Are you a realtor or a builder? Or are you perhaps someone looking to sell or rent your home? Either way, the following real estate radio commercial script examples can be a valuable resource for your endeavor. If you are unsure how to write a script, you can use the samples here as a guide.

Voice-Overs and the Real Estate Industry

Radio commercials are a great way to reach out to potential customers. But their success ultimately depends on the quality of your script. It is an effective method for getting your property on the market and scout buyers, especially if you target local customers.

But times have changed, and while radio commercials still work, it may be time to adapt to online strategies such as voice-overs. Along with digital marketing, voice-overs prove to one of the best ways to win business.

Voice-overs can help improve SEO, increase publicity, and can help in many other ways. It is a must-have for marketing, including real estate marketing. Whether it is a radio or video, the script is always the key. But without a good voice to match the script, it is hard to make it sense.

For that reason, partnering with a reliable and persuasive voice talent is crucial. That said, you need a voice-over talent with a voice suitable for real estate. If you are a fast-paced real estate broker, it is an excellent idea to produce a demo of what you have to offer to your clientele. The experts at Bunny Studio can help you produce the perfect real estate radio commercial script and voice over.

A radio commercial utilizing voice-overs can bring in more business to you, bringing someone their dream home in a more interactive way. Do you want to try writing a real estate radio commercial script then? Below are some examples for inspiration!

Real Estate Radio Commercial Script: Sunshine Real Estate


Sunshine Real Estate

Voice Age:

Young adult


Male or female

Job Description:

Sunshine Real Estate is a local real estate agency in the city of Alabama. As such, we are a young company and are looking to reach out more to potential clients. Our business has also recently branched out, now offering rental properties alongside family-oriented ones. With this radio commercial, we want to boost our name and the new services we offer.

Art Direction:

Our new service’s target is renters, but we don’t want the commercial to be too focused on that. Since we also offer real estate assistance to families and first-time buyers, we want the commercial to encompass all our services. We want it to have a wholesome, upbeat voice, which is why a young adult voice talent would be great.




Real estate


Upbeat, wholesome, excited


North American English


Alabama Southern accent

Word Count:

120, 59, 34

1-Minute Real Estate Radio Commercial Sample Script:

“Having trouble finding the right home rental?

Looking for them through classified ads and online directories is old school.

It’s a hassle and a lot of work. At Sunshine Real Estate, finding the most suitable rental unit is not a challenge at all.

Sunshine Real Estate’s agents have the knowledge, the experience, and the connection. Finding units, setting up viewings, and negotiating offers and prices – all these we can do for you.

Specializing in rental properties and family-oriented homes, finding a good place to stay is never a problem with us.

Expect friendly agents, excellent listings, and affordable units with Sunshine Real Estate.

Learn how we bring the warmth of home to our clients at Sunshine Real Estate dot com.”

30-Second Real Estate Radio Commercial Sample Script:

“Why buy a house when you can rent?

How about buying a rent-to-own home instead?

At Sunshine Real Estate, you can look for any residential property that suits your interest. Whether it is rental, owned, or rent-to-own, our agents will help set you up with your future home.

Come talk to us at +1 (205) XXX-XXXX for more details.”

15-Second Real Estate Radio Commercial Sample Script:

“Can’t find a rental home in Alabama?

Don’t make it hard for yourself.

Let Sunshine Real Estate, your local home expert, help you out.

Just visit Sunshine Real Estate dot com to know how.”

audio ads for real estate


Real Estate Radio Commercial Script: Zillow Good Living Retirement Home


Zillow Good Living Retirement Home

Voice Age:



Female or male

Job Description:

Zillow Good Living Retirement Home is a long-term care facility providing support to the elderly. Our luxury retirement home meant to provide our residents with extra care and support with varying ailments and mobility issues. Our goal for this ad is to introduce our services to more elderly in need of a respite.

Art Direction:

For this Internet radio commercial, we want a senior voice that expresses how easy it is to transition into retirement living. It has to show satisfaction and hint at the excitement we feel when we welcome a new resident. Overall, this ad should have a relaxed and engaging feeling to it.




Real estate


Engaging, relaxed




British English

Word Count:

111, 82

1-Minute Real Estate Radio Commercial Sample Script:

“I’m in my 70s, and life has never been better.

After raising my kids, I enjoyed an independent lifestyle. But sometimes, I miss the sense of family.

