First you need to shoot the footage, then edit the content to put it together – and then refine it with video transcription. There is already so much that goes into video production and post-production, but you should never understate the importance of converting your video’s audio into text.

There are several ways to transcribe a video:

You can use speech recognition software and apps to quickly transcribe your video, or you can hire expert human transcriptionists from Bunny Studio.

Alternatively, you can use both transcription software and human transcribers to get the job done.

But is the juice worth the squeeze when it comes to video transcription? Read on and judge for yourself.

What is Video Transcription?

Everyone is creating video these days, and considering the positive impact of video marketing on businesses, video is the way to go.

This means that brands need every advantage, and creating video transcripts is one way to give your content an upper hand.

Video transcription is the process of converting the audio in your video into text.

The format you choose to use is up to you, but here is a guide to choosing a style for your transcripts.

Video Transcription vs Closed Captioning/ Subtitles

Subtitles and closed captions appear on the video screen and are time-stamped to match the words being spoken.

Learn the difference between closed captions and subtitles.

Transcripts, on the other hand, can be used in multiple ways.

On YouTube, channels upload transcripts on the description area. Others repurposes their video transcripts as blog posts.

The Importance of Video Transcription

Transcription doesn’t just apply to videos. You should transcribe everything, and we have some guides to get you started:

Video transcription allows you to boost your marketing strategy and reach more viewers. Here are more reasons why you should transcribe your videos:

Transcription is Good for Video SEO

There is a lot you can do to boost your video SEO.

For starters, give your videos captivating titles, and don’t forget to include keywords in the description as well.

But does that guarantee that they will find your video when a viewer searches for a specific keyword?

A lot of factors determine the videos that rank and those that you will only find if you have a direct link.

It all starts with creating good content, and presenting it in a way that appeals to your audience. But for them to actually find it, you will have to put in a little more work – hence video transcription.

Did you know that video transcription can boost your SEO?

Search engines can’t crawl video, so transcribing your content gives it a higher chance of being seen.

Make your Content More Accessible

Transcripts not only make it easier for your viewers to find your content; they also make video easier to digest.

With the availability of text, you attract multiple new audience to your content.

For the Hard of Hearing

Closed captioning is mandatory in some instances to cater to deaf and hard of hearing audiences.

Although video transcripts are not mandatory, they should be an important part of your video marketing campaign.

You should use the transcript to write closed captions.

This helps create a seamless viewing experience for deaf and hard of hearing audiences.

For ESL Students

Students of ESL sometimes struggle with spelling and pronunciation. Watching a video while reading the transcript can help a learner to better understand the content.

Learners in general may find it easier to follow and understand the video when there is a transcript.

For Privacy

Most people would not play an audio or video file on their phone out loud, regardless of whether they are in a noisy environment or not.

Brands started to include subtitles and closed captions in their videos to cater to the modern viewer who may or may not have muted their speaker.

Video transcripts are here as an even more efficient solution. Viewers can quickly scan through the transcript and get the most important parts of the video in a glimpse.

Some might argue that this will reduce viewership, which is untrue.

A lot of viewers prefer scanning the content for a general summary before deciding whether the video is worth their time.

Besides, the point is to get your audience to consume your content however they choose.

Reading through your transcript sure beats bouncing off your website.

Uploading a transcript with your content also makes it shareable. People can easily post the text on their social media platforms and tag you.

For Easier Translation

It’s easier to translate your video transcripts into other languages than it is to hire foreign language voice actors to dub your content.

Translation means broader reach.

Do you know the difference between translation, transcription, and interpretation?

video transcription

Tips for Better Video Transcription

Who says video transcripts have to be plain, boring blocks of text? You can make it interesting in the following ways:

Interactive Transcripts

One of the reasons why video transcripts are important is that they make it easier for viewers to access your content.

So why not take it a step further and make it interactive?

An interactive transcript is time-stamped to highlight words as they are being spoken in the video. But isn’t that what subtitles and closed captions are for?

Well, with transcripts, viewers can see all the information at the same time. They don’t have to rewind the entire video if they missed a word.

In fact, interactive transcripts allow users to navigate the video by clicking on the text in the transcript.

A transcript provides quick access to information, and making it interactive greatly improves the user experience.

Playlist Search Plugin

When you search for something online, you may find a video segment that gives you the answer you were looking for. Usually, these bits of video don’t start from the beginning; they take the viewer straight to what they need instead of feeding them with irrelevant information.

That’s what video transcription can help you achieve.

Viewers can quickly scan through an entire series and skip to the part they need at the moment.

Researchers have an easier time navigating through videos with transcripts.

A lack of relevant skills or an adequate budget shouldn’t stop you from transcribing your video.

How to Transcribe your Videos

You don’t need to use complex transcription software to get results.

There are a number of apps that can automatically transcribe your content, giving you fairly accurate results in no time.

Transcription Equipment

It’s much easier and faster to use all-inclusive transcription software to convert audio to text. Some tools are free and others charge you for the service.

You can use Inqscribe, The FTW Transcriber, Express Scribe, and many more tools to get the job done.

Seasoned transcribers also invest in a foot pedal to make audio navigation easier, noise-canceling headphones, and voice-recognition software.

Typing can be tiring, which is why some choose to dictate the audio to a VR program and let the machine do all the work. Apps like Dragon Naturally Speaking and Inqscribe rank highly on this list.

There is only one downside to transcribing videos – it can be a long and tiring process.

Even with the help of speech recognition software, you will still need to check the transcript for errors.

Going with manual transcription assures you of more accurate transcripts.

Accuracy is Key

A lot of first-timers think transcription is a quick process.

When transcribing manually, you need to set a realistic time frame for yourself. Rushing to finish your work could mean compromising the accuracy of your transcript.

If you produce a lot of videos and need regular transcripts, it makes sense to outsource the bulk of your work.

Here is an idea…

How about you focus on other aspects of your business and let a transcription company handle everything for you?

The Bunny Studio Solution

There are a lot of outsourcing websites on the internet, so why choose Bunny Studio for your transcribing needs?

A Unique Talent Pool

Our transcription freelancers come in all shapes and sizes, and they all shine at what they do. We also have smart technology that matches you with the best expert for your project.

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Fast and Affordable

Seeing all the work one has to put in, you may be wondering if transcription is expensive. The average rates for human transcription range from $0.45 to $2 per minute.

It’s much cheaper to use transcription software, but the accuracy won’t be the same. Programs may have trouble decoding audio with multiple speakers, accents, and background interference.

Transcription rates vary from one professional to another. Some charge per audio minute or hour, others per line, and others charge for every hour they spent doing the work.

Learn more about what determines video transcription service rates.

Our services are pocket-friendly, and we promise, no hidden fees.

You can also put in an order for a speedy delivery, and we will deliver without compromising on quality.

Prompt Support

Our support team is the best thing about the Bunny Studio service. You can reach out to our team directly if you have a big video transcription project and need a custom quote.

At Bunny Studio, we don’t leave a stone unturned. We look after everything and stay with you every step of the way.

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