Project freelancers are an essential player in the creative economy. New technologies are also creating the possibility to have freelancers engage in remote online work.

Project outsourcing websites are the natural conclusion of this massive trend. They embody the union of freelance work in an entirely remote online setting. These veritable online hubs are fast becoming the mainstay of freelance work. Throughout this article, we will examine these topics closely.

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What is Freelance Work?

Freelance work is undoubtedly here to stay. Worldwide emergencies such as COVID-19 have stressed the importance, indeed the necessity of online remote work. It is not a stretch to say that the next few years will probably see a massive move towards remote online work.

Project freelancers as such are basically self-employed. They may work for one or several clients, juggling different projects and are not committed to any one client. Freelancers may work independently, looking for clients on their own, operating essentially as a small business would. Alternatively, they may have an agency representing them and helping them find work.

More and more, though, project freelancers may be affiliated with an online hub, such as Bunny Studio. These project outsourcing websites vet freelancers and then connect them with clients in need of their skillset.

Project freelancers exist in several industries including acting, writing, music web design, graphic design, and illustration. A project freelancer has several challenges to be aware of, including the following:

Appropriate time management

Time management is one of the most important skills that a freelancer must master. Working from home has its benefits but also its challenges. Many a freelancer is beset by the problems of mixing work and home environments.

Online marketing

One of the greatest challenges for a freelancer is acquiring a steady stream of clients. In fact, it is safe to say that a freelancer will generally have to operate as a small business. Freelancers devoted to their craft soon discover that most of their efforts must go into looking for clients constantly.

This is where project outsourcing websites make all the difference. An online hub like Bunny Studio is able to provide work for project freelancers, letting them focus on what is most important. We will explore this shortly.

Constant improvement

Another great challenge for project freelancers is constant improvement in their craft. It is an important factor for every freelancer out there to keep up with the latest developments in their field. This means several things, including taking more courses and education and buying the necessary equipment.

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The Life of a Project Freelancer

A freelancer has many challenges. We will explore some of them and later see how they compare to working for an online hub.


There are quite a few advantages to working as a project freelancer, including:

  • Freelancers get to manage their own schedules. Results are what matter and thus the traditional 9 to 5 life is much more flexible.
  • Freelancers have a great degree of freedom to pick and choose which projects they want to work in.
  • Project freelancers may travel and work at the same time. They may also choose to relocate to a small town, where remote work is the only real possibility.
  • Freelance work may be combined with a host of activities such as a second job, or more education.


There are some drawbacks and challenges to working as a freelancer. It is important that an aspiring freelancer be aware of some of them:

  • One of the major drawbacks of the freelancing life is of course instability. Sometimes there is a lot of work and there are times when work is not forthcoming. Many freelancers will agree that maintaining a steady flow of work is the greatest challenge in their career.
  • Difficult clients are obviously quite a challenge. Also, companies that do not pay on time can wreak havoc on the budget of a freelancer. There is a need for freelancers to develop a business sense and to be able to negotiate. This can mean a steep learning curve for some of them.
  • Freelancers do not have several things which employees may take for granted, such as pensions, sick leave, paid holidays, bonuses of different kinds or health care (in countries like the USA). They have to provide for these things themselves via a robust, steady income.

What is a Project Outsourcing Website?

We have seen what project freelancers do. Now, we must take a look at project outsourcing websites, arguably the future of freelancer work.

Freelancing and new technologies are coalescing in a great move towards project outsourcing websites. These are basically online hubs, connecting clients and freelancers, and able to carry out all sorts of projects. There are several advantages to using these online hubs:

  • An online hub is able to bring together a large amount of talent for prospective clients. Also, and crucially, this pool of talent is totally vetted. Examinations to make part of a platform are generally very stringent.
  • Customer service is a great advantage of online hubs. Larger projects, for one, usually benefit from this sort of customer care and even micromanaging.
  • Payments are streamlined and thus both clients and talent do not need to worry about this.

Bunny Studio is a particularly efficacious project outsourcing website. This online hub is a good example of the future for project freelancers and clients worldwide. At the time of this writing, Bunny Studio is offering services including the following:

Voice Over

Voice over work is arguably the cornerstone of Bunny Studio. Clients can acquire voices from a very large and vetted roster of talent. They may very well approach Bunny Studio with the need for a voice in a specific age range, amongst many possibilities.

Alternatively, such potential clients may approach Bunny Studio with a more general need. They may be wanting to develop advertising, audiobooks, educational content, phone systems, audio and radio ads, and much more. Bunny Studio is able to guide them to create such a project, from start to finish.

Audio Ads

Until very recently audio work was a bit more piecemeal, so to speak. Sure, clients would approach a project outsourcing website. Usually, though, there was an emphasis in voice-over work in general. Recently, there has been a massive trend towards the creation of full audio ads which can be used immediately.

Consider, for instance, a client who needs a voice to add to a project. They may already have a script for a corporate video but have not been able to locate the proper narrator. In that case, they would look to Bunny Studio to locate one narrator from their large pool of talent. This is all fine and well and still happens of course.

More and more, however, clients are seeking to create ready to use audio ads. These audio ads, as we know, are the latest and perhaps most potent form of online advertising. Clients seeking an audio ad generally find themselves at a crucible: is it best to create the audio ad themselves, even bit by bit, so to speak? Or, is it better to seek out an all-inclusive provider to fashion the whole project from scratch to finish?

Bunny Studio, for one, is able to create audio ads from start to finish. The key is integrating project freelancers into a complete team that is able to deliver first-rate work.

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Writing is also one of the mainstays of Bunny Studio. Again, a vetted roster of writers is able to create a vast array of content. Project freelancers seek out Bunny Studio, take a very stringent examination to prove their ability and then are incorporated into the platform

The different types of content include: blog content, email newsletters, press releases, scripts and much more. Large scale, long term projects are also created by the Bunny Pros.


It is evident that project freelancers work in all sorts of areas. Moreover, the needs of clients tend to be all-encompassing. This is why providing first-rate design has become essential. Potent graphic design is able to add an extra layer to any piece being created and fully furnish a project.


Translation is another building block of work at Bunny Studio. Again, the roster of talented translators is immense. This talent is obviously vetted and ready to create all sorts of translated content.

Although right now platforms such as Bunny Studio concentrate on translation, there are other things that can easily be done. These include simultaneous interpretation, which is fast becoming an online remote possibility.


Video is another category that has gained tremendous strength within Bunny Studio. This includes several things such as video editing, video ads, 2D logo animation, and motion graphics.


Transcriptions are another much needed Bunny Studio category on offer. These may include transcribing dissertations, interviews, lectures, or seminars/webinars.


Dubbing evidently relies on voice talent. It includes dubbing for movies, TV series, animation, and documentary.

The Gist of It

Project freelancers and project outsourcing websites will continue to integrate into a winning strategy. Clients in particular stand to benefit from this massive movement.

Bunny Studio founder explains the strategy to make the most of this opportunity: “Torrenegra basically wants to make Bunny, Inc. the most efficient, automatic HR department for creative professionals and the people looking for them — all over the world and in practically every field his logic could apply.”

Bunny Studio itself continues by stating: “Well, we’ve found a way. We’re doing it now and every day we’re doing it a little better. We move quickly, and we haven’t stopped at voice-over outsourcing; our digital platforms are the new paths we’re opening and our next steps are clear: we’re here to change the landscape of creative outsourcing. We are Bunny Studio”.