Over half the people on Earth use social media. Yes, wrap your head around that for a minute, it’s incredible for me too. With that amount of traffic, you can bet social media marketing is at an all-time high. And what’s the best, most efficient way to get your audience’s attention? That’s, right, using video! But, not all videos are the same. This social media video pricing guide should help you get the ball rolling — and the sales growing!

First Things First

On average, Americans spend over 100 minutes a day watching videos. Indeed, you heard that right; between YouTube and other video streaming apps, the average Joe and Jane are definitely binging (and not just with Babish). What’s it all mean for you, the would-be video marketer? It means that having the right video marketing strategy is a make-or-break thing right now. Are you still expecting people to read lengthy passages about how great your business is? While great copywriting has its place, that’s not how you catch people’s eye.

Humans prioritize visual information first. Regardless of how effective other marketing strategies are, video will always be king due to that reason. And even if the science aspect is not enough for you, we said in a previous article about the topic:

As an entrepreneur, find a way of standing out in the crowded marketplace; otherwise, your brand will die a slow but sure death. Thus, marketers are always working on marketing strategies that help their brands resonate with their target audience.

Fortunately, social media video for business marketing seems to work the magic because it allows brands to personalize their message for the right audience. Its accelerated growth in popularity owes to the fact that it works for businesses of all sizes.

According to HubSpot, 55% of internet users watch videos every day, while 78% watch video content weekly. For SMBs, this means that2021 is going to be the year of video marketing. Any business that doesn’t churn out high-value video content will miss out on a significant opportunity to grow its brand.

Social Media Video Pricing: Why Spend the Dough?

Well, for one, millions of people will be watching, so regardless of how great your idea is, you want to stick the landing. A great concept doesn’t necessarily mean a great execution. What’s best then, than to leave the job to professionals?

But perspective is still an important tool. Even if everybody and their grandma want you to get into video marketing, what’s the use if you don’t know the benefits? Before we discuss social media video pricing, we should get into the specifics of what you stand to gain.

It Gets People Interested in Your Brand

Like I said above, video trumps other forms of marketing. You can have more in-depth content like blog posts, sure, they’re still important. But there’s nothing that boosts brand awareness like great videos.

Just think about the throngs of people scrolling on social media right now. All across the infinite range of devices, people are looking for the next big thing. Is a wall of text going to convince them to buy? Hardly! The first line of a solid offensive is going to be a nice, attention-grabbing video. Visuals first, and then — if you really catch their eye — they’ll hear what you have to say. Finally, if you pique their interest, they’ll read the contents of the post.

The idea, of course, is to keep posting videos that resonate both with your core values and those of your audience. Over time, you’ll continue refining your strategy so you create better and higher-quality content.

Clarity = Lead Generation

Have you ever stumbled across an ad or marketing video that’s just so unclear you don’t know what they’re selling? You don’t want that to happen to you. A video is the fastest, clearest way to state what you are about and what you’re selling upfront. The “Show, not tell” rule applies double here. Really showcase what your products and services are all about!

What’s this got to do with social media video pricing? Simple: the services that accurately pinpoint how to showcase your products with, for example, product animated gif in a positive way are probably going to be more expensive. Knowing the benefits also serves the purpose of knowing what you’re paying for in the end. On the internet, you’ll be competing against literally hundreds of others for people’s limited attention span — somewhere between 4 to 8 seconds. Yikes!

If you want to capitalize on that, your videos need to be professional, unique, and engaging. Quite a tall order in a sea of content. Let’s continue taking a look at what you’ll gain from social media videos.

Sharing and SEO

Social media videos promote a higher degree of brand engagement from your clients. They’ll comment, talk amongst themselves, and share your videos, which nets you more overall views. It’s an easy way to gain more exposure.

Moreover, videos also boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) score. As we said in a previous article, “Social Media Video for Business“:

High-value videos will ensure your content appears on the first page of search engine result pages (SERPs).

Many internet users do not go beyond the first page when they’re searching for something online. Appearing on the first page of SERPs makes your business accessible to a broader audience.

