Viral videos. Taking over the world by storm, they are the one infectious agent that does not require a cure. Hence came the inception of video marketing services. Close to a million minutes of video content cross the internet every second. With 52% of marketers attesting that video content reaps the highest ROIs, the play button has become the most compelling call-to-action strategy.

Consumer information is mostly available online. This renders the old pesky salesman technique ineffective. People today make emotional purchases instead of logical ones. Competition between brands stiffens as marketing trends turn towards storytelling strategies.  They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. We say, what better way to move hearts than with moving pictures? We take a closer look at why video marketing services are worthy of the investment.

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What is Video Marketing Strategy?

Video marketing strategy is simply the incorporation of engaging videos in marketing campaigns. The content can revolve around any one of the below:

  • Product or service promotion
  • Education and instruction
  • Product Demonstration
  • Customer testimonials
  • Brand story and culture
  • Frequently asked questions

Videos today are an effective digital marketing tool for driving web traffic and conversions. 25% of companies release videos every week and statistics say video marketing increases website traffic by 300%.  Sites that post them are considered more optimized for searches and are 53% more likely to be ranked on the first page of Google.

Above all, video marketing strategy has become potently effective over the years thanks to the portability of screened mobile devices. With social media, videos can affordably reach mass audiences through a ripple effect. As consumers’ attention span shortens through the eras, lengthy text is no longer a viable means of appealing communication. On the other hand, videos can generate 1200% more shares in comparison with image and text content combined. Consequently, one viral video is sometimes all it takes to generate an avalanche of brand exposure.

The Power of Video Content

Why use video marketing services? Because there is no need to reinvent the wheel! All you need to do is to spin your own unique perspective on why that wheel is important. We present to you the power of video marketing!:

Humanize Your Brand

Ever misinterpreted the tone of a text message that someone has sent you? Videos allow brands to clearly express passion, capture beautiful stories, and speak through their customers. Besides, nothing beats getting up close and personal with your audience than well, speaking to them yourself. Through music, tone of voice, and perhaps facial expression, your brand’s unique personality can be brought to life more vividly. It’s easy to assume that anyone would pick interacting with a human over the phone rather than a robot interface. Putting faces to names creates empathy which translates to an effective emotional pull. You can thus stand out from your competitors through the creativity of your videos.

Reach the Masses

Remember the good old days when we could only air videos on the telly during commercial breaks? Not to mention how pricy they were, and how we hoped that viewers wouldn’t miss the ad because of a toilet break. Thanks to technology, anyone with an internet connection and a mobile device can access content from anywhere. In fact, approximately 90% of video content is watched on mobile phones. As the world now moves at warp speed, you can even tap into the lazy or busy buyers’ market with video marketing. It doesn’t matter if your potential customers are ones who restlessly meander through the web before bedtime or executives who are constantly traveling. The best part? “Broadcasting” can even be cost-free for marketers.

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Be Remembered

Movies can put you at the edge of your seat while it is sometimes easy to drift off while reading a book. Statistics say that 95% of a message is retained when watched, compared to a measly 10% when read. To add to that, 55% of people actually pay attention to video content more than any other medium. In today’s multi-tasking age, it takes more than just written content to compel the audience. Rather than just skimming through the skeleton of blogs, 80% of responders in a survey say they would prefer watching a live video from a brand. It all really relates to humanization. That said, content is king, and understanding your market segment is the throne of which it sits on. Just like all parts of marketing, designing your video content around your target audiences’ interest is crucial in reaping any ROIs.

Explain Clearer

Action does speak louder than words! A minute of video can represent 1.8million words to your viewer. Take the simple art of teaching complicated origami for example. It’s hard to demonstrate which end gets folded where in words. A visual component added to instructional material can make things a million times easier to understand. And, all the more pleasurable and interesting. That is why more companies have turned to publishing video demonstrations on their homepage.

Sell Without Selling

Drop the pesky salesman vibe. Sneaky as it sounds, the best marketing strategies should not feel like marketing. Done correctly, video marketing combines dimensions of moving images and sound which creates a more wholesome brand experience. That rather than just ineffectively hard selling in words. When it comes to branding, storytelling is the most effective strategy because it appeals to basic humanity. That is why marketing ads that look like stories receive a more positive response in interest and conversions.

It’s Affordable

When we think videos, we think impressive ads with dramatic backgrounds. Truth is, production really isn’t as daunting as it sounds. Sometimes all you need is a high-quality camera. Even big talk show stars like Trevor Noah, Seth Myers, and Jimmy Fallon have recorded their shows from home during the Covid-19 lockdown. You can do the same. Or, simply outsource your project to affordable video marketing services. Reliable platforms like this one can help to dub, sub, or voice over your videos in different languages.

