An average internet user will spend 88% more time on a website with video than any other type of content. Video streaming, on the other hand, accounts for 80% of internet traffic. With such fantastic statistics, no wonder the video ads category is growing at such a remarkable rate.

Moreover, such stats can translate into two things:

  1. If you thought that the future of internet marketing is video, then the future is already here.
  2. If you are a serious online marketer, start devoting your time and resources to video advertising more than any other channel.

Did you know that it would take you 24,000 days to watch all the videos uploaded on the internet each day? 24,000 days-worth of videos are on social media, personal websites, and commercial video platforms, among other areas. These videos are in the form of tutorials, live events, presentations, and ads, among other formats.

But what distinguishes a video ad from any other video content?

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Definition of Video Ads

The basic definition of a video ad is any video clip with information on a product or service, meant to persuade potential clients to take action.

However, in the present world of digital marketing, that definition would be regrettably misleading. While promotional content plays the same role, its use as an ad would give disastrous results.

So, what are video ads?

A video ad is a video display format, appearing before, during, or after a video stream on the internet.

Nevertheless, every content you upload online to represent a brand requires an advertisement perspective. Such an approach helps you to:

  • speak to your target market
  • offer relevant information
  • obtain feedback
  • improve the quality of your ads with each campaign

On the other hand, a video ad demands a different approach because You must think outside your brand to:

  • include online advertisement platforms’ requirements
  • what your competitors are doing
  • video consumption mannerisms
  • value for money.

This information explains why you need a digital marketing and video production expert to create your video ad.

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Compelling Reasons to Use Video Advertising

Video advertising is now considered the online marketing silver bullet of 2020. Why is there an appetite for video adverts and is the investment worth the trouble? The best answer is to look at the advantages of video advertising over the other available online marketing formats.

Here are some of them:

1. Your Clients Are Watching More Videos Than Ever

92% of potential B2B customers watch online videos. They are part of the gang watching 4 billion videos on YouTube each day. Out of these viewers, 67% will buy a product after watching your video. That is probably the only reason you want to hear, but fortunately, I’ve got more.

2. A Video Ad Converts

Video advertising involves more than the number of views you get. The viewings must translate into sales. A video ad is the best salesperson you can send online. Ask the big boys like eBay and Amazon. Including a video onto your website increases your sale by 35%.

3. Videos Go Viral

A good video is like a small bundle of joy. You cannot hide it. True to this fact, Youtube Users watch 4.5 million videos watch on YouTube every minute.

The sharing of video content, therefore, translates into increased exposure without additional expense.

Which marketer would decline such an offer? I know I wouldn’t unless it is necessary

4. Mobile Users Love Videos

More than 80% of internet traffic in 2020 comes from mobile devices. The most exciting fact is that viewers watch 80% of the short videos on the internet to the end. Such videos are usually 30 seconds long, just like the average ad length.

Search engines have also looped into the love triangle. They are now twerking their algorithms in favor of mobile-friendly videos.

5. Videos Are The Best Storytellers

Videos utilize sights and sound to sell your products or services. It differs from reading through a full brochure or article because of the emotional connection it creates. A video will also allow you to communicate with people of different languages, even when the viewer is on off-sound mode.

It is no secret that statistics favor the use of videos in advertising. Captivating videos tend to receive more shares, comments, and likes. Such social interactions and engagement help in passing the message, generating more sales.

Videos are being used to appeal to lazy buyers, as termed by society.

How Do You Make Video Ads that Converts?

Think of this scenario; You only have five seconds to pitch a million-dollar idea. What would you say? Such a mentality is vital when building a video ad.

Remember, advertising platforms are offering viewers the chance to skip ads after a few seconds. So initial captivation is critical.

What would make a viewer keep the finger off the skip button for the 10sec, 20sec, 1 min, or the entire 3 min you need to pass your message?

1. Meet a Few Crucial Conditions

Here are a few conditions that ads on video must meet to convert.

  • Hook– once a fish is caught by the hook, it belongs to the fisherman. Subsequently, you must find a way to hook viewers to your video till its end. Identify with the client’s problem(s), proof that you can solve it, and then direct the viewer towards this solution. The sequence must happen at lightning speed before the viewer loses interest.
  • Quality Content- offer believable solutions through quality content. Show that you know the challenges facing a viewer and have a solution at hand. The viewer also looks for quality in the sound, images, and overall production of the video ad.
  • CallForAction– now that you have identified a problem and proposed a solution, what should you do next? Send the viewer to your website or provide your contact details at the end.

