The largest video sharing platform YouTube receives over 500 hours of video every minute. While amateurs produce some crappy videos, you will still compete with them for the $33.8 billion the industry is expected to generate in 2021. It’s time to get yourself a professional production coordinator.

What determines how much of the share you get is the team you assemble to do your production. To bring this production team together and ensure the seamless operation is a production coordinator.

To give you a clear picture, let’s look at the credits that roll at the end of award-winning films, whether they are adverts, movies, or series. It is the crew listed on the recognition that comes together to deliver the award-winning motion picture.

Nevertheless, it is prudent to learn from the best if you wish to create a captivating viral video for your project. Hiring a production coordinator will be one of the best decisions you make for your project.

Let’s learn this role better to understand why it is essential, shall we?

Who is a Production Coordinator?

A production coordinator works behind the scene to make sure that everything runs smoothly. He works under the direct supervision of the production manager. He can be termed as the right-hand man of the manager. Your responsibility will be to connect different teams that are working within the project.

Looking at the team that is involved in any production project is vital. It will give you a clearer picture of what to expect.

The Team involved in a Production Process

  • Producer– responsible for the overall project
  • Director– takes charge of shooting and the assembly of the film
  • Screenwriter– crafts the dialogues and activities in a film
  • Production designer– visualizes what the screenwriter has on the script to help the shooting team capture the right shots.
  • Art director– responsible for the film set; including the landscape, buildings, and interior
  • Costume designer– understands the characters involved so that he can provide costumes matching the role
  • Cinematographer– captures the scenes as envisaged on the script
  • Editor– organizes the shots or clips as indicated in the script
  • Actors– they enact the story or the script
  • Music supervisor– ensures that the right music is accompanying each set during shooting

What you notice about all the above roles is that each performs independently. The truth is that they do not appear at the scene of the shooting and produce a captivating film by magic.

You need a professional who can visualize the movie, the sets, and the entire production process to see that everything falls into place. In the absence of such coordination, the production process will be haphazard. It results in lost time, missing scenes, and wasted resources.

The Role of a Production Coordinator

Having placed the production coordinator in the production context helps to understand his exact role. Remember that each production project assembles a different team based on the level of expertise required and the budget.

In some cases, one person may play multiple roles. However, the coordinator is so busy and crucial that he cannot play any other part. This is a role that will define the quality of production for small businesses.

Fortunately, a good coordinator will help you save on time and budget while still producing the most captivating video.

What is the role of a coordinator during a production process?

  • Team up with the management to develop a production journal. The journal is a roadmap indicating different scenes, when they will be produced, who has to be present, equipment needed, and logistics that have to be in place, among other elements. Having participated in the preparation, the coordinator can run production activities seamlessly.
  • Monitor and manage the production schedules– a birds-eye-view knowledge of the project supports this role. The coordinator ticks out the job that has already been completed and highlights what is pending. He can tell whether the plan is on schedule or has a delay in taking remedial action.
  • Handles paperwork relating to the production project: This role comes naturally, considering that he knows what is happening at every corner. He can sign or approve checks, acquisitions, releases, and any documentation necessary to run the project.
  • Create the right work environment by building a positive working relationship. If the crew cannot afford to corporate, nothing gets done.

The coordinator will eventually bind the project for handing over and release the crew. A coordinator runs the show on the ground during production.

How to Become a Production Coordinator

A production coordinator is a link between the producer or manager and other crews on the ground. As described in the roles, you require a person who understands EVERYTHING about production. This is not an amateur in the industry. The position is reserved for a seasoned team member.

Here are a few tips on how to become a production coordinator.

  1. Build and Maintain a Production Portfolio

A coordinator grows within the system to rise to the second-highest role in the production. The journey translates into experience and understanding of the functions that everyone plays in the production course.

Moreover, by becoming an actor, you’ll later graduate as a director. Participate in scriptwriting also to understand what it means.

Visit the studio during editing and watch what a music supervisor does during production. By playing multiple roles, you will understand what it takes to assemble a presentation.

