Singers vs vocalists – there is no discussion as both are important professions in entertainment and music advertising.

From the undiscovered underdogs to the celebrity status performers, singers and vocalists come in all shapes and sizes.

But the two are often confused as the same.

To put it simply, vocalists sing in a classical or traditional mode, while singers (or playback singers) mostly perform light music for film and such.

So while a vocalist may have to undergo a lot of training before performing on stage, a singer simply has to ace an audition and they are in.

All vocalists can be singers, but not all singers can be vocalists.

Read on to uncover more differences and similarities between the two professions:

Singers vs Vocalists: Similarities and Differences

A vocalist is an accomplished musician, and their sole instrument is their voice.

These pros train to sing classical music, and can often compose and improvise notes along the way. You may have heard a vocalist rehearing for a performance without singing any solid lyrics.

They are vocalists, and they have to sing in the right key and hit every note accurately.

Now let’s talk about singers.

A singer is allowed to sing off-key, but this doesn’t mean that they should. While a vocalist uses their voice as their main instrument, a singer will often rely on lyrics and rhythm to get the job done.

Singers often perform music that is rooted in film or pop-culture.

Here is something to give you a better picture of the differences between vocalists and singers:

Throat singers, rappers, yodellers, and even beatboxers can all be considered vocalists if they take the time to perfect their skills.

Vocalists use vocal techniques to convey a message through music. They understand how to project their voices and always hit the right notes. A singer can sing, a vocalist can SING.

This doesn’t mean that singers have bad pitch and no sense of tune. It simply means that they do not have to go through so much training. And it also means that they perform light music rather than heavy-mode classical music.

A singer can sing, a vocalist can SING.

It’s common for singers to strengthen their vocal ability through vocal pedagogy.

Singers vs Vocalists: What Does it Take?

From the description above, it’s easy to assume that singers simply need to have a good voice and know a few lyrics.

That’s not the case.

A singer sings, whether professionally or not, but they have the ability to do it consistently. The very best singers can move you when they perform from their heart and awaken the emotions of their listeners.

A rock artist is a singer, an opera performer is a vocalist.

Here is a breakdown of the similarities and differences between singers and vocalists:


  • They have powerful and captivating voices.
  • They have proper training in their respective arts and can adjust their voices to perform a wide variety of songs.
  • Vocalists commit to learning the techniques behind their craft. This includes breathing techniques and enunciation.
  • They don’t always sing, which is why performers using no-traditional vocal techniques (rappers, beatboxers, and even throat singers) can be considered vocalists.


  • They don’t necessarily go through a lot of training before a performance.
  • Being a singer involved performing light music that is rooted in pop culture and film.
  • Singers often choose the genres that best suit their voice (as opposed to vocalists who train their voices to fit the genre).

A great singer or vocalist should be able to change their tone to match the feel of the project.

How to Hire the Right One for the Job

It depends on what you are going for.

A simple yet catchy voice can carry an audience just as much as a deep or hoarse voice.

When hiring a singer or vocalist, consider your brand values and the goal of your marketing campaign.

Maybe you need the talent you hire to sing a company jingle in a playful tone, or you need them to cover a famous song.

Hire the expert you feel is best suited to the job, and there are several ways to tell if a singer or a vocalist is well suited to the task at hand:

Listen to their Demos

This will help you gauge their level of vocal talent and access whether their style suits your campaign.

Do they have referrals?

Past clients can often tell you everything you need to know about a pro. So before you hire singers vs vocalists online, ensure you check their past reviews to see whether they fit the job.

And remember that experience does not always make the singer or vocalist.
You may find talents that have just started to be perfect for the gig.

Ultimately, you want to hire a pro that takes the gig seriously. They shouldn’t show up to the meetings unprepared.

What do You Want?

There is a large pool of singers and vocalists out there, some more accomplished than others. Some have higher rates, some not so much.

So what do you want?

A vocalist with a specific skill set? A singer who is also a songwriter? Do you want to hire a performer who has won major awards and has credentials that validate their ability?

How about the vocal style you want?

Singers and vocalists perform in different tones, and if you want, you can hire a pro that blends multiple genres into one.

Experience does not always make the singer or vocalist.

Here are some more tips for hiring the right vocalist or singer:

  • Always hire a true professional who will deliver quality work and even give constructive criticism where necessary.
  • Make a connection with the singer or vocalist that you hire so the sessions are more enjoyable.
  • Great singers can sing their own harmony and background vocals. Ensure you agree on this before hiring a pro just to make sure that you will not pay extra in the end.
  • Use a variety of singers and vocalists for your project to get diverse sounds.

Where to Find Singers and Vocalists

You can easily hire singers and vocalists online, and at Bunny Studio, we have the very best in our ranks.

And it’s easy to hire our pros.

All you have to do is submit your project details describing the scope of your needs. Some questions you may answer include:

Singers vs Vocalists: Choose.

As stated earlier, these two professionals overlap, but they also have differences. When hiring talent online, it’s best to specify exactly what you want and avoid any confusion.

What type of voice are you going for?

Do you need someone to do a Mariah Carey cover? Perhaps you are looking for a country sound?

Whatever you want, you can get from Bunny Studio’s endless talent pool. Simply take your pick and let us know so we can hook you up.

What is your Budget?

Money is often a big concern for marketers.

It’s normal to try and save costs as much as you can, but not when it compromises the type of talent you have access to.

If you are worried about spending too much money on a singer, remember that you get what you pay for.

At Bunny Studio, for instance, you pay for a quick turnaround time and a full buyout license of the music.

This means that once completed, the results are yours to do as you please.

Always hire from outsourcing websites that reveal their prices up-front with no surprise royalties somewhere along the way.

Singers vs Vocalists in Advertising

It can be a challenge to connect with your audience on an emotional level, but music ads have made it easier for brands to reach out and make an impact.

Here are some ways you can use singers and vocalists to take your advertising campaign to the next level:

Marketing Jingles

Admit it, you have never been able to forget some jingles from your childhood.

They live in your head rent-free because they are THAT good.

You can achieve the same level of success with your marketing campaign, but you need the right singer or vocalist to do the work.

Music evokes nostalgia and emotion, which is why marketing jingles are an effective marketing tool.

Jingles: The Magic of Marketing Tunes.

Video for Kids

Music is big in kid’s videos, and this is not at all surprising. Nursery rhymes exist for a reason – it’s easier to learn with song.

A lot of popular kid’s videos on YouTube use singers and vocalists to connect to their audience. The same goes for other customer bases.

Music is fun, informative, and very memorable.

Just think about the ‘Baby Shark’ rhyme that was stuck in people’s heads for months.

The right singer or vocalist has the potential to elevate your marketing campaign as well as move your audience.

Product Demos

Selling your products has never been easier. With the right song, the name of your brand might just be stuck in everyone’s head.

The job description for singers and vocalists goes beyond marketing and advertising.

These talents can sing at your wedding, and at the surprise party you planned for a friend. Again, it’s about what you want.

The job of the singer you hire is to perform the song according to your creative brief.

You can always ask for a second take if you are not satisfied.

Looking for Talented Singers and Vocalists?

Both singing and vocalizing are serious affairs.

It doesn’t take long-term training to be a singer, but it takes confidence and the ability to impact people with the emotion in the song.

A lot of people think they can do it themselves, but it’s not that easy.

But you know what is easy?

Finding highly skilled singers and vocalists in Bunny Studio.

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