Just because it’s a talking toy doesn’t mean it’s for kids. You can find a variety of talking toy example scripts; from superhero talking toys and animation toy scripts for entertainment purposes to educational aids toys that stimulate the mind.

And you don’t have to pull a string to get the toy to talk – these days, talking toys can be programmed to respond to the user in real-time.

Talking Toys vs Smart Talking Toys

Talking toys help kids expand their vocabulary as well as develop their speech.

Educational aid talking toy scripts, for instance, are designed to recite the alphabet or teach kids the different shapes and types of animals. These toys are also perfect for learners with a delayed speech problem.

Talking toys help children with their social skills.

Being interactive, these toys help growing kids practice how to answer questions in a way their peers can understand.

Smart toys go the extra mile to interact with the user, and they are available for people of all ages. These talking toys spark the imagination, encourage more learning, and help with motor skill development.

What Voice Should You Use for Your Talking Toy Script?

As a toymaker, when looking for the voice of your talking toy, you should have already envisioned how you want it to sound like.

Do you want it to sound like an edgy teenager? A 3-month-old toddler? Or would you prefer a heavy and dark superhero voice?

It all depends on your audience, but you can never run out of skilled voice actors to do the job for you.

The voice of the talking toy should also sound realistic and relatable to your target audience. Using a famous voice might be a plus, but do your research first.

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A Little History Lesson

The first talking toy to ever be invented is said to have scared the wits out of people.

The doll was invented by Thomas Edison in 1890, and it has glassy eyes and a mouth that would not move even though the toy sang nursery rhymes. When the doll sang, it sounded like a female was being tortured into reading the script.

They had an excuse.

Back then, voice-over artists had to shout the words into the recording machines, so the sound quality was poor.

But this does not take away from the main point; choose who voices your talking toy carefully. Can you imagine how scared little girls will be if their Barbie dolls turn out to have a raspy voice?!

Here are some helpful resources for those looking for actors to voice their talking toy scripts:

Here are talking toy example scripts:

Talking Toy Script Sample #1

Client: Smart World Toy

Voice age: Child

Gender: Female

Job description:

Smart World Toy is planning to release their first smart toy for toddlers that is supposed to help kids with their pronunciation and articulation.

The talking toy will give learners a spelling quiz, and if the answer is correct, it gives a happy response. In case of a wrong answer, the toy gives constructive feedback and tells the child to try again.

Art Direction:

The voice of the talking toy should be like that of an 8-year-old. It should sound fun, bubbly and vibrant. Since the target audience is that of 4 – 8-year olds, the vocabulary of the toy is limited. The toy should also advice when to take breaks and give the learner a list of stretching exercises to do.

Category: Toys

Industry: Technology

Style: Vibrant, bubbly

Language: English

Accent: British English

15-second Sample Script for a Talking Toy

Hey! My name is Robo Toy. You spell that like this: R-O-B-O T-O-Y. Do you know how to spell your name?

Don’t worry, we can do it together, T-H-O-M-A-S.

Awesome! Let’s high five. Now let’s spell your parents’ name, yes?

30-second Sample Script for a Talking Toy

Hello! My name is Robo Toy and today we are going to learn about shapes. We are going to do that with the help of a little song I made.

The circle shape is round like a ball, rectangle shape is like the box I put my presents in, the square like my building blocks, the triangle shape like my slice of pizza, and the star shape like the stars in the sky.

Now repeat after me, “The circle shape is round like…”

60-second Sample Script for a Talking Toy

Do you know what time it is? It’s time for our daily stretch! Are you ready to stretch your legs?

First, make sure there is enough space around you. Move your hands around to make sure that you don’t hit anything.

Now that you have done that. Stretch your hands up, to the side, and down.

You’re doing awesome!

Now try standing on one leg. Ooh no, don’t fall. Now trying stretching your hands up while standing on one leg. Haha! I know this one is a tricky one but don’t give up!

You’re doing great. High five!

Talking Toy Script Sample #2

Client: Tech Smart World

Voice Age: Middle-aged woman

Gender: Female

Job description:

Tech Smart is trying to add a personal assistant in their gaming device. The role of this assistant is to be you gaming assistant, take you through tutorials and also act as a second player when there is none. The assistant also tells players when to take a break, and it then takes them through a series of mild exercises they can do to avoid body cramps.

Art Direction:

The voice should be friendly and approachable, but have an authority to it (not too much sternness though).

Category: Entertainment

Industry: Gaming

Style: Approachable, Authoritative

Language: English

Accent: Canadian English

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15-second Sample Script for a Talking Toy

Hi, Tom!

You have used up 5 hours and 24 minutes of screen time today. You have 6 minutes to go until your break. If you wish to take a nap during the break, here is a selection of soothing music to calm you down as you sleep.

30-second Sample Script for a Talking Toy

It’s time for some stretches! Your game will be paused in five…. four…three…. two…one. Welcome to your daily exercise. Today we will be doing a 15-minute stretch for your back. Get yourself into a comfortable space first.

On the screen you can see a selection of the type of exercise, please select the one you would like.

Okay! Let’s start.

(After the exercise)

That was terrific! And your heart rate shows that you are in tip-top shape! Keep it up, Tom!

60-second Sample Script for a Talking Toy

Hey Sally, welcome to Treasure Forest Game. For now, only three levels are available to you, you will need to collect a hundred treasures to unlock the other levels. First, set the amount of screen time you would like to have.

Now select the level you want to play.

Would you like to play the trial version or the story version of the game?

If you are ready to play, press Enter to start the game.

Here is your first clue; what is red, has a tail, and likes to hop? Good luck Sally! Your first treasure is waiting for you.


Talking toys are like the digital friends and assistants that you never knew you needed.

What breaks or completes your script is the voice you use.

Remember, the voice you select for your talking toy script has to resonate with your target audience. Try to make this voice as natural as you can.