The most extended voice memo on iPhone will take approximately 30-37 minutes. With a transcription ratio of 4:1, it would take 2 hours on average to transcribe voice memos. However, you will soon learn that transcription is not that easy and straightforward. Many factors affect the transcription speed, spilling over to interfere with your delivery time for the voice memo transcripts.

The inclusion of voice recording features on devices is fueling the growth of voice memos. Nowadays, you’ll record a voice memo instead of texting. This simple act saves time while allowing you to communicate as effectively as though you were writing.

The voice is also more soothing and carries your personality compared to the writing. A user can, therefore, capture and store ideas instantaneously using a voice memo. Such are the factors boosting the popularity of voice memos.

Once you have spoken your instructions, you will need to turn them into text for record-keeping purposes. Before transcription happens, the files must be ready.

Here are a few tips on how to prepare voice memos for transcription:

How to Prepare Voice Memos for Transcription

You only need to flip out a phone and record a voice memo in seconds. However, that will present a challenge during transcription. Verbatim transcripts will appear like an incoherent speech.

How do you prepare a voice memo that will give you a decent transcript? Here are a few tips:

i)                Invest in Quality Recording Gadgets

The quality of audio files solely depends on the recording devices. While voice memos are recorded using phones, such a phone must be in the best condition that allows you to capture the voice effectively. A quality device ensures that every word is captured and easy to transcribe.

While phones can record directly, microphones enhance the quality of the recording. Hence, you’ll avoid capturing the noise around the gadget because you can control the microphone’s operating distance.

Remember, a microphone helps you produce more clear memos. Thus, buy the best recording device to ensure that you record the clearest voice memos.

ii)              Prepare Your Script

Do not record the memo haphazardly. Well, some people or instances allow for off-the-head recording whereby you do not require a script.

If you have a script, there will be no need for transcription. The idea of the script is to provide a framework for your audio file.

The script does not have to capture all the words going into the memo. In other words, the idea of a voice memo is to avoid too much writing. The script is an outline of the ideas you wish to explore in your audio.

Moreover, a script makes your ideas orderly. The transcriber can follow from one point to the other, making your transcripts sensible. You will also not miss any point in your audio recording or repeat other issues.

A voice memo script makes your audio memo and transcripts coherent to follow.

iii)            Record in a Quiet Place

The quality of your transcript will depend on that of your audio memo. Choose a quiet place to record your voice memo so that the reader can pick out your voice over any other noise heard in the background.

A clear voice memo is easier and faster to transcribe. It will also be cheaper because your transcribers have an easy time. Still, it is the best way to get a clear transcript that captures your thoughts.

An alternative to a quiet place is the use of an external microphone. The microphone limits the range where the sound is captured. With a special proximity microphone, you will only get the sound coming from your mouth.

iv)             Save in a Compatible Format

Each recording device produces an audio file of a particular format. Naturally, some of the forms will not open on some computerized machines.

Since you cannot limit the computer device that the transcriber will be using, you must save your file in a format that is compatible with many devices.

The transcriptionist has the option of converting. However, the process of converting may take long or destroy the quality of your audio file.

Save the voice memo in a universal format, accessible using the most common computer gadgets like laptops, tablets, and desktops used in transcription.

v)               Provide Clear Transcription Instructions

Transcriptionists deliver transcripts based on the instructions provided by clients. Before handing over the voice memo for transcription, you must give clear instructions.

What do you expect from the transcriber? Is it a verbatim transcript or one where the ideas are edited and polished? Do you require time stamps, or you need a script that captures your views?

Such clear instructions make your transcription experience more fulfilling.

transcribe voice memos

Choosing the Right Person to Transcribe Voice Memos

It is one thing to have excellent voice memos and another to have superb transcripts. It is also confusing to choose the best transcription services amongst the thousands that advertise on different platforms.

With professional transcription services, you have a stress-free experience.

Here are pro tips on how to choose the best person to transcribe voice memos for your voice memos:

·        Company vs. Freelancer

Choose between hiring a freelancer or a transcription company.

A company provides the guarantee of quality because it has structures that include editors and supervisors. In some cases, you will have to pay more when hiring a transcription company.

