Because you’re checking out this article, chances are, you’re passionate about becoming a YouTuber. But before you delve into this hyper-competitive industry, you first need to come up with some YouTube channel ideas that will give you a greater chance to achieve success.

Since YouTube was founded in 2005, it has become the premier platform for videos. What used to be a wonderland for dog and cat videos has now become something much more. Although these types of videos are still there, YouTube’s landscape has dramatically changed throughout the years. There has never been a greater opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of YouTube to enhance your career.

Why Should You Pick a YouTube Channel Niche?

You can be a YouTuber for fun. But wouldn’t it be a dream to earn a sizable income through making videos online? YouTube channel ideas can make or break this dream.

To feed your viewers with the right content, you must know your target audience. It would be a waste to upload completely random videos and simply hope to get millions of views. Every video you upload must have its intent and purpose. More than that, it should be interconnected so you can establish authority in your niche.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing YouTube Channel Ideas

Many people who want to become a YouTuber already have a clue about what their videos will be even before they start a YouTube channel. Most YouTubers focus on something they are already doing. For example, if you are a voice-over artist, you can make a channel about your job. If you are a video editor, you can make video tutorials.

For some people, they just want to experience living a YouTuber’s lucrative life. For example, Ryan Kaji, the highest-paid YouTuber in 2020, earned a staggering $29.5 million from his channel. Although it may take a long while for you to get your first million (if at all!), you can still pursue this milestone by being consistent.

If you do not know which YouTube channel ideas to follow yet, here are some important things to consider.

What is your passion?

Is there a topic that genuinely piques your interest? It’s important to feel a strong passion for the topic you will choose for your YouTube channel for various reasons.

First, you need to come up with top-notch content consistently for a long time. If you do not like the topic, it will be incredibly hard for you to deal with moments when you feel uninspired, tired, or frustrated. Next, you will get bored fast if you are not interested in the subject. Because of this, making videos could feel like a grueling task. Lastly, your viewers will feel your excitement if they sense that you are talking about something you love. People speaking with passion are always enthusiastic, and this can captivate a lot of viewers.

How is the demand for content?

The next thing you should consider when considering YouTube channel ideas is the demand for the topics you plan on covering. For example, if you are thinking of uploading tutorials about Disney movie reviews and there are only a couple of people searching for your topics, you won’t find a big enough audience. This is especially important if you want to make money on YouTube and not simply use it to share your hobbies with viewers across the globe.

But if you have a passion that you are keen to show off, considering the demand for videos is not everything that matters. Simply showing your talent and skills will let people appreciate the effort. If your content is of high quality, the demand for your video will increase in time.

To help you with determining whether or not there is a demand for the YouTube channel ideas you are interested in, research the market well. Google AdWords Keyword Planner and Google Trends are great ways to find out how many searches per month your topic gets on search engines.

How is the competition?

If you want to make a career out of your YouTube channel, you need to know how many YouTubers in your field are active. If it is oversaturated, it will be more challenging for you to become successful.

It is recommended to pick YouTube channel ideas that have high demand and minimal competition. However, do not panic if the niche you chose is too oversaturated. Just start targeting keywords with minimal competition to climb your way up the ladder.

youtube channel ideas for content creators

The Best YouTube Channel Ideas

Here are some ideas to get you started on your YouTube channel.


Lifehack videos will rack up views very easily because people want their lives to improve immediately. People watch these videos for hours at a time without feeling the slightest bit of boredom.

If you plan on making lifehack videos, you shouldn’t make it too long since viewers may find it hard to remember what you shared. Instead of cramming up to 20 life hacks into one video, break it down to five to ten hacks and list it under four minutes.


Unboxing videos are always on-trend on YouTube because people want to know what to expect from a product before they buy it. Not only that, but it’s also very helpful to see a reliable figure talking about a product and describing what people should expect from it.

There are thousands of YouTubers doing unboxing videos, and they still get a sizable subscriber count. If you are talented in discussing product features, this niche will work great for you. This YouTube channel idea will also enable you to get more money through sponsorships and affiliate marketing.

Gadget reviews

Gadgets do not come cheap. Naturally, people will watch several YouTube videos or blog entries before buying something expensive. This will enable them to make a more informed decision before they buy something. Reviewing phones, gaming consoles, laptops, and other gadgets is a very popular niche on the platform but prepare to face competition.


If you ever dreamed of becoming a news anchor, this Youtube channel idea is something that can work for you. Starting a news channel that covers international or local news is an amazing opportunity to pursue your passion. You can simply make a studio in your room and get professional lights to shoot videos. It will take quite a while to become reliable in your field, so focusing on certain niches and audience is recommended to fast track your growth. If you don’t have time to write stories for the news, you can simply hire a writer to do it for you.

If you want to veer away from the news, you can also cover celebrity gossip. Fans always want to know what’s up with their favorite celebrities, so you are bound to gain a lot of views.

Food channel

If you’re a foodie, this channel category would be perfect for you. Those who love to cook can create a channel where they can show off their cooking prowess and provide recipes for people to try. If you don’t cook well, you can still do a food channel by focusing on restaurant reviews. You can go to local restaurants near you, but you need to have the confidence to film your videos in a public setting.

But if you want to eat in private, there’s a very successful YouTube niche you can penetrate – mukbangs. Here, you just need to have a big feast of food laid out in front of you and eat it in front of the camera. Make sure to get a good microphone for top-notch sound. These types of videos rack up millions of views in a short time since there are people who think it is relaxing to watch them.


If you’re not afraid to pull pranks on people, prank videos are a great opportunity to earn money. It is recommended to make the pranks violence-free or harmless since you may face legal issues if someone you pranked complained or if a prank goes wrong.

Beauty and makeup

If you love putting on makeup, or you have knowledge of skincare brands and products, this would be an awesome way to get yourself known online. You can talk about beauty products, makeup hacks, product reviews, or beauty-related tips. Since you need to show your face to the camera, you need to know how to build rapport well.

Everyone wants to look beautiful, and makeup can help to bring out someone’s best features. If you were to get a big audience, you could make a lot of money through brand sponsorships or affiliate marketing. Currently, the highest paid beauty YouTuber is Huda Kattan and is extremely successful on YouTube.


If you’re constantly traveling, you might as well document your experience and earn money from it. Starting a YouTube channel centered on traveling is an awesome idea to share your experiences, create wonderful memories, and teach people what you know. Because there are tons of travel vloggers, you need to produce unique videos and have video shooting and editing skills to stand out from the clutter. It is also recommended to invest in a good camera, drone, and other travel gear. Soon, you could get sponsorships from airlines, travel agencies, tourism departments, resorts, and even hotels.

Are You Ready to Become a YouTuber?

Now that you know some YouTube channel ideas, you’re probably feeling more inspired to become a YouTuber. Choosing the right niche for your YouTube channel is the first and most important step you need to take in your career since it will dictate all the topics you will cover. If you need help in making your videos, you can hire a video editor, and even a voice over artist from Bunny Studio.