A strong female lead is a defining character in your video game script, whether you pair her with a male lead or let her be the hero of the story. The character can demonstrate compassion, intelligence, and courage, giving your game a new dimension and setting it apart from the all-too-common male lead dominated games.

The video game world appeals to both genders. Female gamers have, however, had to play male parts over the years, which affects the realism of the game. A well-written, amazing female character can set your video game apart from your competitors while also setting an example and inspiring female players.

One of the main problems in video games is that most female characters are oversexualized, submissive, and stereotyped in their limited appearances. A strong female lead can help change this stereotype by helping the female characters in the game get an even playing field with their male counterparts.

Creating A Strong Female Lead Character

Video games are an escape from reality, and making them as close to reality as possible will make them a better product for the gamers. Male leads have dominated video games, even with the increased interest of female gamers.

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There a few things to consider when creating a memorable female character;

1.   Video Game Strong Female Lead: The Backstory

Who is she? Why is she in the situation she is in? What made her as strong as she is now?

Gamers will relate to a personal story, making your game more compelling. The video game should be as realistic as possible – while also being a channel to a fantasy world. A strong backstory will always give the character a natural feel.

2.   Strong Female Leads Have Flaws

Perfection is boring in a video game. Molding the female lead to be invulnerable takes the logic out of the game because nobody is perfect and makes the challenges easy and, therefore, uninteresting.

Gamers often seek challenges in the video games they play, and an excellent way to introduce these challenges is by creating a known vulnerability that the female lead has to overcome through her journey in the game.

3.   Don’t Write a Cliche Video Game Script

The temptation of using cliches to demonstrate the feminism of the female character is always overwhelming. Oversexualizing the lead or scripting her to continually remind the gamers of her gender gives the game an unnatural feel.

Be creative in coming up with the character. Make them relatable, while also being unique. Cliche stories and attributes make the game uninteresting and boring.

4.   Let the Character be Strong in Her Own Way

There are many types of strengths you can give your female lead.

While giving the lead physical strength is an option, overdoing it gives an unrealistic view of the world. You can give the character intelligence, ability to lead, compassion, combat training, or even strong fighting skills.

The strengths of the female lead should be instrumental in achieving the game’s goals and should be a way to compensate for her weaknesses. Incorporating how she was able to get the strengths in her backstory can be a great way to add to the game’s authenticity.

Nobody in the gaming world has one strength. Choose a variety of strengths for your female lead at various combinations. Give her the right skills to go through the game’s challenges without making her insusceptible to failure.

5.   What is the Intention of your Character?

What does your female lead want to accomplish in the game?

Let the gamers know of the game’s objectives from the beginning, so they have the goals in mind as they play the game. Set other objectives and hurdles throughout the game so they can mark their progress and improve the game’s interaction as they play.

Here are other techniques you can use to bring your video game voice over script to life. 

Video Game Strong Female Lead Sample Scripts

Sample Script #1: King Slayer Video Games

Client: King Slayer Video Games

Voice Age: Young Adult

Gender: Female

Job Description:

King Slayer Video Games is looking for a female to play Dominica’s role in its latest video game. The game is set in a poor mining village that is overseen by some controlling overlords. Dominica is a leader of many misfits seeking revenge on the leader of the overlords but have to fight through different levels of the overlord’s security to get to him.

Art Direction:

The voice should be emotional, courageous, and motivating. It should reflect the finality in the decision to attack, and the belief that they will overcome the overlords.

The gang is just about to enter the overlord’s lair. Dominica is motivating her gang and giving the last instructions before they storm in.

Category: Action

Industry: Video Games

Style: Brave, Authoritative

Language: English

15-second Video Game Strong Female Lead Sample Script

Dominica: We go in, and we come out, just like we planned. Watch out for each other. Six of us in, six of us out. No mistakes!

30-second Video Game Strong Female Lead Sample Script

Dominica: This is the moment we have been waiting for… Every miserable second of our lives has led to this. We now have the opportunity to take back what the overlords took from our forefathers. Let us not mess it up. Everybody in the village depends on us to get the job done! So let’s get it done!

60-second Video Game Strong Female Lead Sample Script

Dominica: This will not be easy, but freedom never is! I can’t promise you that when you go in, you will come out. The overlords have been preparing for this war, so trust me, the blood and sweat are waiting for us on the other side of this door.


But what is love if we don’t fight for it? What is passion if our mothers no longer have the strength to cry? What is blood and sweat if we don’t pour it for our freedom?

(Waits for the applause to die down)

If we die today, let it be remembered that we gave our lives so our children can live. If we die today, let us live in the memories of generations to come!!

Video Game Strong Female Lead Sample Script #2: The Courier

Client: The Courier Productions

Voice Age: Young Adult / Middle Aged

Gender: Female

Job Description:

The Courier Productions is looking to cast for Natalya’s voice, a young leader of a Mafia clan. The game follows Natalya as she leads her clan, completing tasks and growing in the Mafia organization.

Art Direction:

The character is upbeat, relentless, and courageous, all qualities represented in the voice. Natalya is thoughtful and forward-thinking, while also being ruthless and unforgiving. She is ambitious and plans to become the city’s Mafia boss by collaborating with some clans and destroying others, depending on what help the clans can give towards her ambitions.

In the scene, Natalya is meeting with the boss of a smaller clan. The boss has to decide whether his clan is for or against Natalya’s.

Industry: Video Games

Style: Ambitious, Unwavering, Ruthless

Language: English

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15-second Video Game Strong Female Lead Sample Script

Natalya: (To the other clan’s lord) We can be beneficial to your clan, and you know that. We can also be the worst thing that happened to you, and I am sure you know that too.

30-second Video Game Strong Female Lead Sample Script

Natalya: The choice seems very clear, so I will not waste my time going into the boring details. You either pledge your loyalty to me right here, right now, or I wipe you and your miserable clan from the face of the earth before you can say massacre.

60-second Video Game Strong Female Lead Sample Script

Natalya: You and I have been in this business long enough to know that we can mutually benefit one another, or completely destroy each other. I would personally like to collaborate and see where the partnership can take us, but to be frank, my clan has not been to war for a long time now, and they are thirsting for blood.

(She looks around the room to ensure everyone has got her point) A rewarding, mutually beneficial partnership, or an all-out war. The choice is yours. I cannot tell which option I am rooting for, but whatever you choose goes.

Conclusion (and a few helpful resources)

Strong female leads have taken the backseat for a long time, with the video game scene dominated by the generic macho male marines. This is, however, changing. Female protagonists are getting more and more leads, with the game creators investing in layering and the creation of some fantastic female leads in recent times.

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