The world of advertising has changed tremendously over the last two decades. Remember radio ads 2018? The arrival of digital media has changed things and leveled the playing ground. From social media, Vlogs, blogs to websites, digital technology offers advertisers a diverse range of advertising tools. While digital marketing is all the rage today, radio advertising still reigns as one of the essential advertising tools.

According to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), radio reaches 95% of all segments of the population. So significant is radio as a medium of mass communication that UNESCO has given dedicated a World Radio Day. Radio reaches the widest audience in the world, which makes it a powerful advertising tool.

While digital marketing remains a core part of your marketing mix, you should also leverage radio ads to boost your campaigns. This innovative mix of traditional and digital media gives you an edge in your target market.

How do you capitalize on the radio’s extensive reach? You have to create memorable adverts that will connect with your target audience. You can take a step back in time and learn from the best radio ads 2018 for your radio ad productions.

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This post explores the features of great radio ads and samples some of the outstanding ads from 2018 to get you some invaluable tips.

Harnessing the Power of Radio Advertising

Like most advertisers today, it is easy to discard radio as an invaluable tool for your business. After all, this is a digital age, and you have many more digital marketing tools. However, a closer look at the radio listener numbers will serve as an eye-opener.

The latest Nielsen Report shows 272 million Americans listen to the radio every week. Likewise, the same report is showing that the radio has a reach of over 90% across all ages.

Furthermore, it performs better than advertising tools like smartphones, tablets, PCs, and television.  Whether you want to reach teenagers, young adults, or seniors, there’s no better platform to place your advert than radio.

Radio Ads 2018 for audio ads

Advantages of using radio advertising

  1. Selective targeting: You can narrow down on your target audience by selecting a specific show or radio station.
  2. Memorable advertising: Unlike written advertisements, radio ads are easy to remember as they come with catchy jingles and other sound effects.
  3. Data-driven advertising: You use data provided by a radio station to determine whether it suits your campaign’s objective. For instance, you can choose to target teens by buying radio spots at the time of day when they tune in.
  4. Portability: Your radio ad will reach people at any time of day or night. People tune in to the radio when they wake up, during the commute, at work, when reading and many other situations. It increases your brand’s visibility.
  5. Cost-effective advertising: Compared to television and print ads, radio ads are more affordable for small businesses.
  6. Tracking: Radio stations provide real-time data to help you keep track of your ad’s performance.
  7. Local targeting: If you want to establish a store in a new city, you can quickly set yourself through radio ads. Local businesses will find radio ads more adapted to promoting their products and services.
  8. Quick turnaround: producing a radio spot doesn’t take as long as TV ads. It’s also easy to adapt or edit your radio ad in case of changes in the market.
  9. Branding: Radio ad producers help brand your ad to ensure it resonates with your customers. From the jingles chosen to the voice over actors used, tag lines and other aspects of the commercial, everything will reflect your brand.
  10. Frequency: If you are after brand awareness, you can choose a radio ads package that allows your ad to play several times during the day. You will also get the relevant data to help you determine the best times to advertise. The more your radio ad plays, the more recognizable your brand.
  11. Versatile radio ad formats: There are different radio ad formats to choose from. For instance, you can opt for a normal conversation, a slice of life (showing a real-life problem and then give its solution), use live radio ads, radio jingles announcer, cartoon voice radio ad, customer interview, and others.

5 Best Radio Ads 2018 for Inspiration

If you have decided to use a radio ad to boost your business, you can look back to the best radio ads of 2018 from across the world for inspiration.

Here are some of these outstanding radio ads:

1. McDonald’s ‘Extras’

McDonald’s is one of the biggest advertisers: their creative adverts always get people to notice them. In 2018, MacDonald’s was promoting its ‘Extras’ with a radio ad created by Leo Burnett and produced by Adam Furman. Their McDonald’s five-note jingle is hard to miss, and the call-to-action stands out in the advert.

2. NHS ‘We are the NHS’

The National Health Service (NHS) is one of the most prominent organizations in the UK. The publicly funded healthcare system offers an essential service and is thus under much scrutiny.

In a bid to showcase what it does and attract new nurses, the NHS created an incredible advert in collaboration with MullenLowe London. The advert produced by Vanessa Hunt feature s female narrator telling listeners what NHS does. The ad ends with a call for nurses to apply for jobs.

