Employee training videos have a definite place in a business. They are a great way to boost your staff performance and share information. Great voice-overs in these videos will enhance the effectiveness and market them even better. They are like the icing on the cake, creating an effective video with positive results. The key is using the right voice to convey your message, just like you need the right icing on that cake to make it the tastiest you can.

Have you thought about incorporating videos into your employee training program? Whether for onboarding new employees or sharing new skills or protocols with current employees, videos are an effective way to share information. You can create quality employee training videos by understanding and following a few crucial tips.

Why are quality employee training videos good for your business?

Video training can boost your staff morale which leads to better business performance and increased profit. Numerous studies have shown that it’s easier for people to remember the essential information presented to them through multimedia messages. Wouldn’t you rather watch an entertaining, explanatory video regarding something new in your professional world than read about it? And if want to appeal to your readers as well, use an employee training video that supports the printed information.

Onboarding videos with engaging and welcoming voice-overs are essentially for sharing necessary information with your new employees. This is your new employee’s first real impression of you, and you want to make sure they know they made the right decision by coming to work here. An easy to follow, information-rich video with smart voice over will appeal to your new employees.

Quality employee training videos can help you target specific skills that you want your staff to gain. These videos can help you improve their productivity and their knowledge base. Helping your employees acquire new skills can increase their self-esteem and business contributions. Video training can improve loyalty and motivation by presenting a fresh approach to the essential aspects of your business. They can also have videos at their fingertips in case questions on protocol arise.

Employee training videos how to

How can you make quality employee training videos?

Keep the video consistent to your brand

Building brand awareness and credibility with your staff are as crucial as building your image with the external public. Keeping brand consistency means that everything the audience sees and hears in your videos reflects your company culture. The voice-over will seal the deal here.

Express your company’s ideals through the scripts, fonts, colors, and all the visual elements used in your employee training videos. Be consistent with your visuals, otherwise, your training videos may seem confusing. The audio needs to stay consistent as well. It’s a great way to share more on your brand through the visual component of the video. Think about that cake again. Just like you’d like to impress your guests with just the right cake and icing to suit their taste, you want your video to appeal to your employees.

Create a detailed script for the voice over

When you write a script, you’re organizing all the information that you want to share with your employees. When you are working with a voice artist, they will be reading your script. Though you know what you want to convey, they’ll need the script to do this. The more detail you can include in the script, the more detail you can convey through your video.

The script can also help you choose appropriate visuals and estimate the video timing. Use short words and sentences and keep a friendly and conversational tone. Your script will help you evaluate your messages before you start creating the video so you won’t lose precious time during the shooting. It can also help you decide on what type of voice you’d like to be reading this script. Remember, the voice over should fit your brand and reach your employees at the same time.

Often businesses like to create a corporate storyboard to fit the script, visuals, and voice altogether. This can help you stay focused on the script, predict the time, and incorporate all of your visuals as well. It’s a great tool to incorporate into your video production.

Keep it clear and concise

Ideas conveyed in employee training videos should be simple and precise. Otherwise, your audience will end up confused and muddled with unnecessary information. There is a certain limit to how much new information people can absorb in one training session. If you go beyond this limit, you’ll waste both your time and your employees’ time. Bold Content shares some great takeaways on the length of corporate videos.

If you need to share a lot of information, consider making breaks or putting the material into several, short videos. Keep your messages short and avoid redundant information which isn’t essential for the training. Your goal is to engage your employees and help them remember as much as possible. Here’s where your voice-over can come into play, too. Use an engaging voice that shares excitement about the content.

Structure your employee training videos in several chapters. Creating this structure will help you organize the information that you want to share. Moreover, a video structured in chapters will help your employees focus and organize the new information in their memory. They can also refer back to specific parts when needed if it’s clearly organized.

Use an engaging, professional, friendly voice over to reach your audience

There’s often a fine line between a professional video and an engaging video, but yours can be both.  Try to create a good balance between serious issues and entertaining elements so your video will be easy to watch and effective for training. This is where your voice over can have a huge effect. The best thing to do is to go with the vibe of your company.

  • If your company vibe is chill and casual and most of your employees are millennials, use this type of voice in your video for effectiveness. They won’t respond well to an older, stuffier voice.
  • If your company is more old school and your employees wear suits every day, keep a more formal tone in the voice over in the video.
  • If your company is outdoorsy, film the video outdoors and incorporate a voice-over that matches that mood.

