According to our insights, plenty of businesses and voice artists in the audio industry still refer to us using the term “Voice Bunny.” Are Voice Bunny and Bunny Studio one or the same? We’re here to clear the air and say that Voice Bunny is a part of Bunny Studio!

Freshly rebranded to provide a surplus of creative services, Bunny Studio encompasses the same project fulfillment capabilities as good old Voice Bunny. Here, we take a closer look at how this newly launched catalog packs a punch for the creative and advertising sector.


The origin of Voice Bunny

Voice Bunny was founded in 2012 and became a pioneer of voice talent acquisition and voice projects. With foresight that the gig economy would boom, founders Alex Torrenegra, Tania Zapata, and Luis Molina envisioned VoiceBunny over one inspired hackathon weekend. In 2012, VoiceBunny was born. Consequently, this brainchild technology was a first-of-its-kind solution that made attaining voice overs effortless and swift. Henceforth, Voice Bunny fulfilled the demand for voice over in the media and advertising industry.

The powerful platform used intuitive AI algorithms to match clients with the perfect voice artist. As a result, businesses could now tap into a pre-vetted crowd of voice over actors from one place. On the other side of the coin, voice artists could find work without being restricted to specific locations or markets or relying on agents for gig income. Our platform streamlined and accelerated the project process for both ends. Notably, Voice Bunny’s lightning-speed delivery became the signature appeal. It was the perfect solution for clients looking for a quick sure-fire way to meet the tight deadlines of their voice projects.


The evolution of Voice Bunny to Bunny Studio

Over the years, Voice Bunny’s successful business model scaled up to offer more than just voice overs; Voice Bunny evolved into Bunny Studio – a robust platform driven by its founding ethics in delivering quality with speed. In 2021, Bunny Studio officially announced the launch of a whole new range of creative services. Despite the disruptive pandemic, the flourishment of the gig economy has enabled us to grow and expand our catalog of services.

Today, we are the world’s only end-to-end platform that offers a portfolio of over 50 services. We make content creation simple, fast, and accessible by providing 24/7 support worldwide to clients and Bunny pros alike. Here’s a quick-glance list of creative services we now offer.


Voice overs

More than ever today, voice overs are in demand since they enable businesses to engage consumers through digital formats. Hence, Bunny Studio voice over services are business as usual, and they remain a global favorite among clients! Our platform renders clients access to over 10,000 pre-vetted voice artists in over 100 languages and accents. We take care of a plethora of voice projects including e-books, podcasts, and even dubbing. 


Audio ads

Audio ads are booming, especially with the widespread growth of listenership on streaming devices. At Bunny Studio, we oversee your entire audio ad production process; and that goes from scriptwriting to audio post-production. Better yet, now our clients can choose from dynamic, 2D, and 3D audio formats to help them stand out from competitors. Our team delivers ready-to-use audio ads with your full ownership rights so you can broadcast them on any channel.


Audio post-production

Audio post-production is a frequently requested service at Bunny Studio. Here, we work with experienced sound engineers to provide audio mixing, foley, sound design, sound editing, audio mastering, and more. Our audio experts work with professional equipment and software to deliver clients perfectly balanced tracks.



Written content is indispensable to content marketing, and we have an extensive pool of writers to tackle specific topics or niche industries. Our pre-vetted writers create blog articles, ad copies, podcast scripts, brand materials, web content, and so much more.

Writer Bunny pros also collaborate with other specialists at Bunny Studio to deliver a more comprehensive set of services. For instance, our copywriters often work with voice artists and audio post-producers to develop a potently effective audio ad for our clients.



The demand for video content has rocketed in recent years. At Bunny Studio, we work with the industry’s best visionaries to deliver an extensive range of video content. Discover motion graphics, video enhancing, and more under this fresh new category. Our video producers work on standalone projects and components of larger campaigns, including the development of video ads, video editing, and animation.



Our new design category offers many specialties housed under 4 creative areas. They are namely branding, web design, business & advertising, art & illustration. Brunched out, branding includes the creation of logo assets; web design includes mobile app design, UX design, and web design; business & advertising includes banners, infographics, presentations, and print design; art & illustration includes characters, mascots, an assortment of illustration, and typography. Design is a massive category with non-exhaustive possibilities that Bunny Studio provides under its new arm of services.



We work with over 13,000 pre-vetted Bunny pros all around the globe to provide services in over 100 languages and accents. Our dependable translators offer more than 50 written languages to help clients globalize their businesses or localize their content. Harnessing the worldwide capabilities of our Bunny pros enables us to provide 24/7 translator availability in any timezone.  



Transcription is another new and fast-growing service at Bunny Studio. Under this arm of services, our human transcribers provide accurate and dependable transcriptions and subtitles to help grow the reach of your content.

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How do I create a project with Bunny Studio?

Getting your creative projects done with Bunny Studio is straightforward.

