The radio advertising industry is a nearly 17-billion giant in 2021. By 2023, it might grow by half a billion more. The growth will come from continued innovation by presenters and investors in an attempt to woo more listeners.  There are a variety of radio ads examples indicating the innovative efforts by the industry to grow their listener numbers without blasting ads on their face.

Generating revenue involves developing ways of connecting to their listeners through content and subtle advertising without appearing to be forceful.

But what is the secret behind the growing number of listeners and profits? Why is radio becoming a more attractive advertisement platform? A look at reasons to advertise on the radio will provide some insights.

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This post was updated on March 2021

Why Should You Advertise On Radio?

Marketers do have various reasons to turn to radio advertising. Here are some of its benefits:

  • Targets a specific audience – product manufacturers tend to have a particular audience in mind. Likewise, the radio audience is also very specific. Radio and marketers, therefore, are finding a perfect meeting point that makes their relationship work.
  • Sense of immediacy– because the listener can identify with the products on sale on the radio, the buying decision is faster and easier. Your investment in radio advertising will thus have a shorter turn-around-time.
  • Intimate when selling– with tens of thousands of radio stations around the world, individuals are choosing one or two as favorites. Most older listeners believe in the radio because it has been available since their birth. Hence, as some radio ads examples show, some of them are using the adverts to make their shopping decisions.
  • Hosts endorse your message– for product endorsement, advertisers are using radio ads productions in their marketing strategies. Live reads and sponsorship tend to generate the best response because they are commendations from the radio host. Due to the fans’ trust of the radio host, royal listeners may choose to buy the advertised product.
  • Affordable- ads on the radio are relatively cheaper than television, internet, and other platforms used to solicit for customers. The rate of return-on-investment with a radio advertisement is also better than any other platform. It is, consequently, the most flexible advertising platform for a serious brand.
  • Improved influence- beyond selling products and services, brands should seek to establish long-term influence on their customers. Radio has a way of endearing people to particular products to the point of forming a club, making it impossible to delink people from these products.

A Brief Look at the ROI of Radio Ads Examples

The most iconic and impressive benefit of radio advertising is the rate of return. Returns from radio ads stand at $12 for every $1 spent. Which businessman would not want to enjoy such a rate of return? When you build a community of ambassadors for your product through an ordinary radio ad, it will only get better. This level of loyalty makes radio advertising one of the best options for businesses.

Radio Ads Examples for audio ads

While radio ads are considered useful, its design is what ultimately determines the ROI.  The primary tool for designing any ad is the script. However, there is no single template for radio ads. Radio ads examples tend to be available in different formats.

Types of Radio Ads Examples and their Usage in Marketing your products

1. Live Reads

Live reads radio advertising is where the host of the show reads the advert in real-time. There are no ad-breaks or recorded ads. The host sets the time to read the radio ad script.

Because of reading the ad on air, sometimes the listeners do not notice the difference between advertising and an ordinary show. The approach makes the ads so compelling to listeners.

They are also usually longer than the recorded ads because they come with adlibs.

Why should you use live reads type of advertising?

  • It is an outright endorsement– endorsements are some of the most powerful advertising techniques. When the host is reading your ad live on air, people think they have already bought the product or used the services. The reading is so passionate that it entices potential buyers to listen keenly to the advert. This has the most significant ROI among different types of radio advertisements.
  • It gives you more time– The average radio advert length is between 10 seconds and 60 seconds. Nevertheless, hurrying the ad can be detrimental to the marketing campaign: Listeners might not get the information you are sharing. However, a live-read can occur in segments for the entire show. The extension means that you can pass more information to potential buyers. Therefore the audience will interact more with the endorsement for a longer period.
  • You enjoy the creativity of the host- radio hosts are entertaining to listeners as they employ comedy on impulse. They also use a natural or conversational approach to live reading, creating a bigger impact on the target audience. In fact, most live-read ads do not feel like advertisements because listeners hear the same information in different words, eliminating monotony.
  • It is an engaging form of advertising- an engaging ad generates better response and sales. The host asks questions, makes adlib comments, and may even offer promotional products. The engagement makes your advertising memorable, increasing the chances of current and future purchases.

Live read ads are growing in popularity because of the returns they give to advertisers. However, you might not control what the host says, especially when the debriefing is poor. Still, it remains your most effective form of radio advertising.

How does a live-read ad sound on the radio? I will take the example of a radio host advertising a recording studio.

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An Example of a Live Read Ad

“My dear listener, as you enjoy the beautiful music by Michael Jackson, I would like to remind you of the XYZ Studios along 54th Street. (music continues to play or is playing in the background). They have invested in the latest equipment to enable you to deliver world-class audios. (music). Call this number, XYZ, to book your viewing or recording appointment. This is the studio producing the next musical celebrities in the world. See you there during their open day on Saturday.”

Notice how the radio host is engaging listeners as though they are having a conversation. The listener pays attention to the words of the host and will not be distracted by the sound of an advert. It is almost a guarantee that listeners will get the message because they are keen not to miss anything from the host.

The script for such an ad is usually a skeleton or an outline. You will agree with the host or marketing agent on the number of times your advert to be mentioned. You can also agree on the particular keywords or phrases that must appear during the mention.

2. Sponsorship

Are you looking for a subtle advert that appears more like a session to inform listeners? A sponsorship radio ad should be your preferred model. The host will mention that a particular product sponsors the show.

Sponsorship adverts are the most appealing radio ads examples in the market today. The subtle way in which the sponsor is mentioned and the quality of information he provides to listeners endears them to the product.

Listeners prefer this mode of advertising because they deal with a tirade of ads daily. If they can find information without dealing with an add, they will appreciate it.

For example,

“Traffic updates for this hour were brought to you by Michelin Tyres. Michelin, a tire for all roads.”

Radio Ads Examples for radio ads

Why choose sponsorship ads?

  • Sponsorship ads create a mutual relationship between listeners and advertisers. As you deliver traffic or sports news, for example, you sell the product and inform the listener.
  • People wait for your advert. Yes, people are waiting to hear about traffic, the latest in sports, business, and such other sections.
  • The products link to the sponsored section- for example, sporting sections are sponsored by products that relate to sporting. As a result, the chances of selling increase drastically. It is the best example of targeting the right audience.

Listeners tend to have a positive perception of sponsors who appear not to be overly interested in profits. A positive impression creates loyalty and room for more product ambassadors.

3. Advertisement Spots

An advertisement spot is where you buy ordinary ad time. You record the ad beforehand and present it to the marketing department of the radio station. Unlike in live-reads, the personnel at the station have nothing to do with your ad. The station only provides advertisement space.

The cost of advertisement spots depends on the popularity of the show where you wish to advertise. A slot at a popular primetime show is likely to be more expensive. Moreover, the price also depends on the duration of your ad. A 60 seconds ad will be more costly than one that is 15 seconds, for example.

Spot ads help in maintaining a consistent message because you script the message. You can also run the same ad on different stations and shows without appearing inconsistent.

Nevertheless, the challenge with spot advertising lies in the cost. Primetime and popular shows are always expensive. Furthermore, your time is limited, meaning that you cannot give all the information desired. The spot is also not suited to engage potential buyers or provide promotional gifts.

Additionally, a spot ad for radio is also expensive to prepare. You’ll have to book a studio and, sometimes, engage particular voice talents and celebrities.

Final Remarks on Radio Ads Examples

Every advertiser has a range of radio ads examples to choose from when promoting their goods. The most important consideration should be the value given by the advertising campaign.

To enjoy the handsome rewards from radio advertising, you’ll have to pick the type of add that appeals best to your target audience.

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