Yep! It’s official! Video marketing is now a no-brainer for businesses looking to grow into best-selling brands. A 2020 study by Animoto found 91 percent of promoters were happy with the ROI of their video campaigns on social platforms. After all, why throw money on a strategy if it doesn’t give a good return on investment?

In all honesty, as the world paces the shift to 5G, it’s selfish to deny your customers the multimedia experience they desire. Businesswise, marketing without a video strategy is counter-productive. It can render you inferior to competitors who already use the approach to attract and convert buyers.

So how do you launch a video marketing strategy that will yield results? What type of content should you share to attract new followers, and where do you start?

Read on to discover more.

Video Marketing at a Glance:

  • What is Video Promotion?
  • The Benefits of Video Campaigns?
  • How to Develop an Effective Video Campaign
  • The role of a Video Producer in Marketing
  • How to Make Viral Videos

video marketing

Video Marketing Meaning & Why You Need an Expert Producer

There are many types of marketing videos. The most common ones include:

  • Vlogs
  • Ads
  • Testimonials
  • Product demos
  • Presentations
  • Interviews
  • Email videos

Promotional clips perform different functions depending on their content. Your marketers must work with a talented video producer to achieve the desired intent. Hence, you’ll need an industry professional with a knack to deliver only the best!

A marketing filmmaker specializes in producing a campaign clip that suits a brand’s requirements. This profession focuses on the production part, from script development to recording and editing.

Thus, video marketing involves using media that blends audio, video, animation, and text, to educate, describe products, attract conversions while increasing engagement among prospects and customers.

In a Wyzowl survey, 84 percent of the consumers admitted they’ve previously purchased an item or subscribed for services after streaming a brand’s ad or product demo. An impressive 96 percent admit they’ve spent time watching content to gather more info about a product.

Remember, factors like quality, length, content, etc., can make or break the viewer’s experience. Further, they can undermine the whole point of the campaign.

Video Marketing Benefits

A large percentage of people tend to share the clips they find funny, educational, or cautionary with friends. That makes viral clips a powerful attraction and conversion tool. Hence, including promotional clips in your campaigns promises numerous benefits to a brand.

These footages are also a quicker way to pass a message compared to articles and other mediums. They can sum up a blog post or email’s content in under a minute.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Discover other pros below:

1.     Witness More Conversions

Reports by HubSpot show promotional videos, e.g., short footage on your landing page, can boost conversions by up to 82 percent.

A short clip on your “welcome page” can influence shopper habits and increase conversion, compared to just reading the same info.

Videos enable you to express the right emotion. Meeting customers at their need points is what triggers a purchase. Clips also play an educational or testimonial role, all of which drive sales in one way or another.

2.     Reinforce your email campaigns.

Marketers insist on emails, despite realizing how difficult it is to persuade customers to read them. However, simply including “video” on your email titles can get one to open the message. Once you have a client’s attention, you can easily suggest an offer. Remember, your clients find videos fun and an easier way to gather info than reading text.

3.     Appeal to search Engines

Apart from increasing visit times, Vlogs are now central to website visibility.

Remember, YouTube is hot on Google’s heels in terms of Content Search. By uploading your work on the platform, you increase its visibility for internet users who type related keywords.

Besides Google visibility, uploading ads on social media platforms increases brand accessibility.

4.     Earn your customers’ trust

For most visitors, texts on a page or email messages no longer suffice. Prospects now want to see and feel the human aspect of your brand.

To win their trust, you must care for the 90 percent of buyers who prioritize watching videos before purchasing a product.

Build relationships with your clients by producing several educational and testimonial videos. This strategy will help you grow your list of followers.

5.      Your content circulating social media

Social platforms are now a dental marketing tool. If your clip goes viral, you stand to benefit from it. Over 90 percent of mobile shoppers share their favorite videos with friends.

There’s much more to gain from video marketing. Read on to learn the vital role of a film producer and what it takes to make viral videos.

Who’s a Marketing Video Producer & What’s their job?

Producers focus on the filming process, from script creation through video recording and post-production. Their main job description is leveraging media that blends audio, video, animation, and text to educate customers and attract conversions. It also increases client engagement and impacts your SEO positively.

Working with a talented video producer is essential in generating killer content that will encourage quick results. These experts specialize in running the clip production process from scratch to end.

