Entrepreneurs and businesses want full control over the eventual appearance of the videos they release to the market. Such might explain the reluctance to outsource and the urge to set up expensive in-house editing departments that remain idle most of the year. Yes, outsourcing may feel like you are losing control of the project at first. But not anymore once you weigh the notion of video editing outsourcing against the benefits.

78% of businesses are outsourcing video editing and other services to aid in their operations. Moreover, the same study revealed that 59% of companies outsource to not only reduce costs but also to focus on their core business.

Before getting too deep into the discussion, let us learn what outsourcing means, shall we?

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The Correct Definition Of Outsourcing?

Outsourcing means hiring a third party firm or individual outside your office to aid in particular services like the editing of videos. The editors may handle part or the entire project. You may also outsource the video editing services onshore, nearshore, or offshore.

Onshore Is when the company operates within the same town. Outsourcing to a company in a nearby city or town, on the other hand, is nearshore, while offshore is outsourcing to a company outside the continent.

Hence, it is up to you to weigh the options and see the advantages of each option for your business.

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Types Of Video Editing Outsourcing Services

Video editing is a highly specialized skill. It also comes in various stages, meaning that you can outsource some of the steps and work on the other task internally. Knowing the types of video editing services to outsource will help you to get the best results from the process.

There are three main types of editing services when you are looking to outsourcing:

1. Basic Video Editing Outsourcing

Despite basic editing taking a lot of time, it does not require technical skills. An intern or slightly experienced editor can perform these tasks without breaking a sweat. Furthermore, the work involves both organizing and preparing clips for the real editing job.

The tasks also include uploading raw footage onto the editing software, then cutting unnecessary chunks, afterwards trimming, arranging, sequencing, adding text, and finally splicing the clips.

This phase prepares the ground for a seasoned editor to begin work.

2. Intermediate Video Editing

The work begins when the videos get into the hands of a standard editor. The editor usually follows a script to produce the final clip using the materials provided.

A standard outsourcing package could include the creation of a corporate video, YouTube content, animated/ motion graphics, product explainers, and promotional materials. Such videos require the addition of materials or spicing of the existing footage to achieve a particular quality.

3. Advanced Video Editing

Advanced video editing requires a seasoned and specialized editor. The work usually involves the enhancement of existing raw footage. It is beyond cutting and rendering.

Some of the tasks under advanced editing include footage recovery from outdated or damaged sources, video or audio enhancement, color grading, color correction, noise distortion cleanup, and the addition of 3D effects.

In other words, outsourcing your video editing will depend on the nature of each project. An intermediate editor can handle most of the projects.

However, if you need a video that is over-the-moon, you have to look for the best editor.

Why Outsource Video Editing Services

Beyond the loss of control over the final product, outsourcing video editing services costs money. These are some of the reasons people set up internal video editing departments.

But before dismissing outsourcing, it helps to understand the benefits that outsourcing will bring to your video production project and business overall.

Advantages of Outsourcing

  • A Chance To Work With Experienced Video Editing Professionals- it takes years of editing to master some video production techniques. Thus, an in-house team that handles limited projects may not possess such skills or expertise because of limited exposure. Furthermore, it is also expensive to pay such editors unless you are running a busy firm. Consequently, outsourcing is the best way to access high-end editing skills.
  • Quick Results- the editing project may get overwhelming, especially when you must meet a strict deadline. Outsourcing helps you to deal with surplus work so that the video can get to the market at the scheduled time. You may also want to tap into the speed, accuracy, and reliability of an experienced editor.
  • Professional Equipment– editing videos requires different equipment and software, some of which you may not possess yet. Outsource the project instead of risking to lower the quality of your production.
  • Save Money– Outsourcing saves you money in multiple ways. One way is that you avoid investing in an expensive in-house team that might remain idle most of the year. Outsourcing means spending money only when you need to produce a video.
  • Focus on Your Customers- video editing is an engaging job. It requires a studio, specialized machines, skilled personnel, knowledge of the latest software in the market, among other aspects. The requirement to attend to these aspects may take away your attention from your core business, resulting in poor service delivery. Therefore, outsourcing activities and services that are not part of your core business.
  • All-in-one-package- the production of a quality video is not only about editing. It is a complex engagement. Remember, there is very little an editor can do to a poorly shot video to improve its quality. By outsourcing the entire production process, you’ll get a fantastic final product that promotes the image of your brand. Nevertheless, it helps you to focus on your core business, leaving you only to direct the video production process.

