The guiding principle business owners use in producing compelling marketing videos is striving for content that succulently delivers the brand message to the target audience. Video marketing should be purposeful and intentional to capture the viewers’ attention and eventually convert them to customers. Therefore, there is an overall demand for freelance videography experts.

In other words, freelance videography experts help companies and corporations to communicate the essence of their brand in motion pictures. Remember, these video productions should always deliver a message that resonates with a brand’s audience.

Even though the productions are driven by service and product content, their purpose is to foster customer engagement. That is why freelance videographers consider a client’s objectives and the interest of the target audience as well.

Furthermore, the rise of digital content has seen video productions play a crucial role in business marketing. Nowadays, businesses have realized that their customers want content in the form of blog posts and video form.

YouTube reports that over 250 million hours of videos get watched each day; it’s clear that the new generation prefers video to written content. Generation Z has no interest in pop-up ads because they don’t deliver the authenticity they have grown to appreciate.

To keep up with the evolving digital marketing arena, businesses have had to subscribe to this new marketing model.

How to Keep Customers coming back for more using a Freelance Videography Expert

Since customers embrace video content at such an expedited rate, it’s upon marketers to meet their expectations.

So, how do you create video content in a way that keeps your customers come back for more?

Let’s find out, shall we?

1.      Use closed captions

Using closed captions is one fundamental way of retaining viewership because it allows your audience to watch your mute videos. Marketers need to include accurate closed captions so that viewers get the message whether the sound is on or off.

Initially, video content consumption was restricted because one had to have headphones or risk interfering with those in their immediate surrounding. Closed captions are a game-changer because they facilitate non-disruptive watching and allow people with hearing disabilities to consume video content.

2.      Create Homepage Videos

Since many potential customers visit your homepage to find out what your business is about, it’s a good idea to create homepage videos for them. These videos play a crucial role in boosting your conversion rates because today find video content is more useful and enlightening.

88% of internet users spend more time on a website if it has video content; this is a statistic that no marketer can afford to ignore.

3.      Invest in Quality website Videos

Your viewers will always choose quality over quantity, and so should you. Hence, working with a freelance videography expert allows you to publish content that exceeds your audience’s expectations.

Quality website videos can come in many shapes and forms: that is the beauty in it. Using video content to review your products or introduce your team to your audience is the perfect way of fostering customer engagement. It will surprise you how seemingly simple videos can drastically increase your click-through rate.

4.      Make your videos succinct

Video content is necessary for the current digital marketing climate because internet users want content that will give them the information they need in the shortest time possible.

In effect, short, snappy videos relay your message before your viewers lose interest. Thus, such productions help you build a robust business-customer connection.

Therefore, make sure that you have short videos across social media platforms to break the monotony of scrolling through text-only posts.

Getting Started With Freelance Videography

If you want to incorporate video marketing in your content strategy, you need to know the current video marketing trends. This allows you to film your first batch of video content with a clear purpose.

Remember, freelance videography experts, are well conversant with the video formats that make your content highly engaging and relatable. Inevitably, when you’re introducing a new marketing medium, you need to do it right for it to catch on.

Here are the options you can explore:


Many brands interview experts in their niche to create eye-opening content. Such a video should be no more than five minutes; otherwise, you’ll lose your audience’s attention.

Come up with a list of industry experts you want to interview and figure out the best topics to discuss with each one of them. This will ensure you don’t repeat issues and that your interviews and intensive and engaging.

Finding experts to interview is usually easy because such videos help them to gain exposure.

Introduction to Company Culture

This production lets your audience in on your workplace culture. Customers want to know if you provide your employees with a conducive working environment. Posting this on your careers page ensures talented professionals see you as a potential employer.

Product and Service Videos

Are you rolling out a new product or service? Consider unveiling it with a 30-90 second video. Product and service videos are excellent for getting your customers excited for a new release. Consider accompanying the product or service release with an offer your customers cannot resist.


Webinars are excellent educational video conferences that can be as long as 60 minutes. You can use them to answer questions that your customers frequently ask the support team. Since webinars are live, they allow your audience to interact with you in real-time.

freelance videography

How to Leverage the Massive Opportunity Freelance Videography offers

Businesses that have not embraced video marketing have no idea how much they’re missing out. Statistics show that 66% of internet users today prefer watching videos to reading blogs.