  1. Manifest the Desired Strengths

The success of a production project hinges on the coordinator. The sanity and professionalism of the project will depend on your personality.

Like oil that keeps machines running, you must be a smooth operator who makes sure that everyone is doing his work.

In a nutshell, there are the qualities a production manager will be looking for in a coordinator. They include:

  • Organization– can you visualize and organize a production process from the beginning to the end? The idea is to keep production running and as many pieces of the ensemble in the right place.
  • Communication takes a smooth talker to get a team of tens or hundreds of people working towards a particular goal. Know how to provide information in detail and on time so that different teams collaborate. Ineffective communication results in chaos at the scene.
  • Administrative strength- as discussed earlier, you will be in charge of office work. You must also understand procedures, requirements, and industry standards.
  • Creative Solution Provider- as expected, the production process will experience serious hitches along the way. Since you understand the project and are in touch with all teams, everyone will be looking up to you for a solution.

A coordinator requires a solid character. This is a person who can run multiple activities without losing focus. Above all, you must be a hands-on person with tentacles in all edges of the production environment.

production coordinator

  1. Be a Leader

As the coordinator, you can perform all the functions that the manager is undertaking. Hence, you are one step away from the manager. The entire team looks up to you for directions.

The role also requires a leader who takes the initiative and can guide a process to conclusions. You must be a person who gets things done and has the vision to deliver good results.

How to Hire a Production Coordinator

From the discussion, it is clear that not everyone can be a production coordinator. Whether your project succeeds or flops will depend on the person you hire. As such, thorough scrutiny is needed when hiring for the role.

Remember that such a position during video production demands consistency. You do not have the luxury of hiring and firing in the middle of the project.

That said, how do you hire a production coordinator?

  1. Evaluate Your Project

The nature of a project determines the level of experience of the coordinator hired. An intense project demands an experienced coordinator. If you want to produce an explainer video for your business, one crew member may double as the coordinator. You may also watch your competition to see the quality of the video and the budget assigned.

However, you will notice that a less competitive video does not require an experienced or high-paying coordinator from the evaluation. Still, the person hired must deliver the highest-quality film possible. Failure to meet quality standards is a waste of time, talent, and resources.

  1. Check on Experience

A production coordinator is a senior position. The holder must understand the production process to deliver quality services. Experience in production is non-negotiable. Experience makes it easier for the coordinator to understand the details of the project.

An experienced coordinator has encountered multiple situations and will deliver creative solutions. It is through experience that you have a seamless production process.

Again, professional coordinators have handled different teams and personalities in the past. They bring experience to your project, making it easier to deliver the best solutions.

  1. Examine the Character

You will notice that a coordinator determines the mood of the production environment. Such roles fit result-oriented professionals out to win. It would help if you had a truthful and diligent professional who can deliver to expectations.

Further, hunt for a likable person. Once you land the right character, you notice a change in the production environment in the form of vital energy and collaboration.

  1. Review Your Budget

How much do you want to spend, and is it the right amount for the project? As is the nature of the industry, the experienced and professional coordinators are expensive. Considering the centrality of this role, you must consider it an investment in your video’s quality. The secret is to invest the right amount so that you can attract the right talent.

  1. Passion Tells a Lot

While you might want to hire a person, what is driving them to take up the role? The enthusiasm with which the person wants the part gives you an idea of who to choose.

The best coordinators usually fall in love with the story and are determined to make it the best. With a passionate coordinator, you are halfway into producing a blockbuster.

How much does a production coordinator earn?

Well, there is no straight answer to this question. As you may know, each project has a unique budget based on its objectives.

Where the environment is competitive and the budget high, the coordinator earns more. Where there is less competition and a low budget, the earnings could be lower. Either way, being the second most senior person in the production team means that the rewards are admirable.

So, What’s the Take?

The best video production coordinator is one who will buy your vision and deliver. To get such a person, you must shop diligently and prepare to pay the right amount. With a blend of the right skills, experience, and passion, you will actualize your project with ease.

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