I’m sure you’ve got a pretty good thing going with your brand or startup.  You probably already have a good corporate identity going, and you’ve got followers up the yin yang. Now, it’s all about reeling them in and keeping coming for more and more content, right? If you’re feeling a little short on inspiration, here are some social media video ideas to help you out.

By the way, if you really haven’t stepped up your video game, you may want to think about doing so. Video is king, queen, and everything in between these days. Humans are primarily visual creatures, and there are few things more attention-grabbing than great visuals. With the ever-increasing influence of social media on our lives, you can be sure that we watch and listen far more than we read.

What does that mean for you? It means that if you want to succeed, you need to show rather than tell. While it’s still crucial to have great copy in your posts, this is still a numbers game. Therefore, even if you want to bring attention to an awesome text, video is still the ideal signpost. There are no two ways about it: video rules, so you’ll need to worship at the altar.

Still Not Clear On Why You Need Social Media Video Ideas?

Look, I get it. It sometimes may seem costly and time-consuming to produce videos. Why say it with video when you’ve got some perfectly good pictures and promo materials that you can post to your heart’s content? Well, for one, it’s all about engagement. Want to know how much video consumption — especially on mobile devices — is growing year-round? Brace yourself for this! A mind-blowing 100% per year. More and more people are glued to their screens than ever, and that’s something you need to capitalize on.

In our article “Video Production for Small Businesses,”  I add this additional nugget:

What’s more immediate than video? I’ll wait. Nothing? That’s correct! In the world of marketing, nothing is more immediate and attention-grabbing than a good video. Want to know something else that’s great about it too? It’s sharable, and that makes it your secret weapon for creating organic marketing.  Our Outsourcing article goes on to say: “A 2018 study shows 92% of mobile video viewers share with others in their contact/friends. It is a compelling reason to include this type of content in your marketing campaigns.”

So, in short, people are watching, and they get more people to watch. And you can make that happen with some simple social media video ideas. Trust me: it’s quick, easy, and painless. You don’t need to be a video production expert, and I’ll point you to where the pros that can help you with this are at the end of the article. Meanwhile, let’s focus on what counts here: great ideas that can help you get a move on. Analysis paralysis is definitely a thing, and we don’t want that to happen to you.

Let’s skedaddle!

Some Social Media Video Ideas

Introduce a Product

Got a flagship product that you’re thinking about showcasing? Have a new killer app lined up that everyone should know about? Then you need to get crackin’ and produce a short-n-sweet video. The idea is to let people know this is the best thing since sliced bread and to list all of the new product’s virtues.

By the way, I said “short n’ sweet” for emphasis. It’s good not to go overboard; while there is no ideal social media video duration, keeping it under a minute, minute thirty tops is a good rule of thumb. Unless you’re explaining to your audience how you came up with teleportation or some other world-changing thingamajig, they just want the barebone facts. If you can’t tell your story in a brief, succinct way, then you’re probably too close to your product. Sometimes it’s easy to love something so much that you can forget to keep it simple.

Refer to this awesome tutorial for more info:

Spice Up Your Blog Content

We even do this ourselves at Bunny Studio. Having videos that summarize your blog content is a great social media video idea. Having a small narration with some simple motion graphics can let your audience know more about what the content’s about and entice them to read the whole thing. Hence, the double whammy effect: you get social media views and shares, and you get people to read your all-important blog content. In a way, the video is a call-to-action leading to your text.

Here at Bunny Studio we often use these summaries in this way. We put them at the top of blog posts and on our social media, and it’s helped us tremendously. And hey, video also helps with SEO (Search Engine Organization), so this is more like a triple treat.

Have an Event Coming Up?

If your company depends heavily on gatherings and big events, it’s always great to let people know. Always try to make these videos as an elegant summary of what came before. Entice your viewers with how awesome the previous event was, and let them know just how much you plan to knock it out of the park with this one.

social media video ideas for all

Of course, this applies to the time when in-person events are a thing again. Right now, event videos are pretty much for nostalgia, although that can serve its own purpose as a social media video idea. Many companies are going the route of the simple, emotional video about the simpler, pre-COVID life. “Remember how great things used to be?” and “Until we can meet face to face again” are pretty common taglines for these videos right now. People want to look back on great times, but they also want to think about the even better ones ahead.

End-Of-Year Thanks

If you had a great run, it’s always great to let your peeps know about it. It makes your clientele and audience feel like they’re right there with you. Hence, it brings people together, forming a tight-knit bond that feels more like a community, and that’s what social media is really all about. There’s nothing quite like having an attitude of gratitude, and if there’s one thing you may want to think about sharing with your clientele, it’s that.

Here’s a small sample.

Some More Social Media Video Ideas

The Ol’ Testimonial

Some clients fall in love with your products. There’s nothing quite like the sense of pride and achievement that comes from a job well done. Sometimes, you don’t even gain a customer, but a friend a lifelong fan;  testimonial videos are a great way to leverage this goodwill. They’re also a fantastic way to humanize the whole sales process. Showing a tangible human being who’s benefitting from your product is a tried-and-true way to establish trust and a closer bond.

Sometimes, it doesn’t even have to be this huge production. You can ask your clients to take a small selfie video using their new product. Remember: user-generated content is also content.


What better way to give a human face to your brand than a live video? I remember peddling many social media video ideas to companies, but few are as effective as going live. It instantly creates an interactive connection with your audience, it makes you seem approachable, and it gives viewers something to play off of. The idea is to make your viewers feel closer to you, included in the everyday workings of your company. It’s a good way to show products, expand on your philosophy, and get plenty of views.

I recommend a healthy dose of live broadcasts. You’ll love it, and so will your clients.

Behind the Music

Want to let people know how the magic happens? Then do it! Create a short video showcasing your organization, how it works, what you make, and how you make it. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of being let in on an exclusive secret. Transparency is definitely a thing nowadays. Showing your clientele the inner workings of your company is a great way to make them feel at home and to show your honesty and approachability.

The Explainer Video

You’ve seen plenty of these making the rounds? Why? They’re a cute, cost-effective way of explaining hard-to-grasp concepts and processes. Brandpoint has a great article about social media video ideas, and they have this to say about the animated explainer video:

Animated content is another fun way to engage online audiences. While the success of these kinds of videos is dependent on your goals and target audience, they’re always a lighthearted and timeless platform that keeps eyeballs on your brand. There are several free resources, like animaker.com, but consider professional services for polished, strategic content.

Here’s a short video about how to make a captivating explainer video:

Summing Up

So, these are just some out of many social media video ideas that can lead you to success. But wait! You’re not a videographer, and you don’t have a full cast and crew at your disposal, do you? Sure, you can go the DIY route, but that has plenty of pitfalls and difficulties that are not ideal for the first-timer.

What do I recommend? Just go with Bunny Studio for all of your video needs! We’ll take care of the whole process, A-to-Z, and we’ll do it in a cost-efficient, quick, reliable, and hyper-professional way. We can do everything from animated or live-action videos, to design, voice-overs, and everything in between. If you want us to take the whole video process off your hands to create a result you’ll be proud to put your name on, then we’re the best place around, bar none.

If you’re thinking about upping your social media game, give us a call and we’ll gladly help you out!