It can be challenging and intimidating to be alone in the world of voice acting. If you want to be a part of an amazing community, joining a voice acting club  will help.

Although becoming a member of a professional organization is optional for voice actors, it can help advance your career. When you a part of a voice acting club, you will have more opportunities to network with fellow professionals and make meaningful connections with people in the industry. 

Voice acting professionals need to exhaust all resources to get hired, such as apps, job boards, and organizations. There’s a lot to it. And having help from others can make this easier and more enjoyable.

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This post has been updated in October 2021.

What Is a Voice Acting Club?

A voice acting club is a venue that offers a supportive and friendly environment where voice actors can learn more about the industry. Most clubs start as an informal networking opportunity for those looking to enhance their work opportunities and connections. Being a part of these clubs will grant you access to a central hub where you and your colleagues can discuss your career-related concerns.

The voice over industry is booming, thanks to the rise of audiobooks, video games, and commercials. Because of this, more people are interested in joining in on the action. There have also been hundreds of A-list actors and actresses who have joined the voice acting industry. Another reason for this dramatic talent influx is the accessibility of setting up a home studio.

A voice over club aims to maintain high work standards and keep the industry strong. Most clubs welcome talents of all levels. Whether you are a newbie, intermediate, or veteran talent, you can be a part of it as long as you have a passion for helping others become better professionals.

A voice over club is usually non-profit. There are many organizations whose focus differs. For example, a voice acting club can either center on its members, while some are registered trade unions. The purpose of a voice acting club may be to unify, standardize, monitor, research, and upgrade the skills of professionals. Most clubs also control awards and certificates given to voice talents, and some even do disciplinary measures to uphold ethical standards.

Voice Acting Club for voice actors

What Can a Voice Acting Club Offer?

Each voice acting club has its unique advantages, but most offer these common benefits.

Exclusive resources

If you join a large voice acting club, chances are, you will gain access to members-only information, which may include databases, job boards, and a lot of other useful stuff. There are also e-mail subscriptions that provide information on special activities, as well as upcoming events which the general audience does not have access to. Most topics of these events center on advancing your career and improving technical knowledge.

Opportunities for networking

Perhaps one of the major reasons why you should consider joining a voice acting club is because it can deepen your relationships in the business. This quality will help you find new clients and contracts. A voice acting club does not have restrictions in giving out your business card. So when you attend more gatherings, meetings, and become an active member, more people will know you. This tip is an amazing method to make lasting connections with the professionals that have the same interests as you. These experiences will not only help you get jobs but also become a source of inspiration.


There are tons of clubs that give its members a chance to improve their know-how about the industry and acquire new skills to improve their business expertise through workshops, conferences, and courses. Members can join these events for free or for a small charge. If there is an event sanctioned or organized by a voice acting club, members can get priority registration.

Discounted rates

When you are a member of a voice over club, you will most likely gain free subscription to the club’s publications, which can include magazines or newsletters. Most large clubs also offer discounted rates of software, video tutorials, events, and even journals. They also grant special benefits in places such as recording shops, gyms, and hotels. Given this added feature, you can interact with more professionals in different fields to improve your contact list.

Health insurance

A helpful benefit of joining professional clubs with a huge membership is that it can get you important documents such as health insurance. The plan can be designed for you or your family. Aside from life insurance, you may also get auto insurance. However, if this would be your only reason for joining a voice over club, check the club’s clauses first.

Professional development

The voice acting profession does not require license and accreditation, but training and certification will greatly help you master particular skills and increase your earning potential. Professional clubs offer free or subsidized fees for their members to continue gaining expertise in all aspects of the industry.

Advantages of Joining a Voice Over Club

There are hundreds of advantages you can gain from joining a voice acting club. Here are some of the reasons why you should not pass up the opportunity to sign up for one.

