The most trending videos are amateur productions using mobile phones and other simple types of recorders. And who would not want a video that goes around the world in minutes, attracting millions of views? But for a professional video production company that needs potential buyers to take them seriously, going viral won’t be enough.

Videos are turning into valuable assets: businesses are using them for marketing their products and communicating with associates. Marketers who use video content, according to research, grew their revenue 49% faster than those who use other types of online content. Further, a staggering 92% of internet users who see videos end up sharing with friends and partners. It would explain why half a billion people are watching videos on Facebook every day.

According to Cisco, 17,000 hours of video will be crossing the internet every second by 2021.

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Why Embrace Professional Video Production

Let us go back to the trending videos attracting a million views every hour.

The production of the trendy videos is on impulse. They mainly seek to ride on the trending wave that could die down in a day. They lack content and are easy to spin against the original intention. No brand wants to be caught up in such a frenzy, however popular it might get. Here is where a professional video production company is crucial.

A professional video production agency understands that you are in business for the long haul. The producers consider how far you have come and the dreams you have for your brand. They can also commit as much time, resources, and expertise to a video as you have done to your brand. But there is more to hiring corporate video production services. Here’s why:

Reasons to hire a production company

  • Quality of Production– video production takes more than a few clips captured and hastily joined into a film. The producer has to research on your audience and the product on sale. The characters, setting, type of shot, message, and props also require deep consideration to pick. If you are to get a professionally done corporate video clip that represents your brand or message, you must engage a professional company.
  • Long-term View– professional production helps you to achieve longterm goals. Businesses, industries, and brands usually aim to target long term competitive advantage. Unless you want a video that is forgotten within days of release, it is better to hire a professional production company.
  • Value for Money– video marketing is an investment that should bring a return on the investment. Videos are more convincing and easy to use during marketing. Therefore, you should tap into 96% of online shoppers who credit their buying decision on videos.
  • Brand Preservation– once a video goes online, it is impossible to recall it (once downloaded by someone). Your customers, associates, and competitors have expectations on standards that you have to meet. Do not disappoint them by using a low-grade video. Every material you use in your marketing campaign counts in the building of a competitive longterm brand.
  • Creativity– professional production companies utilize their experience and expertise to produce the most creative corporate videos. They help you avoid viewer-fatigue that can take away steam off your campaigns. Nevertheless, you end up with a video that stays relevant for years and across generations.
  • Beat Your Competition– video is becoming the most common mode of consuming information. If an average person will spend 100 minutes daily watching videos in 2021, your one or two branding minutes must be meaningful to be memorable. The optics must be worth the time; otherwise, your video will dissolve in the 100 minutes pile.

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What to Expect When Investing in a Video Production Agency

Professional video production is an expensive venture. It takes time and requires you to invite strangers into your marketing boardroom. If you have to invest vast amounts in video production and allow outsiders to run your marketing plan, there must be something you are getting out of the deal. What do you get in return for using a video in marketing?

  • Increase conversion rate– videos involve people talking and explaining things. It makes complex ideas easier to understand, and in the process, compelling buyers to choose your product.
  • Increased visibility– if 92% of people who see an exciting video online will share with friends, you end up reaching more people than you initially targeted. The video serves as a diligent brand ambassador.
  • Tap into mobile usage– more than 50% of video streaming online comes from mobile devices. Using video in your marketing and enabling them for mobile access means that you are tapping into the most popular source of traffic online.
  • Build credibility– anyone can write, but it takes a loyal brand to speak in person. Videos are closer to potential customers than lengthy texts. A video personifies your brand, making you more believable.
  • Excellent Return on Investment– every entrepreneur invests in business to attract more money. Compared to other marketing methods, the video will deliver the best returns. It, therefore, reduces your marketing budget while increasing your profits.

A good video can only come from a professional video production company. Finding such an agency is a massive challenge for businesses, considering every company claims to possess expertise. The attractive but empty promises lead to regrets, especially when it is too late for you to reverse the production process.