A freelancer could be learning the basics of transcription. Freelancers also lack the structures to guarantee the delivery of quality work even when emergencies strike. On the other hand, freelancers could be cheaper while offering a more comprehensive package of services.

Hence, find the perfect balance between freelancers and a transcription company.

·        Expertise and Experience

Transcription is a skill that requires training. Training helps the transcriptionists to handle different audio files better and, therefore, meet your expectations. Luckily, there are schools and online courses for transcribers.

If you need transcription for a voice memo on a technical subject, you’ll need a professional who understands the area. Remember to check the profile of the transcriber to know his area of specialization.

Experience helps the transcriptionist work on your audio files more efficiently. An experienced transcriber can understand instructions easily and thus deliver excellent quality transcripts.

If you have worked with a transcriber in the past and they delivered quality transcripts, it is always prudent to return to them the next time you have a project.

·        Right Transcription Tools

Transcription requires such tools as a laptop, tablet, desktop, and headphones. It would help if you also had the right transcription software.

In the absence of these tools, it is impossible to complete the project. Inquire before handing over the project to know whether the right tools are available.

·        Transcription Cost

How much is the transcriptionist charging for the services?

From experience, each transcription project is unique. Therefore, discuss your expectations and evaluate the most reasonable price. You could talk to several transcribers to assess their pricing.

Do not be swayed by the lowest price. While you should aim to save money on pricing, your pursuit should be quality transcripts.

Note that the most experienced and professional transcribers are more expensive. Still, cheap transcription services do not necessarily translate into low-quality transcripts.

·        Additional Services

Do you need other services beyond transcription? For instance, you might require an illustrator to enhance your digital marketing campaign or a voice over artist to enhance your commercials.

Choose a transcriber who can deliver more than transcription. You are most likely to find such services when you hire a transcription company.

You will also realize that ordering several services as a package will cost you less.

How Much Will You Pay for a Professional to Transcribe Voice Memos?

Voice memos are easy to prepare because you only need your phone and an idea of what to say. When it’s time to transcribe, you’ll have to pay the price.

How much should you expect to pay for a 30-37 minutes voice memo?

Well, there is no straight answer because multiple factors determine the price. Still, it would be best if you had an idea of what to pay to ease planning.

Here are factors that will determine how much you pay for your voice memo transcription:

1.     Length of Your Voice Memo

Length is a natural and obvious consideration whenever you need transcription services. Long voice memos are more expensive than shorter ones.

Considering that the average pay for a transcriber is $15-$30 per hour and a 30-minute audio file takes 1hr 30mins to transcribe, you can calculate the average you will pay for your memos.

2.     Ordinary or Technical Memo

Technical transcription requires special skills and knowledge of the subject of your memo. For instance, a notice on medicine will require a person with a medical background. Such specialists who transcribe technical audio files are expensive to hire.

An ordinary memo, on the other hand, is one that handles a general subject. Such are the subjects that anyone can do quite easily.

Because of the number of available transcribers ready to take on such a project, they are cheaper to transcribe.

3.     The urgency of the Transcription Project

How soon do you need the transcripts?

It is reasonable to offer a day or more to transcribers to complete the projects. However, if you need the work sooner, you must pay for the inconvenience of such demands.

Hence, hire transcription services early to give the transcriber sufficient time to complete the work.

4.     Transcription Preferences

Are there any special requirements for your transcription project? For instance, you may want to stick to a particular transcriber who is too busy with other projects. It means that you pay for the inconvenience of working extra hours or abandoning other projects in favor of your own.

You may also require additional services like captioning, graphic illustration, conversion, and other enhancements.

Any additional requirements will come at a price.

Auto-transcription for Voice Memos

Technology has made auto-transcription a possibility.

Instead of hiring a transcriber, you run your voice memos through an auto transcription app that will generate text immediately. You can also install some of the apps on the phone and still transcribe. This is one of the tricks to get your memos transcribed without hiring a transcriptionist.

The challenge with auto-transcription lies in the accuracy of the memos. Voice typing only delivers 70% accuracy. You, therefore, have to hire an editor to review the transcripts before they can be used.

Still, it is one of the fastest ways to transcribe voice memos.

Wrapping Up

Voice memos make note-taking and the issuance of instructions easier.

When it is time to transcribe, allow professionals to handle the project and deliver impeccable transcripts.

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