When you see your favorite ads, do you ever wonder who made it? Many brands hire companies that specialize in marketing, and video production jobs feature specialists to make ads come to life.

More people work video production jobs than you may think. In the US alone, more than 260,000 individuals make a living in the industry. Video production jobs change depending on the budget and the complexity of a project. Simple jobs with a limited budget may feature one person handling all the required tasks, while complex and highly-funded projects may have a team dedicated to its development.

Starting a career by doing voice production jobs can be challenging. You need not only talent but also professionalism and creativity. If you’re interested in knowing more about video production jobs, we’ve compiled everything you need to know below.

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What Is Video Production?

Before looking at the different video production jobs, it is important to consider what is a video production company. Contrary to what you may think, video production does not start with the shoot. It also involves crafting a great concept and organizing how to deliver the desired message to a brand’s target audience. This process involves many parts, such as scriptwriting, location scouting, shooting, acting, and editing.

In a way, video production is much like a puzzle. It would be impossible for one person to do everything in an entire production, no matter how talented they are. Although much of the work is done during the shooting phase, the skill of those in video production jobs can be found in every part of the process – pre-production, production, and post-production.

Video production companies play an integral role in driving the sales of a company. Most businesses do not have filmmaking experience to create marketing content and explainer videos to showcase their products and improve their brand image. Therefore, they rely on production companies to do these jobs for them.

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What Are People Working in Video Production Like?

Anyone can make a video, but not many can make quality content. Since the demand for video production services is high, you have to know the qualities to look for in choosing the right fit for your company.

First, the people who work video production jobs offer great customer service. Although creativity and talent are important attributes, good customer service is key for a smooth-sailing production process. This quality sets the foundation for the working environment and relationship between the client and the service provider.

Someone who works in video production jobs also ensures timely and effective communication between the company and its customers. Look for people that are respectful in dealing with their clients.

Those in video production jobs also need to possess impeccable technical skills. Shooting an advertisement takes more than turning on the camera and pressing record. Similarly, having a high-end computer and software does not equate to excellent writing and editing skills. In a world where one can easily use their phone to shoot high-quality videos, this is what sets video production companies apart.

Anyone in video production understands that creating content is an art form that needs the application of technical skills. Those who have video production jobs have specific skills that, when put together, can make the content you envision for your company.

From an advertisement for social networks to an explanatory video that you can then share on crowdfunding sites like IndieGoGo. In this case, they will help achieve the IndieGogo video production that your company needs.

Aside from having the right skills, a production company also has the right equipment. This way, the client doesn’t need to waste money buying expensive equipment that will never see the light of day again. The quality equipment allows people working video production jobs to improve their skills and be more goal-driven.

Video Production Jobs You Should Know

Here are the different jobs you find in a video production company. Depending on the project and budget, some of these jobs may not be present in any given production package. However, there’s no denying that all of these people have a role that makes the production process more seamless.


The director has one of the most important video production jobs. During all production phases, the director needs to be involved. They also play a crucial role in assembling the ideal crew for certain projects, as well as making adjustments to the screenplay and other production aspects to ensure that the project finishes on time and does not exceed the budget. If there’s any question raised by anyone in the production, the director can answer it.

Perhaps the most important duty of the director is directing the talent and overseeing the technical details of the production, such as the lighting, cinematography, and editing.

Executive producer

The executive producer is in charge of overseeing the work of the producer. This person takes care of hiring people who do video production jobs, in-house or not, and managing and organizing the shoot.

The job duties of the executive producer include making sure the schedule is followed, securing funds, and managing the entire cast and crew. The ability to multitask and delegate tasks are integral for this job.


The producer reports to the executive producer to ensure that the video output is completed in line with what the client wants. This person is in charge of creating the initial budget and figuring out the logistics of the production. In a way, these people act as the project manager. Depending on the production, there may be several producers present with different areas of expertise. For example, a line producer is in charge of handling the finances and budget of the film by tracking different expenses.

Production assistant

The production assistant focuses on the physical aspects of the production, which include making sure that the equipment, lighting, and other gear arrive and are set up on time. This person is usually not involved in the creative process of the production. Despite this, they still need to have technical skills so they can help with the different departments of the production.

This job is usually where most people start in the industry. Also called PA, they may be tasked to take notes, get snacks or lunch, or call actors when it’s their turn to shoot. Even though many people may see those who work PA video production jobs at the bottom of the food chain, there’s no denying that they are important.

Video director

A video director’s goal is to create the desired look for the project. Also called the director of photography, this person is in charge of the camera and the lighting. They always work hand in hand with the lighting director and the cameramen to ensure the best results. They also play a prominent role in assembling the equipment, which includes lights, rigs, and lenses, among many others.

Lighting director

Also called gaffer or LD, this person is responsible for coordinating the lights needed to achieve the look envisioned by the director of photography as well as the director. They may also work with PAs, gaffers, and key grips to position the light and rig where they need to be.

Camera operator

This person is the one in control of the camera equipment. Their duty is not just limited to operating the camera, but also creatively capturing a scene. They are expected to work closely with the technical and lighting staff.

Good camera operators are indispensable since they understand composition aesthetic and how to achieve it with proper lighting and lens. On smaller productions, the director of photography may man the camera.


What line do you always repeat from memorable commercials? You have the screenwriter to thank for it. This person crafts the script, as well as the mood and character descriptions. They also shape the order of events in a video to ensure that one scene transitions seamlessly to the next one. This quality makes the storyline unfold rationally.

Set designer

The major duty of the set designer is to create the set of the production. They are in charge of addressing the background and foreground elements, as well as the props to ensure that the shooting environment matches the look envisioned by the director and the client.

To do this, they need to examine the script and produce drawings and models to create the set. The set designer is also in charge of estimating the cost and managing their budget. In large productions, set designers have their own dedicated team.

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During a shoot, you will see endless racks of clothing. This collection is set up by a stylist, who provides clothing to the actors and actresses during a video shoot. Stylists are masters in their craft and are always up to date with the latest trends in fashion. Because of this, they can offer the best clothing from different brand collections. They also work with the set designer and the director.

Audio technician

If you have no experience shooting videos, you may think the audio is also captured by the camera. However, video productions always hire an audio technician to be in charge of setting up the recording and sound equipment. They also test and make adjustments to the equipment before and during the shoot. Without an audio technician, you can say goodbye to effective dialogue.

Actors and actress

The only people you see on-screen are called talents. Actors and actresses are major assets in video production. Most of the time, the talents are selected by the client through go-sees and castings. These people need to have the right acting chops since video acting requires them to perform with confidence in front of the camera. They also have to be likable to improve the image of the brand.

Voice over talent

Most ads have a voice-over talent that records the narration off-cam. Sometimes, they may also step in to record the voice of the actors from scripts. While these people cannot be seen on-cam, it is still considered as one of the most important voice production jobs since they play a huge role in building a personal connection with the audience. A good voice-over artist needs to have perfect enunciation and voice acting skills to fit the script.

Video editor

Without the video editor, the output will just be separate raw video files that do not make sense. The job of this person is to edit and assemble the recorded material into a remarkable output that is ready for broadcasting.

The materials they handle include sound effects, graphics, dialogue, camera footage, and special effects. This person must collaborate with the director and follow his creative vision. This way, the overall brand messaging stays true.

Ready to Meet These Talented People?

While you won’t see credits at the end of advertisements that are found in movies, it does not erase the fact that there are numerous people involved in the production process. Even when one person is absent, it can halt the entire production process. It takes an army to create a great video output, and all video production jobs are extremely vital.