Ensure that you tag all your videos properly so that Google has an easy time indexing your content. Moreover, use an attention-grabbing thumbnail that will incline your target viewer to click play.


You don’t want to take anyone’s word for whether a video does well, do you? When it comes to sales, marketing, and everything related to performance, online systems provide many useful metrics to know how a video is impacting your customers. You don’t need to get your finger in the air to find out where everyone’s going, you’ll know for sure if your latest video is a winner or a dud.

Social Media Video Pricing Tiers

Now, not all video agencies or freelancers are the same. Now you know how important your results are, you’ll have to choose:

  1. What type of video you think would work best. Is it a product presentation? A how-to? Perhaps an 2D explainer video or testimonial? Is it animated, live-action, or something in-between?
  2. What type of professional should handle my video?

Here are some rough social media video pricing tiers to give you a leg up. All costs are for a 1 to 2-minute video.

#1 DIY

It takes a considerable amount of work to pull off your very own corporate video production. Needless to say, it’s not impossible, but you should definitely consider the risk-reward ratio. Even if this is technically a zero-cost option, you still need to hire the right professionals, equipment, and to know what you’re doing in the first place. If you need to come out with new videos two or three times a week, maybe more, then you could consider setting up your own video production department. If not, I suggest you move on to the next social media video pricing tier.

NOTE: Even if you have the basic gear to produce a video, you should think twice about it. When you’re inexperienced at video production, it can really derail some of your other efforts. What can seem like a pretty straightforward job can take time away from more pressing concerns, and you never want that. If you’re not 100% confident in your ability to reach the final goal, just outsource!

  • Cost: theoretically free. But it will take time, effort, and many headaches. Check out our foolproof guide if you want to learn more.

social media video pricing

#2 Skilled Amateurs

Have friends who are good with video production and editing? If you don’t need an incredibly professional job that will take months, this could be a good place to start. And hey, you may even foster fledgling talent and help ’em rise up the ranks!

Mind you, this doesn’t just apply to hobbyists. If you’re willing to take a gamble, there are some pretty cheap video makers on Fiverr and other outsourcing platforms. Mind you, nothing’s risk-free, so go with your gut (and their reviews!)

  • Cost: anywhere from $500 to $1500 is definitely a bargain. If you need an animation, the costs might go up to $3000.

#3 Going Pro

This is when things start to get serious. We’re talking out-and-out professionals with years of experience, great gear, and a great grasp on corporate video production. The cost below only factors average production times (no overtimes, no particularly complex animation).

  • Cost: anywhere between $5000 to $20000 wouldn’t be out of the ordinary. While it may seem expensive, this is what passes as standard pricing in the industry.

#4 Deluxe

This is when you need a one-in-a-million talent, a little something extra. When you don’t want what everyone else has, and you need to set yourself apart from the pack, you go with Deluxe or Premium filmmakers. When you really need to tell a story with top-of-the-line professionals, cameras, studios, and to roll out motion graphics, animation, and other techniques, this is the social media video pricing tier you go with.

  • Cost: brace yourself to pay between $25000 to $50000 for a unique video.
#5 God Tier

The all-out approach. Do you need to showcase your video anywhere other than social media? Need a vid that will have customers flocking to your page by the millions? Then get ready to pay Hollywood-level talent the big bucks. This is the price for a true prime-time video.

  • Cost: between $100000 to a cool mil or beyond. You should only consider these if you’ve already got a following of millions and need to get ’em talking.

The Better Solution

Need a solution that will provide Premium results with Pro (or below) prices? Easy peasy! At Bunny Studio, we’ve put together a team of incredible video professionals. Whether you need short n’ sweet videos, or something more involved, detailed, and ongoing, we’re ready to provide a tailor-made solution for you. Even better, we’ll do it faster and better than anyone else, guaranteed.

If all this social media video pricing talk gave you a headache, don’t worry. We offer very friendly rates, adjustable to every size, scope, and type of project you can imagine. If you want to get the best without going broke, the Bunny Studio video team is ready when you are!