Want to know one of the fastest-growing markets in voice-overs? That’s right, it’s seniors! Before you stop and say ‘OK, Boomer,‘ hear us out; it turns out that as older folk break free from ageist stereotypes, they go after new careers with renewed zest. As things stand, being a freelance voice artist is a pretty sweet deal, and ever-growing industries such as gaming call for more and more seniors. What better, then, than to whet your appetite for the subject with some sample video game senior female scripts?

Who Wants Video Game Senior Female Scripts Anyway?

Well, before you get so curmudgeonly with us, you should know that things have changed. While we may not be in the future envisioned by science-fiction authors of the 50s, technology is very much a part and parcel of our everyday lives. As it is, many older folk (in their 70s and beyond) grew up in a world with video games and evolved alongside the medium. As a 2019 study by the AARP attests, 50.9 million older adults are playing video games.

Video game senior female scripts for everyone

So, what does that mean, then? For one, it’s that people like being spoken to on their own terms. While it’s great to see hip young characters hogging the limelight, sometimes it’s time to let the grayheads shine. With such a huge audience, you can bet that seniors will love to hear a familiar voice instead of something out of the “key” target demographic of 18-35.
So, if we had to make a few points about seniors in video games, they’re:

  • Seniors love hearing familiar voices in video games. Those are voices that represent their own demographics, interests, and identities.
  • If seniors still sorely lack representation in video games, imagine female older adults. Writing great video game senior female scripts increases inclusivity and equality, and that can’t be a bad thing.
  • It’s not just about demographics. Sometimes, the classic stereotypes and TV tropes are there for a reason. When you need a mature character to be the voice of wisdom, why not go with a senior? Older female voices can add plenty of zest to characters like martial arts masters, wise old generals, and mentor types.

Some Sample Video Game Senior Female Scripts

When you come to our website you can find voices of all ages and styles. You’ll find that if you want to commission a voice-over with an older voice, it’s easier to tailor your script to a format that already contemplates the popular categorizations on our site. Even if you don’t go with us (the gall!), similar sites will require you to use formats much like ours.

Creating video game senior female scripts with clear information upfront will also get you the best results. Why? Because the guidelines provide clear directions for any audition participants. That way, you can avoid any confusion and get right down to the business of selecting your favorite take. And hey, if you’re an aspiring older female voice artist (good on ya!), then these sample scripts can help you practice your craft as well.  We’re nothing if not great at offering benefits for everyone.

On to The Scripts

We’ve structured our script samples in 15, 30, and 60-second varieties. This is a good measure of time for any audition, and it also helps keep practice sessions short n’ sweet. Let’s get started!

Job Example

Voice Hare Corporation


Job description:
Voice Hare Corp is an inclusive video game company. We create mature, deep storylines for adults of all ages. Our new line of adventure games for older adults is geared at seniors, a sorely unrepresented demographic in video games. Our new stories are aimed at creating a sense of adventure, joy, and possibility for older adults.

Art Direction:
Olga is a lonely, introverted widow who enjoys spending her afternoons reading a good book by the window. She is often immersed in thought and rarely has contact with the outside world except for the occasional walk. One day, an unexpected event gets her tangled into a mystery, and she has to clear her daughter’s name before it’s too late.

Adventure Video Game

Video Games

Sarcastic, Quirky

English – North America

60-second Sample

*Olga is sitting by the window in her living room. She’s immersed in a book, deep in thought. Her old rotary phone rings and she’s woken up from her trance. She walks up to the phone with a surprising pep in her step. She picks up.*

Olga: Hello?

*A muffled voice can be heard on the other side of the phone*

Olga: What do you mean she’s in custody? For what, exactly? *A pause* Well, I tell you that can’t be, because she was with me when that happened. *Pause* Yes, that’s right, officer. We were having dinner together when what you’re describing took place. Unless my daughter has the power to duplicate herself, I think you’ve got the wrong person, and I can prove it. *Pause* What do you mean you’re holding her anyway? Well, that simply will not do. I’m coming down to the precinct right now! You’d better let my Audrey go right now or I’m going to let you have it!

*Olga hangs up, quickly grabs her purse and car keys, deftly changes her loafers to shoes, and walks right out into the street*

30-second Sample

*Olga is sitting down at a comfortable couch in the police precinct. A perplexed officer is taking her statement.*

Olga: That’s correct, officer. Even if you don’t believe me and I’m the only witness, let me go over it again. Audrey and I had dinner at my place from 6:30 pm until 9 pm yesterday. I even made dessert, for crying out loud!  How could she have possibly been at the other end of the city if she was with me?

*The officer scratches his head and seems lost in thought.*

15-second Sample

*After waiting for hours during her improvised stakeout, Olga finally watches a shadowy figure emerge from the building.*

Olga: Hey, you! Stop! I need to ask you a few questions! *The figure stops, turns, and starts running down the street. Olga starts her car and gives chase* Hey! I’m one of the good guys, and I can prove it! You don’t have to run!

Video game senior female scripts for content creators

Video Game Senior Female Scripts: Summing Up

As you can see, it’s pretty easy to get a good grove with video game senior female scripts. As long as you maximize the clarity and intention behind the scripts, you’ll find that hiring the right talent for the job should be a breeze. You just create your dream script and leave the tough part to us!