Our dedicated user experience team has evidence to show that existing clients love the effortless process of creating projects with us. Submitting a new project only requires a few mouse clicks, and you can do so in under 2 minutes!

To get started, visit and choose the category of creative service you’re seeking. Once you’ve selected the service, you can now choose a project fulfillment method that best fits into your team’s workflow. Bunny Studio offers 3 types of projects for our voice and writing categories, and speedies and spec ops options for all other categories. Here’s a quick guide to help you decide which to pick.



We take pride in complete 85% of our projects within 12 hours. This turnaround time includes a project review by our quality control team. Speedies are the perfect solution for clients looking for a fast, reliable, and hassle-free way to get creatives done.

On posting a speedy project, our intuitive AI matches the requirements from project briefs with befitting Bunny pros. Once our Bunny pro takes on and completes the project, we quality-check the deliverable before forwarding it to the client for approval. Our Bunny pros will rework projects that do not pass our high-quality standards to ensure their perfection.



Bookings are a bit more specific. In this case, a client can browse through samples delivered by Bunny pros on the platform and choose their favorite. Our powerful search filters help sift out specific skill sets and niche expertise. In essence, you can directly hire a Bunny pro you are already familiar with or specify a new one based on their samples.



Contests are terrific for clients who are still in the process of brainstorming ideas for their projects. The concept is simple, Bunny Studio links up 3 well-qualified Bunny pros that are a perfect match for the project brief. The client subsequently receives 3 proposals from these Bunny pros, and decides on a winning version. Once the client has chosen the winner, the Bunny pro will proceed to deliver the entire project and submit it for the client’s approval. Contests open the door of possibilities for creativity as it allows our Bunny pros to interpret a project in different ways.


Spec ops

Our spec ops division takes care of more complex projects. Here, a project manager of the Bunny Studio team personally assigns the task to a Bunny pro. These Bunny pros usually have a track record of excellence, and therefore can be entrusted with time-sensitive and complex projects that need to get done. The Spec Ops division often oversees large projects or ongoing projects to ensure a smooth delivery.


Can the world trust Bunny Studio?

If you are nervous about keying in credit card information for an online transaction, you’re not alone. The uptick of online scams and internet fraud has increased the wariness of consumers. In addition, the pandemic deems every ounce of investment precious to businesses during these uncertain times. That is why we guarantee that our services are worth your money and time with the Bunny Studio advantage.


Your Bunny Studio advantage

Bunny Studio has completed over 2.5 million projects and counting. We’ve been rated 4.7/5 on major review platforms like Trustpilot and have evident case studies to prove our quality of work. If you’re still apprehensive about whether your investment is in the right hands, here’s what we promise every stakeholder.

  • Our money-back guarantee means that there are no risks involved.
  • We provide unlimited revisions that ensure your project’s success.
  • The price includes full buyout rights to use your creatives anywhere.
  • Access your projects anytime and from anywhere in the cloud.
  • Our 24/7 human support is always just a ping away.
  • Work with only the world’s top 4% of global professionals.
  • Get quality-checked work delivered by pre-vetted Bunny pros.


Our Bunny Studio team

Despite being an entirely remote company, Bunny Studio has an online presence 24/7, no matter the time zone. We have nearly 100 employees spanning 20 countries and 5 continents to provide dependable round-the-clock service for our clients! 

Behind the platform, we’re real people who celebrate diversity, individuality, and inclusion every day. In fact, we’ve recently been voted best remote startups to work for by Safety Wing. and have been recently interviewed by Fast Company for our 4-day work week! Furthermore, our team adopts a communicative digital culture that thrives on transparency, inquisitive learning, and fun. As advocates of a greener planet, we employ technology to reduce our carbon footprint while contributing to the global creative industry. By connecting professionals and clients in the digital marketplace, we plan to impact 1 billion people in the next decade to support the gig economy’s growth.


Our Bunny pros

We owe much of the success of our platform to the accomplishment of our Bunny pros. Since our early existence in the voice over market, we have recruited freelancers through an effective process to ensure quality. For instance, certain service categories involve taking a test to determine the freelancer’s skills, while others require the submission of sample work.

Today, as our brand expands, Bunny Studio is now looking for pros in a large array of categories. Looking to join the gig economy as an inspired independent worker? Send us your resume and take on the challenge to become one of the world’s top global creatives! Once accepted as a Bunny pro, you’ll start receiving projects that match your skillset.


The future of Bunny Studio

Although the volatile economy caused by the pandemic in recent years, Bunny Studio is still growing. Our expansion of services supports the gig economy’s flourishment and makes creative content production more accessible to businesses through sustainable value propositions. Our platform endeavors to become the go-to place for creative content productions in the next couple of years. We will continue to grow our talent base with streamlined Bunny pro vetting and explore new avenues in the fast-paced and dynamic creative sector.

Get in touch and let’s launch that creative project today!