There is something about a well-done travel commercial script that makes you close your eyes and imagine the warm sun on your face, a cocktail in your hand, and happiness in your soul.

And there goes your first tip; always make it about the listener when writing a sample travel script. The words should be imaginative and draw in the audience, but they should also be real.

A travel commercial is not fictitious – the dialog actually matters. Instead of trying to sell a fairytale, think of your travel ad as a conversation between friends who are planning a trip to Barbados.

This post was updated in April 2021

Before Writing your Travel Script

Ask yourself this before putting anything down on paper: what do you want to achieve? What do you want the listener to take home with them?

You need to know who you are writing the script for, and exactly what you want to say to them. If it’s an elderly audience, then you will use language and references that are specific to their demographic.

A travel commercial should be descriptive, but it’s not a novel that goes on and on. These scripts are usually short and precise, so you need to have a defined goal in mind before you start.

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Tips for Writing a Great Travel Script

The goal is to deliver a complete message in a precise manner, and a little humor wouldn’t hurt either.

Use Facts, but Tell a Story

Inform your audience on the historical and important facts of the destination you are marketing. However, before you do this, make sure you get your facts straight.

Misinformation can cost your brand a lot, so only put out information that is both truthful and relevant to your consumers.

Don’t give too many facts that it sounds too boring or too mundane. Facts rarely move people to act, but real stories do. Your audience is better off hearing about impactful, personal, and engaging travel stories from some of your previous customers.

Vivid Writing

Make the script light and fun.

Just like the traveling experience, the travel script should have a feel-good theme that makes your listeners want to book their next vacation with you.

You need to use visual language that creates an image in the minds of your audience, while trying not to get lazy in the middle of the script. Maintain the same energy all through, making the ending of the commercial just as enticing as the opener.

Vivid language not only captures the listeners’ attention, but it also increases recall. Well-crafted travel scripts always leave a good impression.

Highlight the Important Things

When writing a travel script, remember to mention some of the cultures and main attractions that might interest your audience. When someone is visiting a new place, they like to know what to expect, but don’t go into too much detail.

As you highlight the most beautiful sceneries, try not to point out the obvious. People like to travel to destinations that provide them with a unique experience.

And always keep it simple.

A travel commercial script is short after all, so get to the point. Use simple language that your audience can understand.

Your Script should Read Well

All scripts should have a structure; or rather an enticing flow in the dialogue.

You want to keep the attention of your customers, so structure your ideas in such a way that they logically flow from one to the next.

It helps to read your script out loud just to make sure there are no errors and all the words transition smoothly into each other. You can also get a third party to check this for you.

Here are even more tips on how to write a succinct travel script.

Travel Scripts Sample

These sample travel scripts are a great resource for anyone who is interested in creating commercials for a travel company. Voice-over artists can also use these scripts to practice.

Travel Voice Over Script Sample 1: One Step Ahead Travel

Client: One Step Ahead Travel

Voice Age: Young Adult

Gender: Male or female

Job description:

One Step Ahead Travel is a travel company with the most travel destinations worldwide. If there is a landing on Mars, you can bet they will be among the first to take their clients. Their website just requires you to key in your personal details like name and passport number and they take care of the rest of the trip.

The company is celebrating their 10th anniversary by giving out raffle tickets and the winner gets a 1 week vacation to the destination of their choice.

Art direction:

The script should be read in a conversational and friendly style. The read should be energetic but not too over the top.

Category: Radio

Industry: Travel

Style: Excited, Bubbly

Language: English

Accent: African American

Raffle Ticket Draw – 15-second Voice-over Script

Are you a seasonal traveler? How does this sound; a one week paid vacation to a destination of your choice. Sounds good, right? Sign up for our raffle draw competition at one stead ahead travel dot com and stand a chance to win!

