The most popular real estate website in 2019 received 36 million unique visitors each month. Such figures are mind-boggling, leaving any property dealer envious. However, the truth is that you can compete with top dogs in the industry. You only need to tap into the magic of hiring the leading real estate content writer. These pecialist writers grow traffic to your website and will increase the rate of conversion.

But what’s unique about these writers?

Real estate is a unique market because it involves enormous investments that have life-long implications for buyers. As such, what a potential client finds on your website must inspire confidence that compels them to buy from you or rent through you. It means that the content on your website will determine the overall success of your business in real estate.

It must be noted that writers’ work goes beyond the content on your website. The term covers social media, video marketing scripts, blogs, and even customer engagements. Thus, professionals should do every word created for the purpose of your business.

Let’s dig more in-depth about these real estate writers to see how their work affects your business.

Who is a Real Estate Content Writer?

So, who is this real estate writer? Is the writer any different from one who would write about pets, fitness, or careers? Can an ordinary writer handle real estate content and deliver the quality desired?

The truth is that real estate content has a unique formula for construction. It requires more than rushing through the paragraphs and hoping that you are convincing your reader.

By the way, people looking for real estate information tend to spend more time on an article. They will never scan or skim through your content. Again, they will tell whether your content is valuable within the first few sentences.

What does this mean for a writer?

Content consumption trends for real estate traffic require a writer who can capture the reader’s attention within the first few sentences and then sustain interest throughout the article. Such is a consummate writer who understands what people visiting your website are looking for. The understanding helps them to craft content that meets these expectations.

The best real estate content writer understands the details of the project covered in the content. Each component is important because it is the descriptions that compel readers to choose one property over another. It is not just the description but the ability to create an image in the reader’s mind through your report. In this way, a buyer can decide to visit the property and eventually buy.

Real state content creators also understand the role of different types of content in marketing. They are specialists in video production, social media, blogs, images, real estate graphics design, and rich content for presentation, among other types. This is a content creator who views your marketing campaign from all angles to make your marketing easier.

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Why You Need a Real Estate Content Writer

The assumption is that a business owner understands the products better than any third party. However, when it comes to content creation, this principle does not apply.

Here is the reason.

Real estate content is unique. There is a way you describe condos, different from how you define a bungalow or apartment. At another level, social media content for real estate is different from what sports enthusiasts expect.

When you turn to video for your marketing, real estate videos require a different approach. The blogs are also unique if you have to capture the attention of your potential client.

Briefly, why do you need a specialist real estate content writer for your marketing campaign?

1.      To Capture the Details

Real estate writers are specialists in the industry. The writer understands real estate from experience interacting with clients and developers, properties, and other industry players. Writers bring such knowledge to your business.

The experience is also crucial when creating content. Whether you are starting to market your property or have been in the business for a while, your content will be captivating to read.

It is these details that sell a property.

2.      To Allow You to Focus on Other Businesses

As a real estate company, your focus is not on creating content. It would help if you took clients for site visits and engaging new developers. Content creation will likely take up your valuable time and shift attention from your core business.

A professional writer dedicates time and effort to content creation. Because of their experience and expertise, they will create more as well as high-quality content.

On your end, you’ll focus on serving customers, knowing that you will still get the best quality content for your marketing campaign.

3.      To Speak Better to Your Target Market

Content is not just a few words accompanied by images and videos. It must be deliberate and relevant. Moreover, it must capture the imagination and expectations of the reader.

Real estate content falls under technical writing because it must be crafted in a particular way to make sense to the reader and convert traffic into sales.

A professional real estate writer knows the words to use, researches trends and understands when to call-to-action.

Eventually, it is not just content. Each word becomes bait that helps your brand to speak to potential customers and generate the desired results.

4.      To Make Your Content More Engaging

Each person watches at least an hour of videos on Facebook alone each week.

What will cause a viewer to visit your website and see the properties on offer?

Ask an expert real estate content creator. It is the words in your content that sends viewers or readers to click and take directed actions.

However, engaging content does not just happen. It takes an expert writer to create content that will go viral, be shared, retweeted, and attract likes and comments, among other modes of engagement.

How to Hire a Real Estate Content Writer

A real estate content creator is not your ordinary writer. It is a specialist who understands the industry and will help you create highly competitive content: You are not dealing with just any writer.

It means that you do not wake up one day and issue an assignment to anyone who claims to understand writing. It would be best if you had a professional who you are sure will meet your expectations.

Here is a simple guide to help you land top real estate content creators through elementary questions.

a)      Has The Writer Worked On Similar Projects In The Past?

Experience is critical when developing marketing content for real estate. It tells a writer what to say and how to say it. For instance, how do you describe a holiday home that potential clients flock to the place, considering that they can go anywhere around the neighborhood?

With time, a writer knows what to say so that a property becomes attractive.

Furthermore, ask for referrals from friends and associates who have hired real estate writers in the past. You may also request the writer to provide a portfolio of previous works. If you are dealing with a freelance real estate writer, check his website for samples. From the examples, you will know whether he can handle your project successfully.

b)     Is The Writer Passionate About Real Estate?

Passion makes a writer insightful to read. You can feel the enthusiasm in every word or sentence. Hence, passionate writers research thoroughly and will produce more engaging content. Their content on different platforms receives more attention.

Passionate real estate writers tend to deliver beyond expectation. They guide you on what you need to do to run a fruitful campaign. Once you land a dynamic real estate writer, your digital marketing campaign goals will be halfway achieved.

c)      Can They Meet Your Unique Expectations?

Each campaign has unique goals when talking about expectations. The content for holiday properties is different from that of town apartments or commercial properties. A writer should, therefore, understand how to deliver to these unique expectations.

Fortunately, you can know the capability of a writer by interacting before issuing the project. Ask questions to see if they understand your objectives and can tailor the content to meet these objectives.

Samples or a test article will also help you to assess the capability of a writer.

d)     What More Can the Writer Offer?

Content creation goes beyond writing. It may involve graphics design, social media marketing, video editing, and other content-related activities.

Do you have a writer who can handle these diverse roles?

Then, such is the right person for the job. It reduces the number of people you hire whenever you are running a campaign. It will also be cheaper to hire one person to do more tasks than employ several of them, each with a minute role.

Take the process of hiring seriously. Scrutinize the writer and, if possible, provide a test.

Getting the right writer transforms your marketing campaigns by delivering engaging, actionable, memorable, and captivating real estate content.

A suitable writer reduces your marketing budget while at the same time enabling you to achieve your marketing goals.

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Where to Get Professional Real Estate Content Writers

As it appears, not everyone can write content for real estate. Where do you find these exclusive content writers?

Here are a few areas where you are guaranteed to find the best writers online.

·         Freelance Writers

Freelance real estate writers engage directly with clients and are available whenever you need their services. They establish websites and social media pages to assess their skills and hire them for a project. You negotiate the project details directly and can enjoy excellent discounts.

·         Outsourcing Websites

Outsourcing websites gather all types of talents in one place. Your role will be to choose what you need. The best outsourcing website provides a writer’s profile, including their qualifications, experience, and ratings. The details allow you to choose the best writer from the many available on the platform.

·         Social Media

Social media has allowed professionals to market their skills to clients around the world. The platforms create room for direct contact, enabling you to negotiate the terms. Comments, likes, shares, and recommendations from followers will give you an idea of what to expect from a writer.


A good real estate content writer is an asset to your marketing campaign. Choose an experienced professional and prepare to pay the price for quality services.

If you look for them in the right place, you will be sure to get a suitable writer.

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