The best producers are careful planners. They handle everything including, budgeting, putting together resources, shooting, and editing the end product.

Remember, factors like video quality, length, and content influence the viewing experience. Be sure to hire a professional with the knack to deliver only the best!

Don’t compromise on candidate abilities if you choose to market through clips—vet and test all bidders before hiring.

Yes, your marketers understand the role of video promotion. But do they have the skills to plan, shoot and edit a clip?

Experienced producers should take care of everything, including:

       I.          Planning for Production

During the planning process, filming experts complete multiple tasks, including:

  • Shortlisting the expenses
  • Developing a video idea that fits your brand
  • Organizing the shooting list
  • Creating the perfect script for the concept
  • Adding relevant stories
  • Bringing together and coordinating a crew
  • Offering other professional assistance (e.g., obtaining props, vetting actresses, and voiceover artists
  • Choosing and booking the venue/location
  • Liaising with your marketers to double-check relevance

      II.          Production

If the first stage is successful, the producer proceeds to the filming process. This stage involves:

  • Preparing the location
  • Configuring the camera
  • Arranging for attire and makeup
  • Guiding actors
  • Capturing the video per the shooting list

A video producer plays a managerial role during filming. The crew handles most of the tasks as she supervises everything to ensure project success.

    III.          After-production

After-production tasks are the activities a filmmaker accomplishes post-production. This process involves;

  • Combining the captured clips into a complete video
  • Editing the video per your brand’s needs
  • Adding closed captions or subtitles
  • Ensuring the deliverables are in the correct format.

With so much to do, you’d instead work with an industry guru than experiment and create a half-baked video.

Video Marketing: 6 Tips to Develop Viral Videos

A creative video reaches a broad audience thanks to hashtags, likes, and shares. But what’s the secret sauce to a viral marketing video?

Talk of ads that circulated the web and the DOLLARSHAVECLUB’s ad pops up. The ad blends rib-cracking humor, a strong message, and a direct offer to lure buyers.

You, too, can tap into various emotions, explore your creative mind, and hope for the best. Follow these guidelines to create a trending video.

a)     Focus on emotion

Humans are emotional beings. This is a famous slogan among marketers and a way to target buyers without missing.

Yes, it works, almost all the time.

Thus, focus on content that shows sympathy and empathy towards your customer’s problems.

b)     The X factor

Not all ads go viral, but those that do have the X factor. Don’t blend in; stand out.

The popular “Like a Girl” advert by Always (the sanitary towel firm) rolls out differently than most TV ads.

This clip does more than sell an offer to clients. Furthermore, it focuses on a sensitive theme—girl empowerment—further reinforcing the message.

c)      Keep it short and sweet.

Even interesting clips can turn boring if they run too long. With an endless list of content to consume, prospects can only spare two to three minutes on ads.

Keep your video short and sweet. Send the right message home with every word and graphic, then wrap with a call to action.

video marketing

d)     Send a Clear Message

The message is king in video promotion; brands that preach change record the most sales.

Have you checked out Google and Apple’s slogans? Does it resonate with what they do?

Please find out, and you’ll discover why these brands attract millions of followers. You can follow the same approach for your content.

e)      Don’t do direct Promotion

You may be eager to sell a product, but have you considered what’s in it for customers?

The DollarShaveClub promises customers savings in a humorous tone:

“Really? Why spend $25 when you can have the same product brought to your doorstep for $1?”

f)       A strong CTA

After selling your offer creatively, the best you can do is finish with a powerful CTA.

Don’t end the video without prompting your clients to act.

Create a sense of urgency, ask them to register now, tell them where to find you. Or, if you like, hit the nail on the head and request an instant purchase.

Final Words

For most visitors, texts on a page or email messages no longer suffice. Your clients want to see and feel the human aspect of your brand. Take the bold step today and develop a video strategy for your brand.

Video marketing leverages media that blends audio, video, animation, and text to educate customers and trigger conversions. It also increases client engagement and impacts your SEO positively.

Act Now!

Video producers are central to a marketing campaign. Don’t compromise on candidate qualification if you choose to market through clips. Vet, test, and hire a video producer from Bunny Studio. 

Our experts are dedicated to helping brands touch their customers’ hearts. We strive to fit your shoe and customize clips per your instructions. With the same breath, we offer crucial insights to take your marketing game a notch higher.