What you pack into the 15secs, 30secs, or 1 minute of a promo will determine the market response. In the few seconds available, you must grab attention, pass the message, and call-to-action. You require the precision of a sniper and the efficiency of an F1 pit-stop team to maximize on this few seconds window. All this will be planned and executed using the promo script. You have 15 seconds to create a memorable promo that captures the attention of any listener and accurately passes the desired message. Thereby, the importance of promo scripts.

What is a promo script?

But promo scripts are not like commercials that follow the ‘state it, explain it, repeat it’ format. The format is meant to make a sale and would only work for commercials. Promos do not have to sell. You may prepare a promo to inform the target audience but will still come with a call to action.

While promos run on television or on radio, their basic structure is the same. Think of a common aim or message broadcast on different platforms. While the promo idea is similar for radio and television, the consumption habits for television and radio mean that the two scripts will be different. Before you get confused in the promo jargon, let us look at the general formula for writing the script before attending to individual promo scripts for television and radio.

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How To Develop A Promo Script

As stated in the section above, a promo is a short audio or video meant to advertise or promote a product or television and radio programs. It never goes beyond 60 seconds, else it will turn into a documentary or explainer. What is the biggest concern for a script writer in such a case? Well, it is what to pack into the 30 seconds to make your promo effective.

The main idea behind running a promo is to inform the target audience of what to expect. It also builds curiosity so that the listener can create time for a television show or TV program in future. Do you see ads on TV starting with “Tomorrow on xyz show” or “Next on xyz show”? These are the perfect promos to think about when writing your script. They make you leave work early or want to stop by a restaurant just to catch the show. A promo is the perfect buildup to a radio or TV show as well as an event.

Let’s get into the actual creation of a promo script

  •       Strategy Stage

The strategy stage is an invitation to see the bigger picture. Several questions will help you to develop the best strategy for scripting a promo. What are you selling and to who? Will the promo be airing on radio or television? How much time do you have to run the promo?

Listen to other promos in the same industry and rate their effectiveness. The sample promos only help you in crafting and are not to be imitated. With an idea of what is expected from the promo, it is time to develop a unique promo that stands out whenever it runs on radio, TV, or any other platform.

Promos target a specific audience. Isolate the audience to determine the best language, images, and tone to use. What words will you use to capture their attention even as you make the promo memorable? The plan should also consider your brand image. The promo will be selling a product while at the same time showcasing the brand behind the product. Work with experienced promo script writers to assist in the planning phase because it determines the effectiveness of your target outcomes.

  •       Choice Of A Voice Over Artist

Which voice will your listeners or target audience hear behind your brand? This is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make about a promo. In fact, it is a make or break decision because the voice will echo in their minds whenever your product comes up on screen or radio.

We have talked about choosing a voice over artist in the past but there is always so much you can say. Choosing the voice over artist should have formed a part of your strategy but it is so important that it required all the attention. It goes beyond picking any human being who can produce some sound. Here are crucial considerations to help you pick the best voice over artist for your promo.

  •       Gender– is the product best represented by a man or woman? Will that artist be a boy, a youth, or elderly member of the chosen gender? Consider your target audience as well as the image you would like to portray about the brand. Scripting, wording, and the delivery of a male artist will differ from that of a female voice-over artist. Choose an artist who adds value to your promo and overall brand position.
  •       Impression or original voice– will you be using a known voice like that of a celebrity or do you want an original language. A known voice may be expensive but it comes with endorsement benefits. You may circumvent the expense of hiring the celebrity by using impressions. Still, an original voice will separate the product from personalities, helping to promote your brand position better.
  •       Does the voice match the audience and product?- settle for an artist whose voice can promote the product you are selling to the target audience.
  •       Professionalism- can the voice over artist articulate the words and message satisfactorily? 30 seconds do not offer a chance to fable with words. If you are using a different language, the artist should manage to deliver the message in the other language, for example. A professional promo voice over artist will make your production process easier. You can focus more on making the promo captivating instead of handling voice over artists.

A promo will be made or broken by the choice of voice over artist. Choose a passionate voice artist around whom you will script the promo. The character of the artist must blend naturally with your product.

  •       Understanding Your Product

Promos are about products, TV and radio programs, as well as events. The few seconds available must cover the items comprehensively to convince the target audience that it is valuable. You must know the features of the product that give a buyer the advantage or solve the biggest problem.

If you are promoting an event, know the most enticing areas to highlight. Raise curiosity so that the person watching will look forward to the experience. Hype the product while remaining factual. It is impossible to promote an event, program, or product you do not understand.

  •       Actual Scripting

It is time to put words into a promo. A clearly articulated 30-seconds promo is about 60 words long. This is a make or break moment in the production of a promo. Regardless of how much you understand your audience and the skills of the promo voice over artist, it is the script that will make a difference.