Raffle Ticket Draw – 30-second Voice-over Script

As we celebrate our 10th anniversary, we recognize that the most important part of our business is you. This is why we are giving you a chance to participate in the One Step Ahead Raffle Draw today and stand a chance to win a one week paid vacation to a destination of your choice, and the best part, you can bring along anyone you want! Register today on our website at one step ahead travel dot com and stand a chance to win exclusive holiday packages.

Travel Voice-over script Sample 2: Worldwide Festival

Client: Worldwide Festival

Voice Age: Young Adult

Gender: Male or female

Job description:

Worldwide Festival Tours is a new tours and travel company that wants to create a niche in providing travel and accommodation services to festivals all over the world. It’s currently working with festival organizers Barbados and Uganda to encourage more Americans to visit these places.

Art direction:

An exciting and vibrant voice is needed for this script. It should give the audience a feel-good vibe and keep them interested in what is being said. The voice should give listeners and idea of what to expect when they travel to these destinations.

Category: T.V commercial

Industry: Travel

Style: Charismatic, excited

Language: English

Accent: California English

All flights Point to Uganda – 15-Second Voice-over Script

Mountain gorillas, a diverse and rich culture, and a 4-day immersive festival in Uganda! You don’t need to sit on the sidelines this year – register at WorldWide Festival dot com and join the fun.

All flights point to Barbados – 30-Second Voice-over Script

August is here and we all know what that means! It’s the Barbados festival – the most vibrant celebration of food, culture, and music. All Rihanna fans already know just how spectacular this festival is – you don’t want to miss out on this one! Visit our website at Worldwide Festival dot com to book yourself a trip today.

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Travel Voice-over script sample 3: Hire A Jet Travel

Client: Hire A Jet Travel

Voice Age: Young Adult

Gender: Female

Job description:

Hire A Jet Travels is trying to personalize traveling for its clients. They provide affordable premium travel packages and also give dicounts on the first trip. The target audience are the middle class and elite.

Art direction:

The voice required should be sultry and friendly. A sultry voice will definitely make the client to be more interested and some might even book the jet in the hope of meeting the woman behind the voice.  It should also be articulate and ooze a sense of class.

Category: Radio

Industry: Travel

Style: Sultry and friendly

Language: English

Accent: British

Word count: 108

Hire a Jet Travel – 60-Second Voice-over Script

Are you tired of the long uncomfortable flights and the bad service at the airport? Do your flights suck because of all the crying babies and seats that are just too small? It’s time you booked yourself a private jet with Hire a Jet Travels – your travel experience will never be the same again. We offer the private luxurious tours you dream of. Our licensed and vetted staff will get you wherever you need to go without a hitch and the best part? You don’t have to break the bank for it! Give us a class today at 555-654-893 or visit our website at Hire A Jet Travels dot com to book a trip.

Travel Voice-over script sample 4: Kula Kula Airlines

Client: Kula Kula Airlines

Voice Age: Middle-aged

Gender: Male

Job description:

Kula Kula Tours can be said to be the Methuselah of travel tours. Your grandpa probably used it in his youth. Despite the many years in the game, it has still upheld its remarkable customer service and affordability. But now, to celebrate their 20th year of service, they are revamping their look. This travel script should target new clientele and to offer the already existing clientele a chance to get discounts within the next 6 months of traveling.

Art direction:

The voice here has to be an older male rugged voice that represents the many years that the airline has been in service. The voice should be confident and bold.

Category: Radio

Industry: Travel

Style: Bold, rugged, authoritative

Language: English

Accent: US Midwestern

Word count: 109

Kula Kula Airlines – 60-Second Voice-over Script

Just like the snake, we are shedding our old skins and getting ready for a new beginning. Kula Kula Airlines is rebranding, and to appreciate all our customers, we are cutting our prices by half! Yes, you heard it right – you can fly to new destinations for half the price, but there is a catch! This offer is only for 72 hours. Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime deal. Go to Kula Kula Airlines dot com to check the available destinations and book your trip now before it is too late. Call us at 555-873-990 to learn more about this and more holiday offers. With Kula Kula Airlines, you experience travel like never before.