Whether or not you are an experienced voice talent, getting started with voice over blogs is something you should consider.

Without question, blogging is one of the most effective ways to market your work. Whether you want to do it as a passion project or as a future income-generating stream, voice over blogs are an incredible entrepreneurial platform in which you can exercise your creativity and inspire others.

Part of being a successful voice artist is to bring your uniqueness to the market. Voice over blogs are the best digital platform to showcase your talents. So review some key points before you start building one of the best voice over blogs out there.

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What Are Voice Over Blogs?

Before learning about voice over blogs, you first have to know what they are. When people started blogging, they were typically personal diaries where people would share some tidbits of their life online. This online journal proved an effective avenue to communicate information in a fresh way. Now, around 32 million Americans read blogs weekly.

Voice over blogs can be informational, creative, or both. One amazing feature of voice over blogs is that you can be a sole writer or ask your colleagues to contribute pieces. Through this, it becomes a group project rather than an individual mission.

Although there is no set content for voice over blogs, they often feature the same format. Blogs usually have a header, a sidebar that displays information, a minor and major content area that contains highlighted posts, and a footer that states disclaimers, a privacy policy, and other administrative purposes.

Most voice over talents think that they only need to have a website to showcase their portfolio, and they’re all set. However, voice over blogs are a great way to stand out in saturated markets since not everyone has one. Many voice over artists have integrated voice over blogs on their website to promote further audience engagement. Through a blog, your audience can comment on your work and get a more thorough glimpse of your personality.

Unlike websites, voice over blogs rely on updated posts. Some of the key elements of blog posts include the body, categories, tags, byline, and author details. These details are usually not present in a website. Considering this, readers can see something new every day, week, or month depending on the voice over artist’s publishing schedule.

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Why Should Your Start Voice Over Blog?

With 31.7 million bloggers, it’s hard not to see why you should make a blog. If you’re not sold on voice over blogs, maybe the advantages below will change your mind.

Voice over blogs are an easy way to gain confidence

If you are somewhat shy and not comfortable meeting new people, voice over blogs are the perfect platform for you. This option is a great way to gain confidence in many fields through writing and sharing your thoughts. In your blog, you can exercise your skills, and in the coming years, you won’t be uncomfortable being the center of attention thanks to all the readers and followers that you’ve gained.

Voice over blogs help others

When you were starting as a voice actor, did you wish you had a guide to let you know the ins and outs of the industry? Well, you can be that guide to another person. The beauty of voice over blogs is it allows your readers to gain knowledge through reading your posts. Here, you can discuss specific problems in your industry, like how to look for the best agent, dealing with challenging clients, or pricing your work.

Many people will surely appreciate any advice that you can give. After a few posts, you may even get a thank you message from one of your followers about how your valuable information helped them get through a specific career hurdle.

Voice over blogs allow you to interact with people

Chances are, there are people who look up to you. If you want these people to have unique access to your life, insights, and the work that you do, voice over blogs are the answer.

Today’s social media landscape is very complicated. As a busy voice over talent, your schedule may be full of meetings, recordings, and auditions. Because of this, you do not have the time to stay in touch with your followers, friends, and even colleagues. When you have voice over blogs, you can offer them an opportunity to learn more about your activities and ideas.

Voice over blogs help marketing yourself

One of the primary reasons why many people are so captivated with voice over blogs is because it is a legitimate marketing platform. Treat voice over blogs as a tool that would help you promote your personal brand and establish your credibility in the industry. In time, you will be shocked to know how many projects you will get thanks to this platform since it can open a lot of doors for you.

Voice over blogs can establish you in the market

When getting into voice over blogs, you can demonstrate how much you know about the voice over industry. Through this, it is possible to position yourself as an expert in your niche. When readers and companies view you as an expert, you are bound to get more jobs in the future. You can also help more people thanks to the broad reach it offers. Can you imagine the impact you have if you help a voice talent on the other side of the globe land a job through your tips?

Voice over blogs grow your business

Voice over blogs create a stream of opportunities for the owner. These opening can come in many forms – money, self-growth, connection, even friends. Having voice over blogs allow you to put out your business to the global market so you can get noticed. The career-enhancing capabilities of voice over blogs will only happen if you have authenticity, uniqueness, and the willingness to make mistakes. These leads will drive long-term success for your personal brand.

