweater with, from a pair of casual jeans to your sleekest leather pants. The larger neckline affords you the option to wear it on or off the shoulder. We love the tiny detail on the sleeves. These small sunsets are like hidden gems ready to be found. Choose from California Sunset, Winters White, Creamy Coffee, or Calm Aegean Cerulean. Sizes do run large so size down if you’d like a snugger fit.

No: The cashmere sweater that everyone will love. It goes with anything, looks great on everyone, and comes in a rainbow of colors. Runs a bit big so feel free to size down. Choose from purple, white, beige, or blue.

You see what we’ve down there, eh? Clearly, we know what we’re getting with the first description. The second description gives us a few colors and the fact that it runs big, but what else? We’re not really enticed into purchasing this one.

  • Do give lots of detail, evoke images, and use colorful words.
  • Don’t make assumptions (looks great on everyone), forget detail, or make the description bland or too short.

How the product will help you

A key part of product descriptions is to let the consumer know how the product or service will help them or solve a problem. Often it’s something they didn’t even know they needed or a problem they didn’t know they had. Ahhh, the charm of marketing, right? Product descriptions often have some things in common with product reviews, but they are less biased. Sure the description is trying to sway the consumer that they need it, but usually, the writer sticks more to the facts of the service or item than opinion. Both, however, share how the product should be able to help the consumer.

We often hear that a strong description should tell the full story. This means it should not only include those relevant descriptive details but also how to focus on the benefits and evoke emotions. That could be a lot to pack into that small description.


Sharing a need to be filled or evoking that strong emotion is key in successful product content. Again, check out our two examples, this time regarding puppy chews:

Yes: When your new puppy feels the need to chew, he’s going to chew. Providing him with the right puppy chews is part of your job as a new pet parent. Giving him healthy, sustainable, treats is the best thing for him, and it will help teach him what’s his. Our puppy chews provide enrichment time and help relieve his teething discomfort. And you know our chews are only made with all-natural products to help keep your puppy healthy and happy. From the tiniest puppies to those bigger bundles of love, we have assorted sizes for every puppy. Our chews aren’t just a moment of relief for your puppy and you, but they are a lifetime of healthy choices mixed with lots of love.

No: Do you need to give your puppy chews so he won’t take a bit out of your shoe? Hand him one of our puppy chews, and he’ll stay busy for hours. No more chewing shoes when it comes to our puppy chews. They’re natural and come in lots of sizes. Your puppy will love these!

Why the first product description is better

You see, the first example shows that your new puppy needs something (which means you do). The product is natural and sustainable, provides benefits to your puppy to keep him healthy and happy. The second description only shares that he’ll stop chewing your shoes. Which he may or may not do. That first one also gives you true claims without false promises. And most of all, it’s a helpful solution to your issue – you want to keep your puppy healthy and happy.

Professional writers and product descriptions

When it comes to product descriptions, you have a chance to woo and entice your audience. Use this opportunity! One way is to have a professional writer create your product description copy. Here are some advantages of working with a professional:

  • Professional writers know how to write for an audience.
  • They are aware of current trends when it comes to branding and keeping in line with your image.
  • Professional writers can create concise but descriptive copy that makes every word essential.
  • A professional writer can work on your product descriptions while you tend to other areas of your business.
  • This is their job, and when you find a writer skilled in this area, you’ll see the magic flow.

Two reasons

The bottom line is that there are two really great reasons for hiring a professional, product description writer. The first one is that you’ll get great copy targeted to your audience written in a concise, engaging way that fits your platform. Sure, maybe you know your active tense from passive, but can you evoke that emotion, paint a picture, and solve a problem all in a few words?

The second reason is that when a writer takes on your product descriptions, you can handle other areas of your business. Like creating that awesome product or sharing that much-needed service. We find people to mow our lawns, handle our budget, and make our food, why not have a professional take on this component? It will free you up to do what brought you into your business in the first place.

product descriptions

But how do I find someone to write my product descriptions?

You’ve made a great first step coming to Bunny Studio! We have professional writers who can write your product descriptions just how you imagine them. Or they can create something according to your vision, audience, and brand. The great thing about Bunny Studio is that we work with you; we listen to your needs and help in any way we can.

One thing to keep in mind when hiring a writer for product descriptions is to find someone who knows your audience and can create copy that speaks to them. Product descriptions are essential components in getting your product or service out there and wanted. With the increase of online sales, people can’t pick up and hold the product, so they need a well-written, thorough, emotionally packed description.

It’s easy to take a look online to find a writer, but make sure that you work with a professional with expertise in the field, references, and included revisions. Finding a service is a great idea, and at Bunny Studio, we take time to listen to your needs and match you with a pro who fits your area. Make sure you get the value and expertise you’re looking for.

The big take away on product descriptions

Your product descriptions are what will capture your audience’s attention and entice them to buy your product. Whether you are selling sweaters, dog chews, or something else, even a service, your descriptions need to share what your product is in detail and why your customer needs it. A well-written, brand-cohesive description can be the difference in sales or no sales, no matter how great your product is.

Let our professional writers work their charm on your product descriptions. Just share a bit of information with us, and we’ll go from there. Hire a writer with us, and your product descriptions for your online stores and services will shine like beacons calling to your customers. You’ll love the description – we guarantee it!