Podcast transcripts provide an easy way to consume information online. Surprising statistics indicate that weekly podcast listeners will spend 6hrs and 37 minutes listening to full episodes or most of the podcasts. With 62 million Americans listening to podcasts weekly, you have a chance to create a huge impact and grow your channel.

On their own, podcasts can reach over 70% of the American population. That’s over 260 million people interacting with podcasts. However, the potential influence of podcasts goes beyond listening to them only. Adding a transcript to your podcast can, therefore, transform the impact of your podcast on online branding.

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Why Should You Add Podcast Transcripts On To Your Channel?

The most captivating podcast, lacking a transcript, tends only to have a single mode of existence: only accessible through listening. Adding a transcript can make a huge difference, as you will realize in the paragraphs below.

  1. Improve SEO for your brand and channel– listeners use keywords to search for content online. Technology has not allowed search engines to decipher messages on audio and video files yet. The millions of online searches are, therefore, dependent on the script to determine the information captured on the podcasts. Without the transcripts, search engines will bypass your podcast, leading to a reduction in the number of people accessing your content.
  2. Offer room for back-linkinglink building is among the first essential signals for high ranking on Google. However, It is impossible to link content on an audio file. Therefore, with a podcast transcript, you can easily back-link to either your previous published article or to any other relevant material. Relevant hyperlinks will help boost the profile of your page or channel. Furthermore, it will result in better ranking whenever people are looking for the kind of content you share.
  3. Broaden the scope of your content– podcasts are only meant for people who can hear. Further, these people must be in a position to listen without disturbing the people around or being bothered by a noisy environment. A podcast transcript can help you to reach more people by offering other services. The audience can read the content, copy sections of your podcast for reference, and share portions of the content, among other actions. It will also loop in the deaf because they can read. Increased access to your content boosts your profile and introduces listeners to more of your content beyond the file they are listening to at the moment.
  4. Enhance thought leadership- reading leaves a lasting impact on content consumers. The most quoted persons are those whose content is easy to reference. A podcast transcript can provide the opportunity to reference your content. Readers will thus quote you often, turning you into a thought leader for the industry over time. It is an opportunity to raise your profile in the industry you operate.

Transcripts on your podcast can make your content easy to share. Moreover, they can increase engagement, which tends to improve your visibility and Google ranking. Transcribing podcasts is, therefore, one of the most beneficial actions you will take as an online content developer.

Getting A Transcript For Your Podcast

Podcast transcripts can make it easier to search for information from a podcast compared to listening to the entire narration. Some people will want to scan through the script to pick out specific terminologies, facts, and general information. It can also aid in understanding the podcast when listening to it in a noisy environment.

In digital audio branding and engagement with listeners, it is necessary to get an accurate and high-quality draft. The script must also be available at the right time. Furthermore, the format of the transcript should be appealing to read.

podcast transcript and why they are important

Here are more tips on how to get the best podcast transcript for your file.

  1. Identify a professional transcriber

    Transcription is both an art and a science. If you are looking for quality and captivating transcripts, they must be done by professionals. Identify trained transcribers with reasonable experience to meet your expectations.

  2. Consider the capacity

    Can the transcriber deliver the length of the transcript within the desired time? An experienced transcriber can handle 80-100 words in a minute. It would, therefore, take between 4 and 6 hours to transcribe an audio-hour. Since you need to provide the transcript while the podcast is still hot, you need a professional who can work with speed. Delays in releasing transcripts could mean that the information becomes stale.

  3. Choose appropriate work tools

    Successful transcription requires the use of specific software and transcription skills. The transcribers must possess the necessary software to share the transcripts in the desired format. Such tools will aid in the making of quality podcast transcript.

  4. How much will it cost?

    How much are you willing to pay for transcription services? What price will guarantee value for your money? Since you are on a budget, you must search for a transcriber who will provide quality work at a reasonable price.

You’ll need to do due diligence before hiring a transcriber. Remember, scrutiny is vital when it comes to guaranteeing quality. When it comes to digital marketing, you’ll want to have easy to follow transcripts at your arsenal.

Using a Podcast Transcript To Enhance Your SEO Ranking

A podcast is a powerful tool that can increase your brand online visibility by creating a following.

Here are a few expert tips to aid your SEO ranking:

1. Create Captivating Podcast Content

The strength of a podcast transcript will depend on the quality of your podcast. By creating a captivating podcast, it can aid significantly in generating a captivating transcript. Substantial research and an in-depth understanding of the subject you are handling can help make the content tantalizing.

Ideas should flow: from the introduction to the body and, finally, the conclusion. The reader will enjoy reading through the transcript, just as the listener enjoys the natural flow of ideas.

Research on the topic, organize your thoughts and present the most captivating content. You will inevitably end up with an electrifying transcript for readers.

2. Remain Faithful To Your Podcast Content

Capture the information on the podcast as faithfully as possible. The transcriber must listen to every line to avoid missing out on individual sections. They must transcribe the words accurately to preserve their meaning. A listener who reads your transcript must feel as though they are feeding on the same material.

It takes an experienced transcriber to deliver a faithful or accurate transcript. The transcriber must also possess the capacity to provide the best transcripts through possession of necessary tools and skills. Work with experienced and professional transcribers to ensure that your content meets the highest standards required of podcast transcripts.

3. Choose Interesting Format For Your Transcript

Spoken word flows without a structure like chapters or paragraphs. Nevertheless,  It will be suicidal to write your transcript in continuous prose as articulated in the podcast. Use short sentences that are easy to understand. Also, include headlines and subheadings to make it easy for the reader to scan through the script and extract information.

Identify sections that will feature on your script to make it easy to read. The organization of your topic is what determines the features. The format will make it easier for your readers to engage with your content.

4. Engage Readers Using The Transcript

Readers tend to enjoy engaging content. Use a style and format that engrosses readers by encouraging them to click on other links, ask questions, and leave comments on your transcript. Engagement will further require the readers to share the content on different platforms.

It is impossible to include images and videos on a podcast file. However, pictures and videos can be added to a transcript. Statista indicates that 85% of internet users watch the videos they encounter online. The addition of videos and pictures, therefore, makes your content more engaging.

Include ‘off-the-curve’ sections or sentences that direct the action of a reader to share your content, comment, or listen to another file. Engage the reader to subscribe to your channel to get notifications. Such engagements make it easy to create a community around the podcast.

how to do transcripts for podcasts

5. Provide A Translation

The internet market place today has expanded significantly. While a podcast can only be recorded in a single language, a transcript is presentable in multiple languages. It will, therefore, open up your market to an audience beyond what you thought was the target. The opening will be a chance to reach more people with your products or services.

For instance, only 1.5 billion people speak and understand English. If your podcast is done in English, it will only reach less than a quarter of the global population. Hence, a podcast transcript allows you to translate your content to make it available to as many languages as possible around the world or even within one country. With automatic translation services and apps, the cost of translation will be minimal.

6. Link To Social Media

Use the transcript to link readers to your social media and also get them to share the content on social media. With the social media users standing at 2.96 billion today, the number is expected to climb to 3.09 billion by 2021. It is impossible to reach this number using podcast files alone.

A transcript will include a link for readers to share the content on social media so that you can maximize the reach of 3 billion users worldwide. It will make your content more accessible and raise the profile of your channel.

The Verdict

A transcript to a podcast can make a significant difference during digital marketing. A business or professional must include an expertly formatted podcast transcript alongside the audio file to boost SEO ranking and also expand the target audience. A transcript will transform your digital marketing results and enable you to achieve the desired online marketing goals.