According to Forbes, in 2021, Americans will spend up to 100 minutes watching videos each day. It is because of this projection that more marketers are jumping on the video content marketing bandwagon. Since the advent of the smartphone, social media videos for business has dramatically increased. Why is this?

Even though video content marketing’s popularity has been growing yearly, recently, the 2020’s global pandemic accelerated it. Nowadays, more marketers are entering 2021, believing that it’s not just another content marketing bubble.

Social media videos for business play a huge role in keeping brands relevant in today’s volatile online marketing climate. Moreover, companies have no excuse for not publishing high-value video content because multiple social media platforms choose from them.

Therefore, you need to partner with a reliable video production agency that gives you access to talented videography experts. This way, you can establish a strong presence on video-intensive social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

A videography expert with access to top-notch software will ensure you don’t have a backlog of video content that needs resizing, editing, or reformatting.

Why 2021 is the year of Social Media Video for Business Content Marketing

If you’ve been in business long enough, you’ve realized that capturing your audience’s attention is not an easy thing to do. The digital world is crowded, and it is bound to get more saturated as more start-ups get launched.

As an entrepreneur, find a way of standing out in the crowded marketplace; otherwise, your brand will die a slow but sure death. Thus, marketers are always working on marketing strategies that help their brands resonate with their target audience.

Fortunately, social media video for business marketing seems to work the magic because it allows brands to personalize their message for the right audience. Its accelerated growth in popularity owes to the fact that it works for businesses of all sizes.

According to HubSpot, 55% of internet users watch videos every day, while 78% watch video content weekly. For SMBs, this means that2021 is going to be the year of video marketing. Any business that doesn’t churn out high-value video content will miss out on a significant opportunity to grow its brand.

Remember, investing in social media videos for business enables you to boost your brand’s visibility in today’s crowded marketplace. Video content should be central to your digital marketing campaigns, not just because people watch videos, but because it works.

The Benefits of Social Media Videos for Business

Businesses have a lot to gain from video content marketing; 59% of executives say they’d choose video over blog content. This is a cue for all businesses, including those not media and content-oriented, to embrace video content.

If you want to top Google’s search result pages, include high-value video content in your landing pages. Social media videos for business will help you increase conversions because they capture and retain your viewers’ attention.

Remember, your organic traffic also increases when you incorporate videos in your content strategy because they’re easier to share than traditional articles and ads. Besides, a video is more likely to convince a potential customer to purchase a blog post.

Whereas most internet users only browse through blog articles, many are likely to watch a video to the end; especially if it answers all their burning questions.

Here is what videos content marketing does for your brand:

Boost Brand Awareness

Publishing video content helps you communicate your brand message in a way that your target audience can understand. Since internet users prefer videos over all other forms of content, consistent publishing will boost brand awareness. Viewers also feel more connected to a brand when they have access to personalized videos.

You want to make sure that every video you create is relevant and entertaining. It’s always acceptable to add music, even if you’re not creating a music video. Hence, hire an expert videographer who will add the right final touches to your footage, wrapping it into a beautiful package.

Your customers will also choose to do business with you because they like what your brand stands for. To keep them loyal, you need to publish content that resonates with their interests regularly. In other words, video content helps you put a face on the brand so that customers get a feel of what you’re about.

Words alone cannot successfully encapsulate every element of your business. Social media videos for business expand your audience’s knowledge about your brand.

Increase Lead Generation

More businesses embrace product and service review videos as they give the audience a clear picture of what they’re offering. Simply writing about the benefits of your products does little in convincing your audience to make a purchase.

When a prospective customer sees your product in action, they’ll be inclined to buy it.   Customers today want you to show them why your product is the best. An Interesting video ensures that the product or service you’re featuring has a positive association in your viewers’ minds.

Promote Online Engagement

If you are a frequent Facebook user, you will agree that video is slowly taking over. You can’t scroll for more than ten seconds before bumping into an exciting video. Brands are churning out short, snappy videos that target audiences cannot resist.

Internet users no longer have the time to go through long-tail articles because they’re always on the go. Videos allow them to get the answers they need without a hassle.

