Audio and video files are easy to consume. Furthermore, they are some of the fastest-rising methods of packaging information. However, the information on these audios and videos is still not accessible to a wide range of potential consumers, hence the need for transcription. To put it into perspective, consider that YouTube videos with transcripts or captions receive 13% more views than those without. Thus, there is an increase in the number of people hiring a transcription company.

At an even more practical level, audio files cannot be filed in the office or attached to physical paper folders when quoting or highlighting; the video or audio file will not help. These files and the information captured is best shared in text format, hence the need for transcription.

As the world moves towards greater inclusivity, there is a need to communicate in multiple languages. Fortunately, transcription for captioning has become an enabler. It also enables you to speak to persons with hearing impairment because they can read the screen’s action. Therefore, transcription expands the market for your videos and audio files, helping to increase visibility in the process.

As is the norm, you have expectations when thinking of hiring a company to handle your transcriptions. However, what reality will you encounter during hiring? How should you approach the process? How much will you pay?

Here is everything you need to know about hiring transcribers for your video and how to guarantee a stress-free process.

What a Transcription Company Does for You

The assumption is that you are hiring a transcriber because you have a project that requires their services. To avoid disappointment, it is necessary to know what the transcribers can do and what they cannot do. You will be lucky to find a platform with multitasking transcribers who may also localize or translate your videos, among other tasks.

Such tasks include:

1.     Transcribe

The role of a transcriber is to capture the audio information and transform it into text. It happens verbatim such that each work captured in the video or audio file will be taken. The resultant text will include paragraphs, chapters, and sections as they appear in your file. You may also provide directions on how each division will be separated from the others.

2.     Translate

Yes, transcribers also translate from one language to the other. Instead of hiring a transcriber and then an editor, you hire a multi-skilled transcriber who listens in one language and writes in another. Such transcription makes your project move faster while reducing the number of people involved.

3.     Captioning

Captioning involves the addition of subtitles. The subtitles are essential when targeting an audience with hearing challenges or preparing a video for viewers from another language region. The captions enable them to follow your video’s action even though they do not understand the verbal language. The transcriber prepares the text that is then captioned on the video as subtitles.

4.     Editing

Written speeches are precise. However, a one on one dialogue comes with stutters and off-the-curve remarks that should not be documented. When the speech is being filed, these stutters cannot be included. A transcriber will edit the chuff or filler materials out of your script to give you a pristine script. Such a clean script is fundamental when the transcript is used for official purposes.

The primary responsibility of a transcriber is to create text out of videos and audio files. However, other duties like the ones stated above may arise and be performed in agreement. It will be a huge advantage to find a transcriber who can perform all these roles simultaneously. It will reduce the time taken to complete a project and limit your documents’ exposure to strangers by reducing the number of handlers.

Why You Need To Hire a Transcription Company

Transcription projects are susceptible because they include the customer as well as company data. For most clients, it is a split between hiring a freelancer and settling for a company. While each of these options comes with advantages and disadvantages, the odds favor hiring a company.

Here are thoughtful odds that will help you to consider contracting a company at the expense of a freelancer:

a)     Companies Have Structures

Have you ever thought about how institutions or global companies would operate without structures? The world would be one chaotic place.

Hence, successful transcription companies have structures that safeguard the quality of your work. For instance, a transcriber works under editors and managers who ensure that your requirements are met.

Remember, structures guarantee quality work and reliability of the transcription project.

b)    Companies Have Been Tested

Companies stand because of offering quality services to their clients. Individual transcribers could also show experience. However, the volume of work handled by companies makes their portfolio believable.

Equally important, a company has a reputation to protect and will, therefore, delivers to your expectations. This is unlike a freelancer who has no problem changing identity overnight. The hands of a company are safer.

c)     Freelancers Will Disappear During an Emergency

The most significant worry for a client is the freelancer disappearing before the project is complete. In other instances, freelancers fall ill or have emergencies that slow down work. It means that your transcription and subtitling project stops.