How do you choose the best video production company?

The fact that you are thinking of choosing is an indication that you want the best. The entire process of choosing, therefore, begins with the end product in mind.  But how do you pick the most reliable company to handle your video production process?

Here are a few tips:

1. Expertise

Video production is a technical process. It involves sophisticated cameras, lighting, management of artists, choice of sceneries, audio control, and such other elements. If any of these elements is out of synch, the entire production will be a flop.

Choose an agency that has hired professional camerapersons, lighting technicians, sound engineers, and talent directors, among other workers. Their levels of experience and ability to use the most sophisticated equipment is mandatory. It is the only guarantee you have that the resultant video will meet the expected standards.

2. Capacity To Deliver

One camera, lighting equipment, and cameraman can produce a video. The production would, apparently, help you cut on production, one of the goals of every business. Unfortunately, the production process will take time, lack creativity, and miss crucial videography dynamics like different types of shots as well as a variety of angles. Such an outcome would be disappointing and will affect your market position.

An entrepreneur must identify a company that can handle a complex production process. It should have multiple cameras to produce simultaneous shots from different angles for the same scene. The crew assigned to your project must also be enough to handle the duties. The agency should also have technicians to ensure that editing delivers the desired results. Without capacity, the quality of videos produced will fall below the desired quality.

3. Check Past Projects

The quality of past projects is the clearest indicator of the capability of video production companies. The company will only give you what it gave past clients or slightly better. Look at the recent projects instead of focusing solely on the reel.

Answer the following questions as you review past projects by your target production company:

  • Is the quality of images satisfactory for my brand?
  • Do the videos display creativity?
  • How simple and understandable is the message captured in the video?
  • If I were a customer, would I buy the product on sale?
  • Can I meet the budget required to produce such a video?

Past projects will help you identify ideas or tricks that might work for you and others that you do not want to see. Talk to clients who have worked with the company or get a referral from friends who have produced similar promotional materials. Such background checks endable you to differentiate between fake promises and exaggerations.

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What Is The Cost?

How much is the company charging you for video production services? The figures quoted must be reasonable to fit within your budget as well as deliver the quality of video you desire. Several factors will help you to determine the cost of marketing video production.

  • Length– longer videos are more expensive than shorter videos. The rise in cost arises from increased shooting and editing hours, need for more technicians, and the tedious editing work.
  • Nature of your video– some videos are produced from complex scripts while others are simplistic. The shooting venue, the cast, and the graphics added are among the factors that push the price higher.
  • The caliber of the client- each client has a different budget. Some will go overboard while others hold back on their finances. The artists appearing on a video will also charge based on the requirements of the client. Prepare to spend an amount that reflects your standing in the industry.
  • Season- video production is a seasonal business. It means that artists, studios, cameras, and production facilities will be available during some months and unavailable or expensive at other times. Schedule your video production to coincide with the off-peak season then book your recording slot, else you will have to settle for the low-grade producers.

While evaluating the cost is vital during budgeting production budgeting, it must never overshadow the need for quality videos. Consider the video as an investment that will bring money in return. If you make a reasonable investment, you will get a decent profit.

Specialist Corporate Marketing

Marketing videos are sensitive because they represent a corporate brand. The videos differ from wedding or graduation coverage. It requires creativity that can capture the interest of a potential client. Scripting, choice of actors, scenes, and such other elements differ from movies or any other production. The above factors explain why you need a specialist.

Specialist corporate marketing video production companies have handled similar projects in the past. They possess the capacity to deliver on the project and will understand your idea better. Their skills and experience will increase the chances of meeting your expectations. Specialists enrich your opinions to help you produce captivating marketing videos.

Final Word

The most reliable marketing video production services have experience and the capacity to meet the demands of your project. Choose a producer who listens to your ideas to help you meet desired expectations.

Marketing video production is an investment that you have to make. It means that you have to hire the best agency to obtain captivating videos.