Radio commercial scripts have remained relatively the same since their development in the 1940s. In spite of change being inevitable, the formatting of most radio ad script templates tends to stay relatively the same even up to today.

Before proceeding any further, let’s familiarize ourselves with the meaning of a template.

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This post was updated in April 2021

What is a Radio Ad Script Template?

Templates have become a kind of hero innovation in a fast-paced technological environment. They are serving as pre-formatted starting points for new projects and documents. Furthermore, these files have become commonplace and accessible in most computer programs. They can come with the software, or a user can create them.

Users who continuously produce comparable projects and documents tend to generate templates to avoid excessive repetition in formatting each time they build a new development. Such simple inventions help save time during production, allowing creators to be more productive.

Hence, a radio ad script template is a file created with an overall design, usable in one or more documents.

Elements of an Effective Radio Ad Script Template

Doing a quick search of radio ad script templates over the internet results in you finding numerous template examples available online. However, it is vital to have a precise idea of what you would like to appear in the script.

But what if you are a newbie in the radio industry? How do you determine the adequacy of a template to your overall writing strategy?

Here is a checklist to help you settle on an appropriate template:

1. The Length of the Radio Ad Required

A standard radio ad is usually 60 seconds long. But for marketers who have already established a reputation or have been advertising for a long time, they can twerk their messages into 15 and 10-second ads.

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2. Section Showcasing the Merchandise

The best radio ad script template contains a problem-solution design. It should start by positioning the package in a context where it is solving a precise problem.

Over the years, this method has brought much success in marketing campaigns. It has been able to capture the attention of potential customers searching for answers to aggravation, pain, or inconveniences occurring in their lives.

Thus, a great ad script must be able to hook the audience by starting with a compelling story that grabs attention. The story needs to elicit emotions while empathizing with the audience. In the end, the script should close with a solution to their problem.

Do not merely describe a situation, immerse the listeners into a world where they are experiencing similar problems. Entice them to take action that shall combat the problem.

radio ad script template for voice over

3. A Segment Highlighting the Benefits to Potential Customers

For effective outreach, radio commercials need to evoke a rational or emotional response from the listeners. The advertising words must bring an ad to life by using imagery to show an audience what they are missing.

Consequently, the advert should describe the benefits of a service or product clearly to its listeners. Use imagery and action words to help paint a vivid picture to the potential customers. Remember to be specific as possible about the offered benefits. Finally, avoid lying or exaggerating on how useful the deal is in improving the lives of the listeners.

4. Contains A Call to Action

The call to action is an action you would like your target audience to take as a result of listening to your radio ad. It can be a call to buy a product, visit a website, or even secure a specific service.

Most commercial radio ad script templates tend to reserve this section at the end.

Nevertheless, the trend is changing quite a bit lately. Some adverts have their call to action placed at the beginning of the ad. Others also have theirs set in the middle of the script.

5. Includes an Incentive

This element is quite essential in an advertisement due to the temporary and brief nature of radio spots. By offering incentives in your radio ad(s), you will entice the audience to take action immediately rather than them waiting.

One example of an incentive offer is to announce that the first 30 callers will receive a 40% off of the original buying price. Another effective incentive is to place a time limit on the given offer.

The elements above are also applicable to a digital or print ad. But unlike print ad where you mix words to form a compelling story, writing for broadcast media will require you also to add action words to your script and bring them to life.

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How to Convert a Radio Ad Script Template into a Great Radio Ad

Having a terrific radio ad script template won’t be all glamorous if you are unable to convert it to a great radio ad. As mentioned earlier, writing for media broadcast requires an ability to bring written words to life.

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Elaborated below are a few tips to help you to achieve your radio marketing goals:

1. Go Straight to the Point

For a standardized radio ad, you might be thinking you have precisely 60 seconds to get the audience’s attention. However, this is what is called a skewed perception. In reality, you only have about 5 seconds to woe a potential customer into listening before they flip the dial to another station.

In other words, your very first line should be captivating and appealing. The first line should dive into the marketing point as swiftly as possible.

Do not annoy your audience by writing and presenting your radio commercial as an elevator pitch. It will sound like mumbo jumbo to the listeners, causing them to switch off on your message.

The best-proven way of capturing a person’s attention is to start with a question. Then proceed to answer them in a concise, short and easy to understand manner.

2. Strive to be Unique in Your Presentation

There are many enterprises using radio as their marketing channel. For most of them, they tend to produce radio adverts that usually sound the same as other commercials. Such practices are birthing monotony, which leads to boredom.

Be different. Avoid being monotonous and generate a commercial that sounds a bit different from other radio ads. Hire a professional voice actor to help add flavor to your ad. These professionals can create a memorable voice that sticks longer in the minds of potential customers than a standard pitch voice can.

Remember, even though facts are essential, invoking feelings is a much better marketing move. Engage the listener by using a unique voice and pull them into your storyline.

Don’t just drool on about what you are selling; make the audience feel the message. Let the ad sell itself by making the listeners emotional to it.

Another way to differentiate your ad would be to concentrate on the aspect that makes your service or product unique. What makes what you are selling dissimilar to your competitor? Is it its features, design, benefits durability? Whatever it is, highlight it in the advert and stick to elaborating it more.

3. Show Empathy in Your Ad

To invoke feelings and emotions to potential customers, you’ll need to show them that you care about their problems. One way is to include testimonials from other customers who have already benefitted from what you are marketing. Another is to use verbiage to indicate that you acknowledge their pain in addition to understanding their feelings. Then, provide a viable solution and show empathy when addressing their pain and needs points.

radio ad script template for audio ads

4. Employ the Use of Imagery to Bring Words to Life

Contrary to what people think about radio ads being just for the ears of the radio audience, it is not always a passive activity. The right script must be able to incorporate words and sound into making vivid imagery in one’s mind.

By tapping into the theatre of the mind, you’ll be making the message enticing while also evoking associations and emotions. Not only does this tapping make your advertising message enticing, but it will also make it more powerful and memorable.

“How can I achieve this?” You may ask. Here is how:

  • Employ a voice actor that conveys your message in a particular personality or tone
  • Use sound effects to add drama to the ad
  • Incorporate a jingle to enhance memorability
  • Add a storytelling format into the script

5. Embrace a Strong Call to Action

Once you’ve created your pitch, kindly do not forget to include a call to action (CTA). A CTA is a crucial part of your radio ad script template. It is the section that enables you to attain your goal of driving listeners to a specific action:

  • Visiting your website
  • Making a specific purchase
  • Organizing a trip to your business premise

Make the CTA concise and easy to remember. Most radio listeners tend to be pre-occupied with other tasks. Thus, they are unable to jot down the action information.

6. Add Quality Background Music and Sound Effects

Sourcing for quality background music and sound effects is an often-overlooked part of the radio ad production.  Today, it is more critical than ever to obtain copyrights when utilizing music in any advertisement.

Obtaining quality music doesn’t have to cause a dent in your advertising funds. You can use free music stock sites as a modest and cost-effective way of getting quality audio.

When choosing a music stock site, make sure it is license compliant. Moreover, it should only carry high-quality songs and be easy to navigate in terms of searching through parameters.

7. Remember to Keep it Simple

In a complicated world, simplicity is a highly sought out trait. The same shall apply to the creation of a radio ad script template. It should be simple, in addition to having a bright and vibrant message. Script every word in line with your ultimate marketing goal.

Concluding About the Radio Ad Script Template

Crafting the perfect script from a radio ad script template is an art.

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