There are few things we can rely on these days; if I was going to name one, I’d say it’s this: almost everyone is on social media. Frankly, that’s been said so much that it’s pretty much a truism by now. But still, if you’re thinking about your business making an impact online, you’re going to need help, especially with the video side of things — that’s where a social media video maker comes in. Today, I’ll tell you why it’s a crucial move for ultimate online success.

And trust me, this is not one are where you want to come in with half-baked results. It’s a scientific fact that humans are primarily visual creatures; we rely on visual, and then aural cues to figure our way out around the world. That’s why content creators are leveraging video more and more these days; there’s an immediacy, an urgency, and an ease of use that’s pretty much unique to video content. And everyone, young and old, is hopping on the bandwagon.

If you’ve gut a business, company, or startup, you’re going to want to read this article. I’m going to tell you how and why having the right social media video maker could keep your audience engaged, and how having the wrong one could spell disaster. Don’t worry though, you’re in good hands, and at Bunny Studio we’re experts in social media content. On our watch, you ain’t falling by the wayside.

Let’s start with the why first, all right?

What’s This Hoopla About a Social Media Video Maker?

It’s simple, and mostly about having a sound content strategy. Sure, everyone talks about pictures, posting calendars, well-written content, and I ain’t knocking those. They’re still an integral part of any complete social media package. But still, if you want the most bang-for-your-buck, efficient solution, video is where it’s at.

And do you want to know why? It’s engagement, baby! Video consumption is growing at the astonishing rate of 100% per year. And its popularity and immediacy is something you need to capitalize on if you’re going to reach success. 

Hence why having the right social media video maker is the difference between results and utter disappointment. Here’s some additional information from our previous article “Video Production for Small Businesses“:

What’s more immediate than video? I’ll wait. Nothing? That’s correct! In the world of marketing, nothing is more immediate and attention-grabbing than a good video. Want to know something else that’s great about it too? It’s sharable, and that makes it your secret weapon for creating organic marketing.  Our Outsourcing article goes on to say: “A 2018 study shows 92% of mobile video viewers share with others in their contact/friends. It is a compelling reason to include this type of content in your marketing campaigns.”

What’s more, around 55% of users watch video content daily, and 78% do so weekly. A strong video presence is an ideal way for you to grow your brand and stand out from the competition. Right now, it’s an all-important concept. And, as more and more social media sites prioritize immediacy, it’s not going away anytime soon.

Why Fork Over the Cash?

It’s all about professional execution. The right social media video maker can help you get things right the first time. That doesn’t mean you’ll instantly get “viral” results, like a previous employer once told me, though. Video is still a part—an integral one, to be sure—of a working content strategy. If you’ve already got an audience, though, great videos will not just keep them coming back from more, but increase your viewership numbers and, therefore, your buyers.

Need professional results quick? Just leave it to Bunny Studio! 

Let’s discuss some of the main reasons why you should see why video is definitely a worthy return of investment.

social media video maker

It Creates Brand Interest

Video is the ideal complement to blog posts, written content, and images. But what you want for brand awareness is video, short and simple. In a previous article, I discussed why you should spend your money on social media. Here’s my main takeaway about how they create brand interest:

Just think about the throngs of people scrolling on social media right now. All across the infinite range of devices, people are looking for the next big thing. Is a wall of text going to convince them to buy? Hardly! The first line of a solid offensive is going to be a nice, attention-grabbing video. Visuals first, and then — if you really catch their eye — they’ll hear what you have to say. Finally, if you pique their interest, they’ll read the contents of the post.

The idea, of course, is to keep posting videos that resonate both with your core values and those of your audience. Over time, you’ll continue refining your strategy so you create better and higher-quality content.

They Improve Lead Generation

This is why a professional social media video maker is key. Have you ever watched an ad that was entertaining, but didn’t say much? Or perhaps the actual purpose of the ad was so muddled, lost in unclear and imprecise writing that was trying to do too much at the same time.

Videos need to be quick, precise, and simple. Well, unless you’re trying to do something different, which is all well and good. But the right social media video maker can help you laser-focus your content, and do away with all the fluff. They help you ask clear questions:

  • “What is this for?”
  • “Who is this for?”
  • “How can I say more with less?”

This is no joke, because brands, especially owners and CEO, sometimes get too close to their own content. And a good video maker is all about thinking about things from the side of the audience. Everyone’s scrolling, scrolling, and scrolling. One wrong move and you lose the interest of your audience, and therefore a potential customer’s gone poof, and away to the competition.

In fact, it takes between 4 to 8 seconds to engage or lose a client online. Hence, the right social media video maker is going to help you craft short, sweet, and engaging videos that keep people right where you want them. And then, it’s just a short call to action, and then hopefully a sale.

SEO Counts Too

Brand engagement is not just about how many people view your videos. It’s also about shares, meaning, how many users basically gave you free advertising by considering your content cool enough to share with other like-minded friends. So, it’s an amazing way to get more exposure for next-to-nothing. How does sharing achieve this?

  • Search engines prefer high-value (shared) videos over others. They appear on the first page of SERPs or search engine results.
  • Who goes beyond the first page when searching online? Not many people, that’s who. That’s why showing up among the first few search results is paramount.
  • Having a good thumbnail and your content indexed by Google is a must. If you do that, you’re on the fast track towards success.

Success You Can Measure

A social media video maker can also help you work out what metrics work best for success. And that’s because videos have metrics, indicators that can tell you, among other things, how well they’re doing when deployed online. It’s the perfect way to know whether your video has sea legs or is sinking.

A Social Media Video Maker Can Give You Ideas

Don’t know what to do with your social media content? Here are some areas where the right video maker can help you excel. If you’re feeling frustrated and out of ideas, here are some good ones:

  • Product introduction videos
  • End-of-year-videos
  • Videos to announce big events (remember when those were common?)
  • Ways to spice up your blog content
  • Testimonials
  • Live videos
  • Behind-the-scenes videos
  • The ol’ explainer

Remember: you don’t have to come up with everything yourself. A good social media video maker is also an idea person. Or, in fact, they can leverage the know-how and expertise of a completely professional team to help you reach your goals. Brainstorming is a part of the job, after all, and they don’t expect you to come in with a winning blueprint the first time around. They’re here to help you find what works best for you and go ahead according to that.

Where to Get a Good Social Media Video Maker?

That might be the easiest question to answer out of this whole bunch. If you’re looking for grade-A, professional results, I recommend you hop on the Bunny Studio bandwagon. Not only are we a team of experienced video makers, but we can also handle the complete creative process, start to finish.

How do we do that? By employing talented freelancers from all walks of life in every key area, from writing and translation to doing voiceovers and video editing. So, if you need to come up with a complete, professional video, for instance, we can write, design, film, animate, voice, and even translate every part of the video no problem. What’s more, we can do it in record time, and for a price that has every other competitive option beat, hands-down.

It’s hard to take the guesswork out of the video production equation, I know it, and we know it. There’s plenty of ideas out there, but most don’t even stick the landing. We want to help this NOT be you, so you can rest easy knowing that you’ve only got the easiest part ahead of you, instead of the nail-biting process of creation, posting, and then working out the kinks.

So, if you’re ready to let us lead you to success, hire an expert social media video maker today. Submit a project here and let’s get the ball rolling!