The ultimate reason for outsourcing video editing services is to improve the quality of the final video. If better quality comes with reduced costs, why not invest in it?

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What You Need To Outsource Video Editing

Outsourcing involves more than handing over your files to the third-party editor. You must prepare to handover essential data and allow a third party to become a part of your workforce.

What do you consider before outsourcing your video editing tasks?

1. Confidence In The Skills Of The Editor

Examine the skills and capability of the editor or the team that will handle your video. Remember to avoid wasting time and missing crucial deadlines for the production of the video.

A professional editor will give you an easy time as you monitor the editing processes. Remember to address any doubts like lack of personnel or equipment before releasing your raw footage.

2. A Brief Of The Instructions To Follow

The definition of editing is the removal of unwanted sections and the enhancement of others. Consequently,   one editor may remove some parts of the video that another editor thinks should remain.

To avoid such differences, furnish your editor with a brief and any material that may assist during editing. Such materials include:

  • a script guiding the shooting of this video
  • expected length
  • areas that need sound or image enhancement
  • plus other instructions

However, you must allow the editors to exercise their creativity.

3. A Mechanism For Constant Communication

Editing takes place in stages. Thus, the editor and client must regularly consult each other to build a consensus on the final product. Note that the absence of precise and convenient consultation mechanisms can slow down project delivery.

Furthermore, it also results in numerous revisions.

4. Commitment On Quality Of The Final Video

The editor must be willing to deliver the best quality video at the end of the editing process. However, some editors may be overwhelmed, ending up delaying the completion of your project.

Others even outsource to third parties, leading to inconsistencies while going against your agreement. Obtain documents, like contracts, indicating a commitment to the delivery of a quality video by the end of a milestone.

How to Choose The Right Outsourcing Company

All video editing service companies claim to offer the best services. However, the trail of disappointed clients speaks volumes about the quality of the services provided.

Here are a few tips to help you avoid the disappointment of outsourcing your video to a quack:

1. Mastery Of Skills

How well does your target editor understand the latest techniques in video editing? Whether you are looking for basic or advanced skills, you should only engage a professional with proven skills. You can ascertain the level of mastery by looking at previous projects. Reviews by other clients will also help you to determine whether the quality of service is satisfactory. Ask a few questions on editing procedures and requirements to test whether the editor is competent.

2. Availability Of Equipment And Software

Has the editor or the company invested in the appropriate and latest editing tools? The top video editing outsourcing companies have the latest computers, having upgraded software. It is these tools that usually determine both the speed of delivery and quality of the ultimate video.

You can even visit the office of the editor to ascertain the company has the necessary equipment if possible. Such acts give you confidence that your project will be delivered.

3. Commitment To The Set Deadline

Video production projects mostly come with a limitation of time. A delay would mean that you miss on an advertising window or fail to take advantage of a seasonal promotional window. Therefore, the editor must commit to delivering the finished video within the deadline. If the editor is overwhelmed, they should not outsource to third parties that cannot guarantee the quality or are not under your control.

4. Cost Of Editing

How much is the editor charging for the work? The market does not have a set rate for editing services. However, you should receive a reasonable quotation that guarantees value for money.

Thus, compare quotations from different companies before making a choice. However, do not be deceived by the lowest bid without reviewing the details of the whole package. Outsource to companies that will give you value for your money.

5. Availability For Revision

It is acceptable to revisit a clip after editing. The editor must also be ready to make changes upon request.

Remind the editor that you retain the final say over the state of the edited video. Please avoid editors who will force ideas on you. Find those whose revision does not attract extra charges, if possible.

In Conclusion

The editor should add value to your production process. The only guarantee you can have is by hiring a competent company, having the right expertise and commitment. Some editors will even offer more than the indicated video editing outsourcing services on the package. Such editors can become long time partners whenever you are shooting a video.

Above all, approach the outsourcing of video editing services with confidence that it will improve the quality of your videos. Discuss all your concerns with the editor and get quotations from different companies.

Remember to hire a professional editing company based on technical ability instead of too much focus on the quoted cost. Finally, while you outsource the editing services, you must retain the final word regarding the video produced.