Having heard of Zillow Good Living, I was curious about the community they were proud of and had to see what it would be like.

Now, I am happy and at home.

After setting up a consultation at Zillow Good Living Retirement Home, I now live with love under the support of people who care.

Don’t settle for less. At Zillow Good Living, enjoy fantastic scenery, 24/7 support, and friendly staff who care.

Schedule a consultation by visiting Zillow Good Living dot com today!”

30-Second Real Estate Radio Commercial Sample Script

“Life at 60 isn’t so bad.

In fact, I’m having the best time of my life.

At Zillow Good Living, I have all that I need.

Care, support, and companionship.

Is there anything more that I can ask?

Comfortable and home-like, foods tasty and incredibly appealing, a wide range of activities, you can even take up gardening – all these have made my stay here the best decision I’ve ever made.

How about you?

Call +(250) XXX-XXXX if you are ready to retire.”

Real Estate Radio Commercial Sample Voice-over Script: Tasmania Real Estate Agents


Tasmania Real Estate Agents

Voice Age:

Middle age



Job Description:

Tasmania Real Estate Agents is a real estate company helping young families and established homeowners to move up. We serve as their representative in their search for the best neighborhood to raise their families. For that reason, this radio ad’s goal is to encourage them to get help from our agents in looking for their dream home.

Art Direction:

We want this radio commercial to show how happy we are to help families find their dream homes. For that reason, we want a voice that sounds sincere and cheerful, one that shows genuine care about a client’s needs and preferences.




Real estate


Genuine, cheerful, happy




North American

Word Count:


15-Second Real Estate Radio Commercial Sample Script

“Got promoted at work?

That must feel good! Why not celebrate by moving up to one of the best neighborhoods in town?

Tasmania Real Estate Agents can help you find a home perfect for raising a happy and safe family.

Ideal for single families, consult with us now before it’s too late.

Homes are selling quickly, so don’t forget to visit Tasmania Real Estate dot com today!”

Real Estate Radio Advertising

It is challenging to find the right advertising medium for a real estate business or any business for that matter. After all, a method that works for a particular brand does not always work for another. However, there are a few campaigns that work for most, and one of them is radio advertising.

It is risky but effective if you do it right. One of the most important ingredients of a successful real estate radio commercial script is empathy. It isn’t easy to reach out to people who may be interested in buying a property. These people are often anxious about making such a huge investment, and it’s tough to calm them down when you only have 60 seconds.

A radio commercial is one way to reach out to them. Of course, it has to do with crafting the perfect script and casting the right voice. But if you can do that along with leveraging the online community, you can reach out to potential buyers twice as you did before.

radio advertising for real estate


Easy Steps to Write the Best Real Estate Radio Commercial Script

There is no right or perfect formula for writing a radio commercial ad. However, you can use the following steps as a guide to creating a well-thought-out real estate voice-over radio commercial.

  1. Identify Call to Action

The CTA or call to action is the action you want your target listener to do after hearing your radio ad. You usually say this at the end of the commercial. However, it’s a good idea to write your script with the CTA in mind. It will help to think about what you want your audience to do and work your way back.

  1. Think About Your Approach

One of the best approaches to copywriting is going the way your customer is already in or have. It’s because it will be easier for you to establish rapport with your customer this way. One way to do this is by helping your customer become aware of a problem they have and presenting a way to solve the said problem.

  1. Amplify Pain and Establish Empathy

After identifying the pain points of your listener, don’t proceed to your sales pitch yet. Build upon that pain, reminding your consumer how serious it is. Next, make it clear that you understand the problem and its implications, especially how they feel. By amplifying their pain and establishing empathy, they will realize they really do need a solution.

  1. Offer the Solution

There is no point in writing a real estate radio commercial script that highlights the problem without the solution. That said, don’t forget to include in the ad how you can help solve your customer’s pain points. Whether it is to help them find an affordable rental property or buy a new home, tell them precisely what you can offer.

  1. Make it as Natural as Possible

No matter how short the ad is, your listener can best digest it if written as if a story. Not that you have to write a narrative, but you must stitch all points neatly together. It has to flow naturally and easily and written clearly, too. That way, your listener will quickly realize the problem, the solution, and what you want them to do.

A Real Estate Radio Commercial Script Can Make All the Difference

Writing a real estate radio commercial script is not easy, but you now have a basis with the samples given in this article. Together with a guide on what to include in your script, you can use them to create the best radio ad for your real estate business.