Therefore, investing in social media videos for business guarantees a boost in online engagement for your brand; your followers are more likely to share your videos than your articles.

The more your followers share your videos, the more exposure you get, and the more online engagement your brand achieves.

Improve SEO

Adding videos to your content strategy will boost your SEO because search engines rank content with videos higher. High-value videos will ensure your content appears on the first page of search engine result pages (SERPs).

Many internet users do not go beyond the first page when they’re searching for something online. Appearing on the first page of SERPs makes your business accessible to a broader audience.

Ensure that you tag all your videos properly so that Google has an easy time indexing your content. Moreover, use an attention-grabbing thumbnail that will incline your target viewer to click play.

social media videos for business

Make Performance Measurable

Analytics is an excellent tool for gauging the efficacy of your content marketing campaigns. Using videos as part of your content marketing strategies makes analysis easy because of their measurability.

With video, you can avoid guesswork and make informed decisions concerning your business. Videos give you insights into the content that does well on specific social media platforms. You can use likes, shares, and even comments to determine the topics your viewers are most interested in.

Make Content Marketing cost-effective

Each time you’re working on a digital marketing campaign, you want to ensure that the results will give you a reasonable return on investment (ROI). You also need a well-planned project that will serve you now and in the future.

Luckily, an expert videographer will ensure that every video production encompasses everything you had outlined in pre-production. You want footage that you can use more than once without your audience getting weary of it.

Remember that not all your content has to be evergreen because sometimes you communicate a specific message to a particular audience. Fortunately, you can use your video content more than once. Remember to make it cost-effective because it saves you the trouble of going back to the drawing board.

It is also future proof because they stay in Google results until you decide to remove them. Ads, on the other hand, get pulled down the minute you get your money’s worth. When done right, video content marketing pays for itself.

How to get into Video Marketing

Fortunately, the answer is simple; Bunny Studio is an all-in-one platform connecting businesses to videography experts. When you have access to a wide array of professionals, you are assured of high-value audio-visual content.

Every business needs a video content marketing expert who can make their brand message stand out. Publishing specific video content whose authenticity is unquestionable ensures your audience can resonate with your brand.

Professional videographers put you an arm and a leg above your competition because their services ensure you have a collection of video content your audience can’t find anywhere else. The seamless integration of video content marketing with your other content strategies ensures that every video you publish is on-brand.

Here are three tips to ensure you get video marketing right:

Make a Plan

Even before you look into the video marketing trends, you should keep an eye out for them; you want to make sure you have a plan. The performance of your video marketing campaign will depend on it.

Outlining what you need your videos to achieve also allows you to track your digital content marketing campaign’s progress. Holding yourself accountable will enable you to fulfill all your goals within record time.

Go with what you know

Today’s marketing community has three primary forms of video content:

  • Educational Videos

These are videos created to give viewers actionable steps they can use to achieve specific goals. Educational videos should teach your audience and provide them with the information they can apply in their day-to-day lives.

  • Inspirational Videos

As the name suggests, these videos should inspire your audience to take action. Inspirational videos should ignite an emotional response from your viewers.

  • Entertaining Videos

An entertaining video should make people laugh or at least smile. Your content should be intriguing and humorous. Entertaining videos encourage prospective customers to stick around and find out more about your brand.

When you’re just beginning your video content marketing journey, choose a category you’re familiar with. Over time, you can learn the ropes and try out other forms of video marketing. Trial and error are useful because they show you what kind of content is best aligned with your brand.

Start Creating

Lastly, start now; use what you have to create high-value content. In the beginning, creating video content will seem intimidating, but with the help of experts, there’s nothing you can’t achieve.

It would be best if you focused on ensuring that every video you publish is an improvement from the last one. Dive into the creative process even if you feel clueless; we all learn on the job. Once you get the first video out of the way, things will get easier.

Remember to strive for high-value content rather than publishing videos for the sake of it. You want your target audience’s perception of you to remain professional.

Over to You

Video content is a trend that’s here to stay. Businesses need to focus on publishing engaging videos that show viewers what they’ve got to offer. Video is among the best forms of content marketing because it involves your audience. Your customers want authentic content that convinces them beyond a reasonable doubt that you’re the business for them.