Every professional wishes he or she had known about certain aspects of the industry earlier. This knowledge would have helped them avoid certain mistakes or enhance their level of success. Voice Acting Alliance (VAA) is one of the clubs assisting voice artists in their learning process. The collaboration tends to provide insights and resources that would make their learning easier and faster.

VAA is providing learning for newcomers about the voice industry. Instead of learning through their mistakes, the new voice artists would learn through the experiences of veterans.

Nevertheless, this platform is not for newbies alone. It also provides seasoned voice actors with insights and resources on how to tap into the $4.4billion industry. The idea was to reduce the learning curve and seal loopholes through which voice artists lose.

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What Is Voice Acting Alliance?

Voice Acting Alliance is a club dedicated to the promotion, assistance, training, and celebration of the voice artist. It is an alliance that brings together aspiring artists as well as seasoned voice professionals to share ideas and learn about the industry.

The idea behind VAA was to bring together professionals in the voice industry. For voice artists, there seems to be no need to join such a group. The value of professional bodies cannot be overemphasized. After all, you hustle for the gigs, earn your take, and move on to the next project.

Founders of VAA understood the struggle voice artists faced when starting their careers. A new voice artist has no idea what the industry requires, how to get a studio, where to find the gigs, and how to grow his talent to earn more money, among other factors. The platform embarked on cutting the learning curve.

Therefore, VAA brings together the most seasoned voice actors and new entrants into the market. The newbies will get insights into voice acting from those who have already walked the path. Experienced artists, on their part, will benefit from tips on how to enhance their careers.

A general description of what the VAA does might not be sufficient to capture the essence of the platform. So let’s look at the specific services and features provided by VAA to its members.

Shall we?

What Voice Acting Alliance Does For Its Members

VAA is a membership platform though it allows the public to access its content. You have to sign in to the platform to access some of the personalized materials. Since it is an online platform, membership includes creating online profiles.

The details you provide on the VAA profile will determine your potential. You’ll need to be present-minded when creating your profile. Remember, you are preying on the instincts that cause clients to hire artists based on the details they have provided. Since outsiders can access the information, the details you provide will help clients outside the platform to catch you for a voice-over gig.

Benefits Enjoyed by VAA Members

1. Publicity

VAA brings together voice artists from all corners of the world. If you are a voice-over artist, this is the exposure you need. Even the seasoned icons in the industry are here.

Since the platform is known for bringing together voice-over artists, any client looking for such talent will make the platform the first point of call. VAA, therefore, provides free publicity to artists around the world.

2. Voice Acting Resources

Voice actors require resources for training and sharpening their skills. Unfortunately, being a voice artist is not considered a formal career. It is, therefore, not taught in colleges. Artists have had to look around for resources and learning materials.

VAA provides a collection of learning materials in text, videos, audios, and graphic presentations, among others. These materials will make learning easier for new entrants into the industry.

Most of its members have learned through experience. They say that to guarantee the quality of materials; voice actors need to review the content after uploading regularly. It means that apart from the video or text, you will get comments on the viability of the ideas shared. You are confident that the information shared is genuine.

3. Networking opportunity

Which voice-over artist do you admire? Which artist would you like to meet? That star voice-over artist is most likely available on VAA. The platform brings together the best voice artists from around the world. They share tips in the form of videos, comments, articles, and social media engagements. Follow through their projects and increase the chances of meeting them one day in the voice industry.

The organization also allows you to display your work to other artists and clients. Share your ideas and connect with others who might be interested in your work.

Voice Acting Alliance in voice acting

Since working boundaries in the voice industry have collapsed, VAA will enhance your search for gigs from any corner of the world.

4. An opportunity to earn

VAA brings together professionals in the voice industry, looking for artists, scriptwriters, and other support staff. These professionals advertise jobs that you can take up in the comfort of your home. You can bid for jobs or contact the recruiter directly.

Tap into this lucrative platform by creating a profile as an artist and launch your freelance voice career.

5. A chance to learn about the industry

The future belongs to professionals who can learn about the latest developments in their area of work. VAA is the perfect platform for voice artists to learn about the advances in the voice industry.

Learning can prepare you for changes coming in the next few years. You will learn about software, voice-talents on demand, charges, and ways to improve your earning potential, among other aspects. VAA acts like a sharpener that will prepare you for the future of the voice industry.

Any voice artist would desire to enjoy the benefits mentioned. Luckily, the platform draws membership from all parts of the world and does not discriminate based on experience. It is an organization for people who wish to learn and earn from the voice industry.

How Does Voice Acting Alliance Recruit Its Membership?

Recruitment into the VAA is free. Signup on to the platform with details about your skills and interests. This information will help clients looking for talent to spot you for assignments.

Contacts and profiles of artists on the platform appear in categories based on one’s interests. VAA highlights the profiles and content that is receiving more attention. The highlight helps members to consume the most popular content.

Members of the Voice acting alliance are from all corners of the world. Get to interact with industry professionals from all over by joining the club. Such diversity will add significant value to your voice talent. You learn from professionals in other markets, turning you into an international voice talent.

But can a voice talent survive without joining any group? After all, the advertisement for voice gigs happens through agencies and the media. Why would it be necessary to join such a group?

The Benefits Of Joining A Voice-Over Group

The number of voice-over artists around the world is growing by the day. Markets are subsequently offering different packages to their talents.

The artists are finding it necessary to come together due to:

1. Enhanced Learning Speed

VAA is a platform dedicated to voice artists. Whether you work as a freelancer or through an agent, you need to learn about the industry continuously. Learning faster increases the chances of earning a fortune and compensating for your skills. These chances are beneficial to newbies. Since the club brings together experienced and amateur voice artists, you have endless opportunities to learn.

2. Learn About The Potential Of Your Voice

Most artists have a narrow understanding of what their voices can do. They think about commercials, corporate materials, and audiobooks. However, they forget many other areas like podcasts, e-learning materials, and automated dialogue replacement, among others.

Learning about your potential can help you to capitalize on these abilities. You’ll begin to see your voice as an asset that can earn you a fortune.

Voice Acting Alliance for voice actors

It is interesting to see what other voice artists have ventured into. Once you know what other voice artists are doing, it will be more comfortable to venture beyond the conventional confines. Refusing to embrace change from old voice habits can hamper you in reaching your full vocal potential.

3. Meet Professionals Who Have Been In The Industry

The best teacher is one who has been through the experience. Veteran voice artists can tell you of the challenges to expect and how to overcome them. They also advise rookies to avoid the failures they experienced, therefore, aiding them to achieve their potential faster.

The training by veteran voice artists is available free of charge. Read their articles and watch videos or listen to audios about their experiences on this platform. It gives you a reality check of what to expect from the industry.

4. Remain Updated On Happenings In The Industry

All work industries are changing rapidly. You are likely to be left behind if you cannot keep up with these changes.

Opportunities are also available. However, only go to those within the network. Joining this group allows you to be among the first people to know when opportunities arise.

5. You Will Learn About Helpful Resources For Voice Artists

Voice-over artists require resources such as software, apps, recording studios, and voice coaching, among others. Since the group is made up of people with similar interests, they are likely to share a lot about the resources they’ve used before. The resources will modernize and enhance the potential of your voice career.

What Now?

Voice acting offers endless opportunities for the talents involved. However, knowledge of these opportunities will depend on how well you are informed about the industry.

Voice Acting Alliance is the perfect platform to know about the voice-over industry and get tips on how to expand your potential. Join it and learn from the most seasoned voice-over professionals.