Bunny Studio is full of perks and exciting opportunities to make you grow on a personal and professional level. Discover some of the reasons our team members love us!

1. Culture

At Bunny Studio we believe in fostering a positive culture of leadership, mentoring, and collaboration. We work towards making our work meaningful and impactful, not only for our clients and Pros but for our team too! That’s why we love to listen to your ideas, feedback, and concerns. Collaboration and diversity are in our blood, we hire people who are awesome at what they do, but want to improve every day.

2. Opportunities for growth

From personal development and career mobility to lifelong learning, we encourage you to expand your skills and create your own career path with us. We have a dynamic environment that allows you to pursue many avenues! Want to get better at UX or Product Management? We give you space, education budget, and tools to develop those skills as you do your work.

3. Remote work

We’re a fully remote company but we’re a tightly connected bunch. Our team is distributed all around the world so we offer flexible work hours so you can perform your tasks and plan your days according to your schedule. Work from your home or traveling around the world, all we ask for is a reliable internet connection and an ergonomic workplace from your part. If you prefer to work from a co-working space, we’ll sponsor it!

4. Work-Life integration

We provide flexible hours so you can get the work-life integration that you need. We like to focus on your outcomes and achievements rather than your presence or perpetual connectivity. We support you to stay healthy and balanced, so you can spend more time doing what you love, while you kick it out of the park at work.

5. An inspiring and diverse team

We care about everything that makes you, you. We embrace inclusion and diversity, so you can feel safe at work and bring your whole self to the team! At Bunny Studio we have team members from 20+ different nationalities and backgrounds.

6. Salary and benefits

We strive for equity and fairness amongst all our team members, our compensations are determined according to their functional area and role. You also get access to flexible time off (whether it is for mental health, vacation, or anything you need), stock options depending on your role, paid medical health insurance in your country of residence, and paid life insurance for unexpected situations. Are you a new parent? Take up to 4 months of paid parental leave within the first year of becoming a father or a mother, this policy also applies to adoptive parents! All our team members also receive all the equipment they need to perform their work, so you don’t need to worry about having a computer, mouse, or headset.

7. Open and honest communication

We value open and honest communications and processes, that’s why we make use of tools like Slack and Confluence, so you can stay in the loop of our latest projects, initiatives, and decisions. Everyone in the company has access to company and team KPIs, OKR updates, compensations, and more.

8. We value your mental health

We understand that life can get overwhelming at times, that’s why we give you unlimited paid mental-health days, no questions asked, so you can take care of your mental and physical health without worries. We get it.

9. We organize annual retreats

Our retreats are FUN! They are the perfect excuse to finally get to see each other in person and do some work and non-work-related activities. They allow us to connect with each other, align our goals every year, see new locations and build up strategies and skills for the future whilst forging new friendships.

10. An easy, supportive onboarding process

We know how hard it is to start adjusting to a new culture and environment, that’s why we have created a smooth onboarding process -one month long- to provide you all the tools, exposure, and information you need to start killing it at your job from day 1! In addition, you will have a Bunny Buddy from the start and they will guide you and answer any questions that come up during your first weeks here.


We are always looking for more members to join our fluffle. Check out our careers page for our current job opportunities. If you don’t see an opportunity that matches your skills and experience, please feel free to email us at people@bunnystudio.com