Luckily, the situation is different when you hire a company. When an emergency arises, another transcriber takes over the project, ensuring completion within the agreed deadline. This translates into certainty whenever you have a transcription project to run.

d)  Companies Guarantee Quality

The structures and organization of a transcription company guarantee quality work. At the point of inquiry, all details are discussed at length. The involvement of multiple checkpoints ensures that the instructions are thorough.

Companies also employ editors and stand-by transcribers. By the time your transcript is released, it will have met the highest standards you would desire. Well, you compensate for such quality by paying a higher price.

e)     Companies offer Diverse Skills

As you will notice from the discussion above, some projects require multiple skills. An example is one that needs translation alongside captioning. Well, while a freelancer may be cheap, they may not possess transcription, translation, and captioning skills, all at once.

Further, a single person performing all these tasks may take too long such that your project delays. In other cases, you will get quality translation but low captioning or such faults in completing the project.

Therefore, the best option is to choose a company that will provide a single package for all the skills required.

transcription company

How to Choose the Best Transcription Company

Having decided to hire a company, it is vital to settle for the right one. The internet is full of transcription companies with doubtful credentials. This becomes a dangerous trap that may lead to unnecessary exposure of client or company information, delays in project delivery, or shoddy quality work, among other challenges.

So, how then do you choose the best transcription company? Let’s dig in:

i)                Examine Your Project Scope

Each project is unique in terms of the:

  • volume of work
  • urgency
  • expectations at the end of the project.

Your target company must have the capacity to deliver to these expectations. You do not just ask the company whether it can provide. Instead, you make an initial assessment that helps you to shortlist several companies. The scope of your project is placed side by side with the profile of the target company. Such information helps you to make a better choice.

ii)              Check Reviews by Past Clients

Customer reviews give you an idea of what to expect. The thoughts come from customers who were served, just like you.

If they received quality services, the chances of getting quality services on your project are also high. If the services were mediocre, you are also likely to get mediocre services.

What are the past clients saying about the quality of transcripts delivered, prices, customer service, confidentiality with information, and request for revision, among other factors?

Choose a transcription company with the best reviews to increase the chances of getting the best services.

iii)            Review the Profiles of Transcribers

Transcribers and not the company do transcription. Their profile gives you an idea of what to expect at the end of the project.

For instance, if you are preparing captions for your Facebook video ad, you need a company with transcribers with video editing and captioning skills.

Other details to check on the profile include training, experience, and customer rating.

iv)             Know the Cost

How much is the company charging for your work? The reality is that each project has a limited budget. On the other hand, you want transcribers who know their work and are willing to deliver quality. Thus, please do not go for cheap services since they might end up disappointing.

Still, avoid exorbitantly priced services because there is still no guarantee that they are the best. Choose a company with reasonable prices and quality services.

The Cost of Hiring a Transcriber or Company

Having identified several companies, price is a crucial factor that requires more attention. Remember that you have a budget and cannot throw money around because someone has promised transcription services. How then do you know how much to pay for transcription services?

Here are a few guiding principles to consider:

1.     Quantity of Work

Bulk transcription projects are more expansive than a file that is a few minutes. It will take more time and demand greater attention.

However, the price-per-audio-minute could be lower because the work is in bulk. Overall, you will pay more if you have loads of audio files for transcription.

2.     Urgency

Transcribers charge more for urgent files. The rationale is that they have to abandon other projects to provide attention to yours. In some other cases, they leave personal obligations to work overnight or over weekends to deliver.

Therefore, you will pay more for such inconvenience compared to a client with the luxury of time. Order transcription services long before the deadline to reduce the cost.

3.     The Need for Additional Services

Do you need additional services beyond transcription? These services include translation, social media marketing, conversion to other formats, or captioning.

Each additional service will come at a cost.

You might also consider ordering the services as a package.

4.     Technical Transcription

How technical is your project? Is it a transcript that anyone can write, or does it include highly technical terms? Well, a highly specialized script is usually more expensive because only a few transcribers can hack it.

An Easy Solution

Transcription companies give you a smooth ride whenever you have a few files to turn into text. However, it is your due diligence that will determine your transcription experience. With the best company, you enjoy excellent value for money.

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