Masters of suspense tend to create the best video ads. They will hook viewers to the video, up to the last minute, leaving them yearning for more.

2. Create A Storyboard

A storyboard is an outline of what will happen from the beginning to the end. It aids in outlining how the video ad will start, proceed, and its ending. Moreover, it captures the characters who will be involved, the setting/venue for the shoot, props, and finally, the duration of the video.

3. Craft A Killer Script

A script guides the actors on their actions, use of props, words, and overall delivery. It also points at the speed of movement, tone of actors, plus branding.

The importance of a script can’t be downplayed. It is the guiding hand that engages viewers, hooks them to your story, and helps to prevent abandonment midway. Hence, you’ll require a professional scriptwriter to deliver the suspense and words that can sell.

While it helps to be trendy, also take a look into the uncertainties of the future, too; produce a classic script that can transcend generations and trends.

Video ad scriptwriters work like poets, only that in this instance, their poems should not carry hidden meanings. The writer must use the least words possible to pass the message.

Use words, actions, and the setting to provoke the viewer into making that crucial buying decision.

4. Shoot Like A Pro

The video ad is your spokesperson online. A video must show captivating images and have quality sound. As a result, a viewer who sees a quality ad will associate the same quality as your products.

Produce a video in a format that can play on all the gadgets imaginable. Remember, a poor viewer experience will undoubtedly lead to abandonment.

Video production is an investment in business branding. Therefore, set aside a reasonable budget that can facilitate the creation of a quality video: Potential buyers will see your business through the video advert.

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Where do Pro Online Marketers Place Their Video Ads?

Now that you have the most captivating video ad, where do you take it? The video is just like a fish. Unless it is in water, it is as good as dead. That brings us to video advertising platforms.

The attention a video ad receives hinges on the platform you upload. Each platform tends to offer unique advantages and disadvantages. Their requirements will also vary, especially on:

  • traffic
  • level of engagement
  • the ease with which you convert.

A look at different video advertising platforms will help you choose the best for your brand. Let’s begin:

1. Google Search

Google Search is a paid ad service using a cost-per-click format. Once you pay for an AdWord, the platform will match the video with the results of internet users searching for similar content online.

The pay-per-click method used delivers the best returns because the ad is placed in front of interested internet users. Since google commands about 92% of internet traffic, your ad is in safe hands.

2. Facebook Ads

Facebook is transforming social media platforms into a business street. It offers marketers the advantage of ever-growing traffic. The platform also uses AI to create particular niche groups, guaranteeing that your video will only be seen by interested internet users.

Facebook also offers diverse engagement options, increasing the chances of conversion.

3. YouTube Ads

The beauty of YouTube Ads is that visitors are here for videos. This makes them more open to the idea of a video ad. The platform has also invested heavily in AI to ensure that it places the most relevant advertisements on a video. Since it uses the Pay-Per-Click option, your expenditure will be based on results delivered.

4. LinkedIn Ads

Do you need to advertise professional services? LinkedIn is the perfect platform to place your ad. It favors B2B interactions and is also open to B2C. The strictly professional approach makes it easier to find ready buyers. The platform is slightly expensive but offers commendable returns.

The best platform to place your ad is where your clients can be found most of the time. Consider the data provided by these platforms for use in shaping subsequent campaigns. Use multiple platforms if they can deliver desired results.

Extra Video Ad Tips to Incorporate in your Endeavor

Online video advertising is not a new phenomenon. Competition is also growing, causing advertisers to employ new tricks. So, if all of you have the best videos, what can you do differently to rank top on search engines and convert?

Here are three extra tips:

  • Personalize your ad– make the viewer feel like the video was prepared specially for them.
  • Use data– review the data obtained from each campaign and improve on the next one.
  • Swim with the current– master the latest algorithms and consider them in your marketing campaign. It shall keep you ahead of your competition.

Finishing Up

The best ads video is known for its ability to convert.

Use every video and campaign as an opportunity to learn.

Remember, a successful campaign goes beyond a single video to include where it is placed and your advertising budget.