While many businesses see the value in video marketing, there are still some that are holding out. Brands that haven’t embraced video marketing assume that their audience doesn’t need video content or believe they don’t have the resources to produce high-value videos.

And yet, small businesses are successfully making high-quality video content with the help of freelance videography experts. As a business, you don’t have to hire a marketing agency to get video marketing right. An expert freelance videographer can deliver what you need at a fraction of the price.

To achieve maximum return on investment with video marketing, brands have to publish videos regularly. This, however, does not mean you should release videos weekly, even if they don’t alight with your marketing strategy. As we’ve already mentioned, always choose quality over quantity.

Consistency helps you build a relationship of trust between the brand and your viewers. The standard frequency is releasing a new video each week; this gives your audience the time to engage on a topic before you roll out another one. However, if you have the resources, you can choose to release 2-3 videos a week.

Remember, regularity trumps frequency for video content, but you’re better off publishing a video every month rather than once every five months. If too much time passes before you release your next video, you’re likely to lose your audience’s attention. The essence of frequency is keeping your brand at the top of your viewers’ minds.

Consider that a fraction of your viewers are potential customers who are halfway through the buying process. It means that they’re actively researching your company to determine if they’re in or out. If your brand doesn’t provide them with the solutions they’re seeking, they’ll move on to the next business.


What the future holds for Video Marketing

Marketers can no longer deny the shift in the content internet users prefer.  The rise of video marketing has forced many to incorporate this new model into their content strategy.

The era of long-tail blogs is long gone.

Today’s marketers are catering to an audience that’s always on the move. Audio-visual content enables brands to communicate with an audience that has a short attention span.

Since all indications suggest that video marketing is here to stay, it’s about time brands embraced freelance videography experts. It would be best if you had a professional who can seamlessly integrate video marketing with your other content strategies.

Common Questions Regarding Freelance Videography

Will internet users phasing out Video Marketing like they did Email Marketing?

Email marketing is no longer as attention-grabbing as it used to be. Today’s internet user hardly checks their inbox unless they’re expecting an important email. People’s inboxes are already jammed with last-minute ads for hot deals they don’t click on most of the time.

Some critics argue that video marketing might be headed in the same direction. The reasoning behind the argument is that videos are slowly getting saturated on every social media platform. It will get to a point where video commands less attention as there will be too many of them.

What if this argument Is Wrong?

This line of thought seems sound until one examines how video marketing works differently from email marketing. It is a classic apples-to-oranges comparison because video marketing is what one would call a pull technique, while email marketing has always been a push technique.

On the one hand, video marketing pulls potential buyers and converts them to return customers. On the other hand, email marketing pushes for repeat purchases from prospective and loyal customers.

Another distinction is, video marketing targets an audience, while email marketing involves contacting individual prospects and customers.

Luckily, a freelance videography expert would tell you that a diversified digital marketing strategy should incorporate both techniques. Email marketing might not be what it used to be, but it’s still an effective marketing strategy.

Remember, when you understand the fundamentals of your marketing strategies, you’re able to use all of them to achieve your overall goal. It is misinformation as well as unfounded to suggest that video marketing will suffer the same fate as email marketing.

Video Content Marketing is fast-rising

Customers today not only want to be informed but to be entertained as well. Rather than browsing through a long-tail article, your customers may prefer watching a personalized video. More customers are expecting the brands they support to create video content personalized to their interests.

So far, video content marketing has experienced strong year-to-year growth, and it doesn’t come as a surprise since it has significantly boosted customer engagement. In effect, mobile manufacturers have caught on and are now focusing on video-oriented devices.

Is Video Marketing Right For You?

It is not unreasonable to think that video content might be a bubble. It would not be the first time a marketing trend took the digital marketing world by storm, only for it to die off.

However, analyses suggest that video content marketing is here to stay. The younger generation is businesses’ future customers, and marketers need content marketing strategies that align with this generation’s interests.

Remember, video marketing allows you to personalize your marketing, inform while entertaining your audience, attain superior audience reach, and establish your business as a relevant brand in the younger generation’s eyes.

If you need professional assistance from a freelance videography expert, be sure to contact us here at Bunny Studio. We would love to work with you!