What are these 60 words that will go into your script? It is the most meaningful words and those that best represent the brand. Choose words that resonate with your audience. Powerful and memorable words generate a greater impact.

The ‘state, explain, and repeat’ formula used in commercials still applies during a promo. However, it is twisted with the addition of a call-to-action. In other instances, you are looking to inform and not sell the product. As such, your call-to-action will be different by emphasizing on the message.

The words are written in the tone that best represents your brand and the message you wish to deliver. For instance, some promo scripts take a serious tone because the message demands a firm delivery. Other scripts may be playful to capture the attention of your target audience and make it memorable. It takes an expert script writer to successfully compress the message within 60-perfect words.

How do you write a captivating promo script? Without going into details, ensure that your script is contextual. Let it capture the prevailing trends so that it does not sound out of place. It must resonate with your audience while sounding unique. Make the script artistic so that it is entertaining.

  •       Test and Review

Do not take a promo on air before testing. Have you seen developers providing trial versions and free samples? The aim is to test market response and polish the idea for effective adoption. Work with an independent team to evaluate the idea and see how well it will fit within your overall promotion agenda. From the feedback obtained during review, adjust the elements that require change. By the time the promo hits the airwaves, it will receive a resounding welcome.

Specifics about TV, Radio, and Commercial Promo Scripts

Consumption habits for television, radio, and other platforms like websites or social media where promos are used differ. It means that the same script cannot be used on all platforms. While the basics of creating a promo script remain the same, you need to make a few changes to fit a particular platform. Let us look at the particulars that go into individual promo scripts.

  •       Radio Promo Script

A radio promo is unique because you write for the ears. A lot of emphasis must, therefore, go to voice and the words used in the promo. The call to action must also make the message memorable because the listener could be on the road, mall, or at a place where he or she cannot take immediate action.

The best radio promos use imaginative language. You might want to ask questions that qualify a person to capture his or her attention. Here is a simple formula that will help you to create the most captivating radio promo script.

  •       The Opening– grab attention using an emotional hook, captivating fact, relatable story, and such other tricks. It must ensure that everyone drops everything at hand to listen to your promo.
  •       The Problem– why should the listener care about your product? Because it has come to solve a problem. State that problem such that the qualified listener will want to listen to the solution.
  •       The Solution– explain how the product on offer will solve the problem already identified. This is the time to explain the features and the role they play in solving the problem. Show how the features are specific, making the product the best in the market compared to others solving the same problem.
  •       Secret Sauce– why you and not any other product? Because you have something unique. What is your competitive advantage? And why should a disappointed customer for a rival brand shift allegiance? This is the secret sauce required in the promo.
  •       The Team– why your brand? Talk about values, experience, and referrals. Do not make it appear forceful to avoid sending potential clients away.
  •       Call-to-Action– provide a phone number, website, social media page, physical address, or any other way to contact you and get the product. Do you want them to buy, visit your store, order online, attend an event, or what action will help you meet your goals?

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It is amazing how much should fit into just 30 seconds of a script. However, it takes an experienced scriptwriter to deliver the best promo in a few words. An expert writer will enable you to create maximum impact with the least number of words.

  •       Promo Script For Television

TV promos are unique because they incorporate audio and visual elements. While the target audience listens, most of the attention goes to what they see. The audio aspect must meet the standards set for a radio promo. However, you must go the extra mile to enhance the visual aspects of your promo.

Choose actors, scenes, and features that represent your brand. Produce a video promo script that considers what people will see. Produce the highest quality video promo, especially meeting the standards set by the broadcasting platform. The movie script must still be memorable and captivating.

  •       Digital Marketing Promo Script

Most of these promos are uploaded on social media and company websites. The concentration span of internet users is even shorter than that of TV and radio audiences. You, therefore, need to grab attention fast, pass the message, then call to action in a flash. Luckily, the digital space has the incredible potential of sending your video viral. When properly done, it will give excellent value for money.

Digital video promo scripts require a combination of audio and video tricks with an enhanced call to action. Remember that the link to click is easily available on the same website or social media platform. As a result, you have a better chance of converting traffic into business. The cost of digital advertising also makes it more economical to prepare digital marketing promos.

Grab attention at the beginning to ensure that the viewer does not skip your ad or promo. Make it engaging and enticing enough to sustain interest. Call to action like a pro to initiate desired results. Hire an expert digital marketing video promo writer to deliver the best results.

It is a Wrap

The impact of a promo on the market and whether it delivers desired results depend on the script used when preparing the promo. With expert promo scriptwriters, you will promote your products, events, and services in a memorable and effective fashion. The bottom line is to pack all the necessary information in the least words possible and use the package to communicate clearly. Make the right voice over choices for your promo to match your product and meet the needs of your audience. And finally, consider the platform where the promo will run so that the wording and architecture of your promo are customized.