3. Virgin Atlantic ‘Winter sale 2018’

Virgin Atlantic has become one of the most recognizable brands in the world, thanks to its outgoing owner, Richard Branson. In 2018, one of its radio commercials by Adam & Eve/DDB created waves in the industry.

The ad produced by Roy Barker was promoting Virgin Atlantics Winter sale. Like most of their products, it was terrific.

4. “Sound Booth” by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne 

It was a big win for mental wellness campaigners in Australia when “Sound Booth” an advert addressing anxiety won the Gold and Silver at the Siren Awards. The radio ad by Ray Ali and Carlo Mazzarella who work for Clemenger BBDO Melbourne was prepared for a mental health advocacy group beyond blue.

It was an outstanding creative work that addressed one of the most overlooked health issues in the world.

5. Highways Agency ‘Space invaders

Road accidents are a significant problem in the UK, and this was a problem that Highways Agency radio wanted to address. Their 2018 radio ad created by the Adam & Eve/DDB Agency with Darren Tuohy as the producer exhorts motorists to give each other space on the highway to avoid accidents.

Key Takeaways for Creating Memorable Radio Ads

While radio advertising can revolutionize your company’s marketing campaign, you have to consider how to do it right. Many advertisers invest in radio ads without getting any results which is a pitfall you can avoid.

If you want to ace your radio advertising campaign, here are some elements you must include in your ads:

1. Consistency

You should cultivate consistency in your radio adverts over time. Listeners should instantly tell it’s your brand when they listen to the voice, the sound effects, and the message. Such consistency creates a great connection with your listeners, earns brand trust and makes it easy to pass your message.

2. Attention-grabbing Opener

Radio listeners hear a lot of stuff when they tune in a radio station. For this reason, you have to entice them to give ear to your radio ad. This is why you need an attention-grabbing intro that the listener can’t resist.

Moreover, the idea is to make the listener sit up or switch attention to your advert. A great hook will immediately catch the attention of the listener. It must be bold, creative and provocative.

3. Produce For Your Audience

The greatest mistake you can make is to fail to identify your target audience. Every radio ad should have a specific audience.

Thus, if you want results from your radio adverts, take time to research, create personas for your target listener and find out how they talk, their preferences and everything else to boost your radio ad.

Radio Ads 2018 for radio advertising

4. Build Rapport

You have to connect with your audience by using words such as ‘you’ and ‘your,’ in your radio ad. This creates a connection as the listener feels you are addressing them directly.

5. Simplicity

You only have 60 seconds or less, and within this time, you have to pass across your message. Hence, the best way to do this is to keep it short and direct. Don’t pack too much stuff, overwhelming the listener. Go in with your main message, State the problem and share your solution.

6. Distinctiveness

A good radio ad must stand out to ensure the target listener hears it. This should include the sound effects and the messaging. Your content must persuade the listener and convince them there’s value in what you have to say.

7. Great Articulation

Your radio ad should communicate fast and directly. Your listeners should not struggle to hear what you are saying or decipher the message. Avoid general, empty statements or clichés and instead, use ordinary language to connect with the listener.

8. Call to action (CTA)

You have little time to give a lot of details, and in fact, most listeners want to find out what you have to offer. This is why you must include a relevant, compelling and straightforward call to action (CTA) in your radio ad script.

The CTA should be concise and related to your objectives. For instance, you can tell the listener to buy your products, visit your local store or call in. It is the message the listener will remember and must be well packaged.

9. Vivid Imagery

You don’t have the opportunity to use visuals, but you can play around with words to get to your listeners. Choose words with a sensory appeal, figurative language (such as metaphors, oxymoron, irony, and idioms), use comparisons, and always go for concrete nouns.

10. Create Entertaining Radio Ads

Whatever the message you wish to put across, it never hurts to make people laugh. After all, there’s so much gloom in the world. When you brighten up your listener’s day, they are more likely to hear what you have to say.

Final Thoughts

If you want to leverage radio advertising for your marketing campaign, you should learn how to do it right. These radio ads from 2018 and other radio ad production tips will help you get started on your campaign. Radio remains one of the most effective media to reach a mass audience. With creative and memorable radio ads, you can harness the power of radio to build your brand.