Imagine potential customers are looking at your page and hoping to find a great product. How can you convince them to click the ‘add to cart’ button? Knowing how to write effective product description that sell is vital to get customers to act.

A product description explains what a product is, what it does, and why it’s worth your money. One of the major purposes of product descriptions is to give customers information about the benefits and features of the product and why people should buy it.

Despite the importance of knowing how to write product description that sell, many marketers just describe the product and nothing more. Around 70 percent of shopping carts are simply abandoned by customers. So if you don’t want this to happen, your product description must supplement product pages’ ability to sell products to interested customers.

Product Descriptions Are Important for Your Customers

It is estimated that the number of digital buyers will rise to 2.14 billion. However, e-commerce competition is intense. If you want to stand out, you have to do everything you can to give your customers what they want. This includes providing amazing product descriptions. Writing engaging, accurate, and educational product descriptions serves your customers in a similar fashion to how sales associates cater to customers that are walking through a physical storefront.

The product description is the ultimate opportunity to showcase the heart and soul of your product, and it is your best chance to capture the attention of potential buyers. Keep in mind that a whopping 81 percent of online retail shoppers research before they buy something.

Tips to Keep in Mind When Writing Product Descriptions

According to customers, product content is important in their decision to buy something. If you don’t optimize your product descriptions, you will miss out on sales. It’s important to hire a writer for crafting product description that sell because they are masters at defining who your audience is and making sure their pitch will interest these people.

It is important to nail your product description to make your desired impact on customers.

Highlight the features and make them their benefits

If you want to ignite people’s interest in what you’re selling, you need this tip on how to write product description that sell: Showcase all the great features of your product and turn them into its benefits.

But first, what do features and benefits mean?

It’s very simple. Consider what makes you excited about a product that makes it unique from other competitors. This can be a lot of things like color, ethically sourced raw materials, or construction. These are called features.

Now that you know what your product features are, think about how those things can help your customer. For example, does its cute color make your product one of a kind? Does ethically sourced material appeal to a certain niche? Does the careful construction make the buyer feel better about purchasing a product that will last long? These are called benefits.

When writing the product descriptions, one very common mistake is simply describing the product. But when you list all features, you will help your customers understand how your product can change their lives.


Let’s talk about an example that turns features into benefits. For instance, you’re selling a high-end griller. Your product description can be:

A grill that works like magic? It’s not a myth. Welcome summer with the A1 griller. This sleek four-burner grill will vamp up any garden space. This grill is packed with features such as its powerful grilling system, as well as side tables so you can serve trays with ease.

When you read this description, you’re already dreaming about hosting barbeque parties in the summer. This is a prime example of how to write product description that sell because it appeals to its target market by showcasing its major features that solve what people are looking for in their grill.

Notice how the product description addresses the target audience many times. They are also aware that the major concern of people when they are shopping for a grill is the convenience and it will look good in their space. This description repeats that the grill is sleek and has side trays to help maximize the space.

But how can you turn all your features into benefits? A freelance content writer will enable you to do this. To get started, ask yourself who your target audience is, and what do they want and need. For example, if your target market for the grill is families that want the best grill in their spacious garden, they will be interested in that description.

product description that sell

Educate the buyer

Your product page is a great way to inform your buyer through detailed and informative copies. This tip on how to write product description that sell will enable your customers to make a more informed purchase.

How much information they need will depend on you and your product. If you’re already a well-established brand and you have repeat customers, or you have a low price point, you can include less information on your page. However, if you are a small business that has many competitors, you need to give your potential customers a lot of information to persuade them to be confident in their purchase.


For example, if you are selling a backpack, you can have this product description.

This beautifully made backpack is made by weavers in the southern Philippines. It can match any outfit and has all the spaces you need, whether you want to bring it to the gym, travel, or work. This bag features a laptop sleeve, as well as smaller compartments where you can easily slip your wallet or phone. 

The weave has been made in the region for hundreds of years. Thanks to this bag, you can own a piece of history. No chemical dyes were also used to make this product. 

We work with a small group of weavers and local communities in the Philippines’ North Cotabato region. We support the livelihood of women in the area by giving them a bigger market for their craft to help pass on indigenous culture and knowledge. When you get this item, you will support these weavers from the Philippines. All pieces are handmade and made in small batches. All items are made with care and love.

When people do a good search for backpacks, they’ll get thousands of results. So why should people choose your bag? They would pick your bag because not only is it stylish, but it also makes them feel good about helping a community. If a potential customer’s values align with your brand, you can turn them into repeat customers. It’s a long description, but you don’t have to write a book. Just ensure it is still straight to the point and pulls in the emotion of the reader.

Know your buyer’s pain points

Many people want to have a dog, but they just could not deal with them peeing on the floor, chewing on their things, and barking a lot. But if you are a pet toy company owner that wants to appeal to dog owners who want to solve these problems, you can write a description that answers their needs.

This unique puppy toy is specially made for growing dogs. It is made with food-grade materials, so you don’t have to worry about safety. This toy meets all your dog’s needs and enables them to know proper chewing behavior, as well as gives them an enriching activity that can satisfy their instinctual need to chew. What makes this toy more appealing is it bounces when thrown, so you can use it if your dog wants to play. To make your dog more interested in this toy, slab it with some organic peanut butter. 

This product description perfectly addresses the problems and worries of pet parents. For example, if they have a growing puppy that just wants to chew on everything, the toy can solve that.

But before you address pain points, you have to identify them first. Use customer reviews and polls to know the problems they are facing every day.

Tell a story

Everybody wants to hear a good story because it’s an integral part of what makes your customers human. Telling stories is a very powerful marketing strategy, and you can use this in your product description. One example is this Star Wars-inspired tent.

Pack it up and get ready for an adventure. We’re deploying to Endor tomorrow, and you need a tent that is big enough to accommodate four people with extra space for Chewbacca.

The Star Wars Special Forces Tet is the ultimate hike buddy that will give comfort and space for you and your family, and maybe even a Wookiee! Its design accents will make it more challenging for Stormtroopers to spot your tent.


5 x 7 ft

10.2 pounds

Instead of telling customers that the tent is simply Star Wars-inspired, the ghostwriter highlights a story that makes you imagine that you’re already in the film before you even get the tent.

For example, one point tells you that you can fit Chewbacca. But what does the Chewbacca narrative signal about the tent? That it’s big! The story is there because this tip in knowing how to write product description thinks about what your customer likes. People buy merchandise of a movie they love because it appeases their emotional and psychological needs.

You’re also not missing out on the weight and size of the product because although your customers want to be entertained, they are also practical. They simply won’t buy a product if there’s no real information in it.

Are You Ready to Elevate Your Product Pages?

Whatever information you want to have in your product description, make sure it is tailored to your customer’s needs and wants. The tips listed above in how to write product description that sell will help you build a stronger brand. Need help with your product description?

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