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A dedicated workspace in your home

First things first: a dedicated workspace. A misconception about remote work is that you just wake up, sit on your bed, pull the laptop over, and get the day started. This is neither productive nor healthy for you: remote life starts when you create the necessary space at home for you to work and organize your day and ideas and be your best productive self. Look for the most distraction-free space in your house. You should look for a place separated from general house activity and is well-lit. This, combined with a standing desk where you are comfortable working standing up, and/or an ergonomic chair that is comfortable when sitting down is the starting point for an effective remote work routine.

Reliable internet connection

We’re gonna state the obvious: a reliable internet connection is a mustGoing forward, you’ll need a fast and dependable Internet of at least 50 Mbps that will easily hold uninterrupted video calls, enable quick file transfers, work in the cloud, and keep you connected with what’s happening with your business and the world. There is nothing more annoying than attending a remote meeting where either you or a peer constantly cuts-off, debilitating you from having a great meeting with good outcomes. A Wi-Fi connection can be great, but if you want extreme reliability, cable your computer/laptop to an Ethernet cable, if possible.

Cancel that noise out!

When you’re working remotely, noise becomes a distractor. Any outside sound can be distracting and make you lose focus, both in a videoconference and when you’re working alone. You’re currently likely to have a full house with roommates, children, and significant others moving around. If you are not able to create a separate workspace in your home we advise you (or your HR division) to invest in a pair of noise-canceling headphones. These eliminate outside distractions and send a clear sign to others in your house that you are busy and not to be distracted.

2nd screen for enhanced productivity

Since all of your work-related activities are done in front of a computer screen, consider expanding on that real estate! A second, large screen (apart from the one on your computer) will let you see more information, enhancing your productivity. At Bunny Studio we’ve learned that this has increased our team member’s productivity by 20% to 30%!


Separate keyboard and mouse

Lastly, another recommendation to save your postural health and increase your productivity further is to invest in a separate keyboard and mouse or trackpad. Having these will allow you to prop-up your laptop on a couple of books, enhance your work experience from home ánd save your shoulders from being permanently shrugged-up against your ears.