Voice over blogs are a great hobby

If you have some free time or need a break from your hectic schedule and you’re constantly checking the internet, why don’t you try establishing voice over blogs? This opportunity is an amazing way to keep yourself motivated. In time, writing for your blog will become a habit. Once you have a blog, you will be more driven to explore the industry so you can write about new experiences.

To improve your writing skills

Some voice over talents think that they don’t need to have excellent writing skills because they don’t create scripts. However, this is a big misconception. As a voice over artist, you still need to improve this skill since you have to write cover letters and proposals for big projects.

Thankfully, blogging can help you achieve this. When you write for voice over blogs, your grammar and communication skills will get better. This skill will not only help you in your professional journey but also in your personal life.

Tips for Starting Voice Over Blogs

You don’t have to be a tech wiz to start voice over blogs. All you need is minor technical knowledge, which you probably already have. If you’ve decided to push through with having voice over blogs, make sure to take note of these tips below.

Naming your blog

Coming up with your blog name is one of the most challenging hurdles you will face- that is, if you don’t want to go ahead with simply using your name. If you’ve ever made a blog before, you might know the dreadful feeling of seeing your desired domain or blog name already taken by someone else. When considering your blog name, think about what you will be discussing in your blog, as well as your target audience. Through this, you can build a brand around your brand name.

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Picking the platform and getting it online

Once you’ve selected a catchy blog name, it’s time to choose your blogging platform. Some of the most in-demand blogging platforms are Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, and Blogger. The set-up process of these sites is easy, and most are free. There are also thousands of themes available to accommodate functional blogging. You may also choose your domain or the URL of your blog easily. After, find a good and affordable host provider, and you’re all set to start.

Simplicity is key

Simplicity is one of the most underrated factors of an awesome blog, both in writing and design. When your blog posts are clear, people will understand your message more. It also helps to find a theme that is compatible with desktop and mobile devices. This way, you can cut unnecessary clutter and focus more on your content.

Nobody wants to look at a messy blog with too many popups. If you put in too many gimmicks and a complex navigation system, your audience would just get confused. Also, make sure not to get too crazy in adding plug-ins and widgets.

Writing good content

Now that your blog is finally up, you need to put some content on it. Writing a blog post inspired by your job as a voice actor is easy. Establish which field you want to discuss: do you want to share how you got into video game voice acting, or would you like to teach others how to do a character voice? Try to look for topics that not many voice actor bloggers have written about.

Once you’ve done this, it’s time to create an outline and do research. Depending on your writing process, you may proceed with crafting a catchy title for the blog post now or wait until you’ve finished it later on. Never rush your blog content since you may miss typos and repetitive sentences.

And use images in your content. This tip will help improve the flow of your article and divide it into parts. If a topic is hard to understand, you may make infographics to help explain it more clearly.

Also, double-check sentences and ensure that they are short and simple. This way, it will be easier to read and understand. Don’t forget to factor in keywords so your post will perform well on search engines. If you’re unsure about the quality of your work, ask for feedback from your colleagues.

Making money

Blogging is not only fun, but it can also be very lucrative. If you want an additional stream of income, this is the way to go. There are tons of ways you can monetize your blog. One of the most popular choices is by placing ads that can either be a cost per click or pay per click, or cost per thousand impressions.

If you are not open to putting banners on your website, you may try being an affiliate. Since other voice artists are expected to visit your website, you can try posting affiliate links of reliable equipment such as microphones or pop filters. Because people see you as an expert, you may also sell digital products such as online courses and eBooks. However, these things can only be done once you’ve amassed significant blog traffic.

Don’t Forget to Have Some Fun

As with anything, maintaining voice over blogs would not be a successful feat if you don’t have fun. Don’t be so bogged down with keeping your blog as perfect as it can be. Since you are already dealing with projects outside of your blog, keep seeing it as an avenue for de-stressing. Managing your blog should not feel like a chore. Instead, look at it as an opportunity to learn something new and make yourself a better professional.