One of the many struggles that startups have is that even with a fantastic product, they have a hard time selling it. The likely reason for this is because they failed to market it correctly. Whether it is a product or a service, having a demo video helps a lot. But of course, it matters that you create excellent product demo scripts.

On that note, this article provides some sample scripts of product demos you can use for practice. Both clients and voice-over actors can benefit from these as it includes specifications like gender, voice age, style, accents, and art direction. They will help you understand what makes a product demo stand out.

Go ahead and use the following scripts for practicing. You can also use these scripts as a guide when creating your own product demos. The product demo scripts below are designed for short reads, such as when doing auditions. An actual demo may need more than a minute. But if you are looking for a 1-minute, 30-second, or 15-second sample, you can check the examples below for some ideas.

Sample Product Demo Scripts: Coin Checkout


Coin Checkout

Voice Age:

Young adult (25 to 25)



Job Description:

Coin Checkout is a mobile payment app for sending, requesting, and paying money between people. It’s a super easy to use money app that eliminates the need for bringing your wallet all the time. In this product demo, we want to show how potential users can take advantage of the features of Coin Checkout.

Art Direction:

The voice behind this product demo is a female with a generic English accent. There are three versions of the product demo scripts.

Product demo scripts for content creators

One version of the product demo shows a woman buying a cup of coffee but became embarrassed because she lost her wallet. In this video, the narrator explains how Coins Checkout saves the woman from this trouble.

The second product demo script involves the narrator reading the script, while a motion graphic visual shows the specific features described. The third version is a much-shortened version of the second one.

We aim to encourage people to try the app, so the voice must be clear and easy to understand but also somewhat professional. The voice actor’s tone must be confident with a cool quality that sounds as if they speak with a smile.


Internet Video




Smooth, Confident, Articulate, Professional




General English

Word Counts:

125, 78, 46

1-Minute Sample Product Demo Script:

[The narrator/character walks to a nearby coffee shop to buy her coffee and greets the viewers.]

“Hi, guys! The sky is clear, and the weather is a bit cold, but it’s a beautiful morning! Now, onto buying my first cup of coffee.

[While rummaging from her bag, she finds out she forgot her wallet. She looks at the cashier and the camera.]

“Oh my god guys, I forgot my wallet. I have no cash, and my credit card is in there too. What to do?”

[Looking back at the cashier, she smiles apologetically. Then she remembers she has her phone and excitedly fumbles over it.]

“My phone!! I don’t have cash, but I have my phone. I can use Coins Checkout. Paying is made easy with this app.”

[The girl talks with the cashier. She takes out her phone, opens the Coins Checkout app, and goes to the Scan tab. She then pays for her coffee by scanning the QR code.

Holding her cup of coffee, she walks out of the coffee shop and talks with the camera again.]

“Saved! You guys, I got my coffee. All I did was scan the QR code, and my coffee was paid for. I never thought it’s this easy.”

[She shows the app to the camera and lets them see how it works.]

“And see? It’s got so many features. I can pay for my bills, send money, and request payment too! And cashing in from any back is instant.

If you don’t have cash, Coins Checkout is there to save your day. It saved mine.

Download yours now!”

30-Second Product Demo Script:

[Coins Checkout logo appears.

Pay or Request Money option shows in the video.]

“Need to send or request money? Coins Checkout makes it easy with a single click.

Just look for the name of your receiver, add the amount you want to send, type your message, and click send.”

[Motion graphics shows visuals of using the app to split or settle a bill.]

“You can use it to settle or split your bills the easiest way, and more.

No need to bring cash to the table. No more math on napkins or long queues.

Just download Coins Checkout, create an account, and top up today.”

[Coins Checkout logo exits.]

15-Second Product Demo Script:

[The background shows the Coins Checkout app. It demonstrates the features of the app, including how to send and request money. It also shows how to split and pay bills, as well as scan SQ codes.]

“Don’t risk yourself carrying cash and credit card.

Download Coins Checkout and save yourself from trouble.

Top up today and send, request, split or pay your bills in just a click.

No need to go out. No need for cash.

All you need is Coins Checkout.”

Sample Product Demo Scripts: Flexi Desk Bike


Flexi Desk Bike

Voice Age:

Young adult (25 to 25)



Job Description:

Flexi Desk Bike is a hybrid desk and exercise bike meant for people who work at home. It is created to help people who often long hours in front of a desk. With features that enable one to work comfortably, the user can exercise and work at the same time. In this product demo, we aim to show potential customers how to use Flexi Desk Bike.

Art Direction:

The voice behind this product demo is a young adult female. While a video demonstrates the different features of Flexi Desk Bike, she describes them in an exciting and encouraging tone. This way, the viewers can see how this hybrid desk helps them work comfortably at home without sacrificing their health.


Internet Video




Exciting, Encouraging, Upbeat




North American English

Word Counts:

171, 121, 88

1-Minute Sample Demo:

[The video starts with a woman, disheveled and looking tired, hunched over her desk and laptop.]

“Working from home is now the new norm.

It’s safe and comfortable to work at home, but is it healthy?

[She sits up and cries because of back and shoulder pain.]

“After working all day on a desk, back pain and shoulder pain are the least of your problems.”

[She stands up then cries because of leg cramps.]

“With prolonged sitting, it’s not a surprise if you suffer from poor blood circulation, weight gain, posture problems, weakened muscles, even heart disease.”

[The woman takes out her Flexi Desk Bike, rides it, and begins working on her laptop while pedaling.]

“Fortunately, you don’t have to let it get to that point.

Flexi Desk Bike is the exercise desk bike perfect if you work long hours at a desk.”

[The girl adjusts the seat and the desk.]

“The seat is adjustable for a comfortable height, and so is the desk.”

[Show the buttons for bike resistance and trackers.]

“It comes with various resistances for working out your legs and even has trackers.”

[The girl moves the desk bike outside.]

“The best part? It comes with wheels, so moving it anywhere is easy. Bring it outside to get fresh air while working and exercising.

Working from home doesn’t mean sacrificing your health.

Use Flexi Desk Bike and stay on top of your health while you work.

Visit Flexi Desk Bike dot com for more info.”

Product demo scripts for freelancers

30-Second Sample Demo:

[Video shows Flexi Desk Bike.]

“How to stay active while working long hours at a desk? That’s easy!

Flexi Desk Bike combines an exercise bike with a workspace to make working out easier than ever.”

[Shows the various features of Flexi Desk Bike to the viewers.]

“A true workout machine, you can keep your legs pedaling while your hands work on your laptop.

With an adjustable height, you can work comfortably no matter your height.

Even the desk is adjustable down and up, closer or further.

It comes with different resistances for a good leg workout and even has trackers.

Best of all, its wheels let you move it outside with no problem.

Made for people who work from home, you can now work LITERALLY on your desk!

Visit Flexi Desk Bike dot com to order yours!”

15-Second Sample Demo:

[The background shows a girl using the Flexi Desk Bike.]

“Working at home and staying active has never better thanks to Flexi Desk Bike.

No more back pain and leg cramps, thanks to this hybrid desk bike that lets you work out literally on your desk.

Bring it anywhere in the house, adjust the seat and the desk then work comfortably.

Set it at different resistances and track your calories, miles, and distances too!

It’s never a problem to stay active and healthy with Flexi Desk Bike.

Check out the bike at Flexi Desk Bike dot com today!”

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