The recruitment process for a regular position like a messenger, accountant, or office admin attracts thousands of applications. Therefore, some of the most qualified persons lose opportunities because their applications get lost in a pile. So, how can you stand out from the rubble and increase your chances of getting the job? It is time to embrace the use of resumes video.

A report by vault indicated that only 17% of employers have received and reviewed resumes in video format. However, if given the chance, 89% would prefer a resume in video format instead of reading through piles of papers or endless emails. It is, therefore, an advantage to the recruiter and the employee.

But what is this resume video, and how can you create one?

Let’s begin learning, shall we?

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What Is A Resume Video?

A resume video enables one to present your achievements, skills, and capability to a potential employer in video format. The basic idea is to make your resume more engaging by adding character and face to the application.

A resume video may contain personal presentations, graphics presentation, or a combination of the two. There is no rule on what to include in your video resume as long as it helps you to bag the job. Hence, the simplicity or complexity of the video depends on the requirements of the employer and the target job.

Types of Video Resume

Applicants usually use video resumes for different reasons. While some job advertisements will demand a video, others are silent on its use.

Filled forms or letters Applications have no attachments mostly. Therefore,  video is not necessary here. A distinct look at types of video resumes helps one understand the best variety to use when making your application.

  • Demos- Some employers want to see what you can do before considering you for an interview. Consequently, this has led to the creation of video editing resumes. Thus, demos are standard for practical jobs like news anchoring, mechanics, or technician. The applicant appears on the video demonstrating their skills.
  • Video CVs- HR guys are exhausted from reading thousands of application emails. Hence, they are looking for new ways to shortlist candidates without being deceived by smart words on CVs. This is where video production comes in. A video will make it easy to pick out the desired qualities. Moreover, the video allows you to add graphics that highlight your academic qualifications, experience, and expertise. Your physical appearance is also necessary, but it is not the main concern for the recruiters.
  • Digital Profile Videos-freelancers, actors, and companies are using digital profile videos as resumes. They are uploading the video on a digital platform, like social media, YouTube, or a personal website. Ultimately, profile video resumes can be produced at the end of every project or to reflect a diversity of talent. A person or company uploads the videos and sends potential employers or clients to the site.

The nature of a resume video depends on your target job. It is essential is to produce a video that not only reflects your personality but also shows that you are the most qualified person for the job. Always remember that the kind of show you make on the video will determine the decision in your favor or against you.

Resumes video for everyone

Who Needs A Resume Video?

Creating a video resume might feel fancy, but it is not an option for every job seeker. Some employers will demand a video while others will take applications without videos.

But there are whose applications which should always be accompanied by a video: Here’s why:

  • Media and PR Personalities- Media and public relations positions are highly sensitive to the image of the personnel involved. It is usually impossible to judge appearance or character from academic papers or experience listed on a paper. A video helps the HR department to get a better idea of your presentation and delivery for a particular role. The video should capture you talking as you explain your capabilities like news reporting or anchoring. In short, it gives the recruitment team a feel of what you can deliver.
  • Sales And Marketing Personnel- the sales and marketing person, usually represent brands away from the office. Such representation requires an articulate and confident person. A likable personality will also improve the chances of a company in making decent sales. Such qualities cannot be judged from a paper resume per se. A video will demonstrate your capability and personality better.
  • Actors and Actresses- acting is a practical profession where academic papers do not matter that much. You mostly get jobs by demonstrating that you can convincingly fit a role. Producers are also looking for particular characteristics in actors like age, tone of voice, complexion, race, hair color, and such attributes. The best way to demonstrate these qualities is through a video. Applicants looking for acting roles should engage professionals offering video editing resumes services to produce the best reel.
  • Client relations and field workers- community organizations, NGOs, and companies engaging clients in the field are cautious about the image they are portraying to their potential clients. They are also careful about the ability of an employee to articulate their brand position appealingly. A video presentation helps the prospective employer to see your capability better compared to a typed resume.
  • Managers and Executives- managers and executives are the images people see when brands are mentioned. They have to look the part and be confident enough to represent a brand. A video resume will help the recruiting panel to see your potential and give you a chance to interview.

Every candidate should send a video resume when applying for a job. However, the professions mentioned above are more sensitive and will almost demand the resumes video.

Even when the video is not mandatory, your chances of bagging the interview might significantly increase once you add a video to your application.

Why Use A Resume Video?

Creating a resume is easy because it only requires your typing skills. Why would it be necessary to invest in video recording and editing even in instances where the recruiter has not asked for any? Remember that you also need to invest in costumes that bring out a favorable personality.

If you are uploading the video online, you will need a specialized resume YouTube video. But why go through all this trouble? Here’s why:

  • Showcase your personality– employers want to understand the person joining the team better before issuing any employment letter. It helps them to skip several rounds of interviews because the HR team can quickly narrow down on a few personalities. Furthermore, you’ll have a quicker ticket to employment and even in getting a job.
  • Gives control over the interview– HR is already conducting interviews by perusing through copies of your CV. However, videos aids a recruiter to determine how they see and view you. You highlight the qualities that give you an advantage over others. Such control increases your chances of getting the job.
  • A better first impression– a first impression counts when applying for any job. Recruiters are looking for people who fit a particular character. Thus, these characters are easy to see in a video than to discern from text resumes. It will take the pressure off the next meeting or interview round you have with the recruiter because he has had a taste of you in person.
  • It is proof that you can do what you say you can– by the time a recruiter is inviting you for a follow-up interview, he is sure that you can deliver: The video has already demonstrated your ability. The follow-up interview will only serve to touch up a few elements.

The chances of getting a job depend on the efforts you make. So, take your chances with a professional resume video. Here are a few tips on how to craft the perfect resume video.

Resumes video guide

How To Create The Best Resume Video

Create a script that captures your idea of a resume video. A written text applies to all types of video resumes. Moreover, the writing helps you to shed fluff from the information provided on the video.

It also helps you to find strong words that capture the attention of the listener. Just like a written resume, the first few minutes of the video will determine the reception and perception of the recruiter. Therefore, the script should accommodate a three to five minutes video.

Hire a professional resume video production company to shoot the clip. Like a movie or music video, the success of your video in a job application will depend on its quality. A quality video has clear images, graphics, and sound. Furthermore, lighting must be right, plus the graphics must be professionally added.

Remember to dress for the occasion, just as you would when heading for an interview. It is one of the essential elements when preparing for a video because it aids in creating an impression. You must also appear like the character you are auditioning to fill. For instance, an executive must seem like one on the video. A comedian should also look the part if he is to bag the role.

Editing is a crucial determinant of the resultant quality of a video resume. Hire a professional editor who understands the different types of video resumes. While editing is done according to the script provided, a little creativity is necessary to highlight your strengths and capture the attention of the HR panel.

However, too many graphics may make your video artificial. Do not go to the extreme of editing if you are simply preparing video editor resumes because the resumes demonstrate your skills. Keep it as simple, professional, and natural as possible. Such traits will make the application believable.

Packaging makes your video resume visible and easy to consume. An email application will allow you to attach the video alongside other documents. However, you must get the size of the video right so that it attachable to an email. Further indicate that you have a video as a part of your application to draw attention; it is already a unique addition to the job resume.

Tidying Up

Resumes video is an excellent trick to capture the attention of recruiters in getting your dream job. Hence, the quality of production is crucial in determining your rate of success.

Consider working with a professional scriptwriter and producer to create the most captivating video resume every time you are applying for a job or project.