To add to that appeal, digital marketing can be really affordable. Even though buying into ad impressions is available, platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook allow most companies to publish their content for free. That is why many SMEs (Small and medium-sized enterprises) are finding video marketing so accessible.

One-Click Share

With a single click, your video gets passed on to the next person. That is, only if your viewers like what they see. 92% of people who watch mobile video content share it with others. This is one of the most appealing functions to marketers in all industries, no matter if you are a B2B or B2C business.

Video Channels

Now that we’ve established the magic of video marketing, let’s talk digitally about where you can best use them to your benefit. Videos are great for SEO because Google prefers websites that contain them. Here are some channels in which you can consider publishing them in.

Landing Pages

Numbers show that 70% of the millennial generation enjoys watching videos when doing online shopping. Videos make for an awesome call-to-action push on landing pages. Not only do they generate leads and drive traffic by helping you rank higher on Google, but they can also increase conversions by 80% or more. This means higher ROIs. A quick tip? Avoid using auto-play video ads on your site. Statistics show 82% of consumers have closed a browser or have left because of it.


Some people choose to present their blog information through videos also known as vlog entries. Others attach videos to blog articles. Either way is effective as long as it includes relevant content. Videos tend to be especially useful when it comes to instructional and lengthy information that tends to be drier and less appealing.

Social Media

Idling? You’re not alone. More than 500 million hours of video are consumed each day on YouTube. This renders it the second-highest internet traffic right after Google. Hence came the popular demand for YouTube marketing services. YouTube is great because its videos can easily be shared through other social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.


Advertising doesn’t just end with mass publishing! Statistics show that including the word “video” in your EDM (electronic direct mail) campaigns can boost open rates by 19% and increase clicks by 65%. So why not?

Tips on Creating Video Marketing Content

55% of people view online videos every day. That’s more than half the population of tech-savvy individuals. And we’re not just talking millennials, even Gen X and Y are getting in the groove of the digital age! Here, we share some secrets to harnessing the power of video marketing.

Make Content on Demand

Don’t create humdrum content that no one is interested in. Some of your audience might be searching for specific how-to solutions related to your product or industry. Others might be looking for evidence that your product is reliable. If you’re forking out time and money anyway, it’s best to invest in the right content. Statistics show that demonstration videos (49%), tutorial videos (50%), and customer testimonial videos (51%) are ranked to be most effective in conversions. Include them in your video marketing strategy for better ROIs.

Don’t Preach, Engage

Video content crafting is kind of like going on a first date. If you only talk about yourself, there’s not going to be a second. Be engaging and no matter your message, remember who you are creating the content for. Understanding your target market’s demographics and interests play a crucial role in helping you speak their language. Don’t let your investment fall on deaf ears, do your research well!

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Know your Formats

Have you seen videos on Instagram’s feed where you can only look up a person’s nose? It’s annoying and frustrating to have to expand a video that you can’t fully view. People tend to just scroll on. Here’s a tip, square-shaped videos account for 275% more views. Because it can be properly viewed with no hassle, it is shared 482% more times and engages 523% more comments. If you want to save time on recording on different scales, just go for the square format.

Quit Droning

Remember, you only have a couple of golden seconds to grab your audience’s attention before they scroll you out of view. In 30 seconds, 30% of viewers stop watching. 45% stop watching after a minute and 60% after two. Nobody wants a lengthy introduction to your product. The first 30 seconds is crucial so always start by engaging with your audience. They’ll decide during this time-frame if your video is worth their time. Secondly, if you’re wondering how long your video should run, statistics show that ones running up to a maximum of two minutes get the most engagement. So keep it simple, include only impactful information, and for the love of videos, make it interesting!

Call in the Pros

Although home-made videos can be charming, they can also be catastrophically brand-damaging when done wrongly. Pixelated graphics and distorted audio make for really distrustful marketing that most consumers will ignore. To add to that, content creation can sometimes get a little stale when you can’t help but think along repeated lines. To save you the risk of production time and efforts, simply outsource your project to online video marketing services. Instead of having to write your own script, translate for different markets, set up production and rent or purchase expensive equipment, let a team of pros work on it. Reliable platforms like this one come backed with plenty of client testimonials. Whether you choose to outsource only a part of your project or go full-stack, prices are reasonable and turnover time is quick.  You can also be assured that you will receive videos of high quality and crystal clear sound.

Get Your Play Button Going

In all, video marketing services can be the bomb that makes your brand explosive. But always keep in mind that your content should add value to your viewer’s life. Make video marketing a commitment instead of a campaign. Only with fresh content can you keep your audience coming back for more. Other than that, be creative, relevant, and inject some fun!