Build your resume

If you are a newbie in the industry or you just graduated college and have limited experience, a voice over club can aid you to build an impressive resume. If you are an active member, you may grab the interest of veterans in the club and offered an internship that will give you valuable work experience. Professionals who are on the same level as you but are not members of the club will lack this important experience in their career.

Access to job boards

If you are a member of a voice over club, you may ask its leaders if they offer job boards. This tool can help land projects. All you have to do is submit your resume and demo to these recruiters and casting directors looking for new talents.

Have a support system

When you are a member of a voice acting club, you can take advantage of mentoring and coaching programs with established and experienced professionals in the field. They will teach you the insights they have learned in their experience and guide you to become a better professional.

Even in an informal setting, your club peers may give you valuable information or ideas on how to solve problems in the business. Having a support system by your side will boost your confidence to power through the industry.

Learn how to work with a team

Although the voice acting industry mostly requires you to record from home, knowing how to interact and work with other people is essential. Being a part of a voice acting club will teach you this skill by putting you in a setting where you are encouraged to talk and ask for advice, and in some cases, give your own insight.

Gain political clout

If you are a part of a national-level club, you will most probably have committees that track legislative and state developments that impact your job and the industry. Clubs with thousands of members boast significant political influence compared to individual professionals. When you are a part of a club, you can benefit from its resources and political clout.

Be a leader or mentor

Voice actors are very busy. They usually spend their days sending out auditions and practicing. Because of this, it’s very challenging to sponsor an event for charity despite having the resources to do so. With a club, you can participate in philanthropic activities, as well as community development activities, without having to fully organize it yourself.

Find niche faster

It can be confusing for newbie voice actors to choose which field they want to try their luck in. When you are around successful individuals, you will know what you are passionate about faster since these people can serve as your inspiration.

You could either focus on commercials, animated films, or audiobooks, among others. Meetings organized by the club will allow you to interact and mingle with like-minded people. This way, you can be exposed to different voice actors who work in various niches. Forging a connection with these professionals can even lead to referrals.

Choosing a Voice Acting Club

If you’re gearing up to join a voice over club, you may feel as though your options are endless. Here are some tips to help you determine the best club for you.

Consider your options

There is a wide array of voice over clubs everywhere. You have the option of joining general-focus clubs, or interest-focused voice acting clubs if you’ve already found your niche. Usually, any club opens its membership at any time of the year. Make a list of the ones that interest you and attend a meeting first. Based on your impression, you may narrow down your choices to several clubs that align with your interests.

Voice Acting Club in voice acting

Remember, you don’t have to join all the clubs in your area. Quality is always better than quantity. When you join two or more clubs, you might be overwhelmed and not be able to enjoy the benefits the clubs can offer. Instead, determine which ones are the best to pursue.

Determine your motivation

When deciding whether or not a club is right for you, remember your goals are and see if the organization can help you achieve them. Think of what you want to gain from the experience. Expanding your network comes with any club, but learning from the members and hearing ideas that you can apply are more valuable.

Some clubs are amazing for meeting peers, while others stand out more if you want to meet new clients. There are also clubs mostly centered on education opportunities.

Be strategic

When you want to join a club, evaluate your decision from all angles. If you have friends who are members, try to speak to them to see what they like and don’t like about it. When you attend initial meetings, ask yourself if you want to be around its members. Are they fun to be with? Or are they smart? Are they supportive? If not, maybe it’s not the best fit for you. Remember that when you join an organization, you have to put in the effort to forge strong relationships, and you can’t do this if the club does not have a healthy professional atmosphere.

If you want to take on a leadership position in the future, you should also figure out how to do that as early as possible. The benefits you can gain from being one of the board members is immense since you can interact with seniors who can help you develop your skills inside and outside work.

Take Full Advantage of Joining a Voice Acting Club

Choosing a voice acting club takes effort. You have to do legitimate work other than reviewing the benefits you can gain from membership. Once accepted, the real journey begins. No matter which voice acting club you join, note that being more active provides better experiences and greater skill development.

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