Here is a great excerpt about reaching your audience that also applies in the corporate world.  Remember the corporate world today means much more than suit-wearing, lunching, middle-aged men. We’ve got women-run companies, Black-owned businesses, open concept offices where dogs roam freely, and causal days everyday companies. So remember the advice given from this article:

Are you addressing a roomful of new recruits, fashionistas, or tech geeks? In either case, speak their language, not yours! We’re referring to cultural consideration, as well as the refraining of industry jargon and acronyms. You can’t use vocabulary such as “LAN” or “WAN” when you are addressing the tech-phobic grandparents demographic. Likewise, there are some history-sensitive connotations that should be avoided. An example includes the word “master” when it comes to addressing diverse races in the crowd. Rather, use quotations, life-stage applicable examples, and expressions that will jive with your target audience, lest you lose them.

Incorporate various tools for a great final presentation

You can also achieve a good balance by using various communication tools and changing the screen frequently. Keep people engaged with visuals, music, titles, and different camera angles. Don’t be afraid to use a few different voice-overs as well. You can incorporate a young voice with an older one to reach all ages. Maybe use male, female, and gender-neutral voice overs together to make the video more inclusive.

Creative and fresh ways of presenting your concepts will appeal to your employees. Try to engage your employees intellectually and emotionally so information that you share through your training video will stay in their memory longer. The voice-over is the bridge to doing this.

Strive for the highest quality

If you want to have a high-quality employee training video that you’ll be proud to present, you probably need to produce it professionally. One of the crucial aspects of high-quality videos is perfectly matching titles, visuals, and voiceovers to create a cohesive, engaging piece. Invest as much time and effort as needed until you make your video a powerful training tool. Remember that the voice over can have a huge effect on your final piece. Remember, no one wants bad frosting on a delicious cake. If you have an outstanding video but a mediocre voice, you’ve just decreased the value of your final piece. Make sure your voice over is as good as your video.

A quality voice over can maintain your employees’ interest and significantly improve their information retention. It’s not simply about having the right characteristics, like age or gender, but it’s also about voice quality. A quality voiceover means using clear diction, great pacing, and appropriate tone shifts and inflection.  These techniques can all subtly highlight the crucial points in your employee training videos while keeping your audience engaged.

Employee training videos for everyone

Incorporate multilingual voice-overs

In case you have a multilingual team or an international office chain you will need to make sure that your messages are clear and accessible to everyone. You can use subtitles or a foreign language voice-over. You can even create multiple videos with different voiceovers. The beauty of the voice over is that you don’t really need to recreate the video, you’ll just need multiple voice-overs for multiple versions. Whatever option you choose, make sure that it’s done professionally to incorporate cultural nuances.

Some more to remember

Your employee training videos reflect upon your company

Many companies make the mistake of underestimating the power of employee training videos. Your employees are a specific target audience to which you should “sell” your brand. This encompasses everything about your employee training videos, including the voice over. It’s a time to connect with employees, whether they are new and onboarding or they’ve been with you for a while and are learning something new. Create your video to reflect well on your company, and you’ll continue to win your employees over. They’ll know why they work with you!

Employee videos can save time and money

When you have great employee videos, your employees can refer to them whenever they need them. Maybe someone is working on a project late night and comes across a problem. If they can go to the video library and find what they need, they’ve just solved their own issue.

The more you invest in high production standards for your employee training videos the greater your chances of achieving increased motivation and productivity. Your video is more than a training tool – it’s a chance to present your brand and credibility.

Employee videos set a positive precedent

Especially for your new employees, the standards used in your videos will be one of their first introductions to the company. Your training videos play a big role in your employees’ perception of your company. So clearly, you should invest in their quality just as much as you invest in your marketing and advertising materials. This means investing in professional voice over, too.

The Big Takeaway

Employee and corporate videos can have a huge impact on your company. Make any training or onboarding process an enjoyable and significant experience. Let your employees connect to the videos, let the voice-overs engage them, and you’ll have motivated, excited employees. Use appropriate voice-overs to reach all of your audiences and share your information in a concise, clean manner that exemplifies your brand.

Submit your project now, exceed your employees’ expectations from the start, and you’ll see those great results.