The standard curve for a business is to take time before the target market notices. This could be several years and even decades for others. But Vube has a unique curve that has captured the attention of the world. It appeared on the list of top 100 searches on Alexa within a year. That calls for attention!

Maybe understanding what Vube is could explain why it is a force to be reckoned with.

Here is the thing, the natural expectation is to get a return that equals the effort you put into your music. While YouTube and other video uploading services pay for views and engagements, there is always a feeling that the artists involved could earn more. In comes Vube.

The idea behind Vube is to reward artists for all their efforts online. Notice that the artist, in this case, does not have to be the original owner of all the content. Repurposing content will still earn you an excellent reward. Vube allows content generators to upload such content as cover songs of their favorite hits. The music or video that receives the most likes gets a prize each month.

Vube must have offered more than that, right? Of course! Having top-chart hits and covers cannot drive Vube to the top of Alexa charts in a year. A more in-depth look at the Vube will give a clear picture.

Let’s start with precisely what Vube does.

What is Vube?

The people on Vube appear to be having the time of their life. Their content, original or repurposed, seems to be capturing global attention. They are getting the much-fancied likes. In fact, they claim to be having more attention than they ever dreamed about on YouTube.

That sounds like a revolution.

The founders have an equally rosy story to paint about this platform. Shawn Boday and Scott Perkins are proud for creating a platform that has attracted a global community by offering rewards for engagement with the content available. They are looking forward to rival YouTube, and all indications are that the strategy is working.

Away from the international communities, locals are praising the platform for the exposure it provides. According to those on board, they are now getting previously tricky gigs. It is the right place to kick start musical and artistic careers.

Valuable Stats about Vube

Founded in 2013, it has very impressive stats that affirm the hype.

  • Vube started in 2013 and had garnered more than 2 million registered users by the end of the year
  • It received more than 20 million visitors in a day at its peak
  • Vube gave away more than $50,000 a month

Well, this can only be described as a viral video engine. It has been marketed worldwide, leading to the increased uptake. From these statistics, Vube must be headed in the right direction, right?


What Happened to Vube?

It is usual for Startups to face insurmountable challenges. But what problem could have been so significant to cause the death of Vube?

Well, here is the full story.

The first problem with Vube has something to do with malware. There are claims that adware- a virus delivered through advertisement was spreading quickly through the platform. That meant trouble for the more than 20 million visitors.

For content creators, it meant lost credibility. Viewers could not follow the content via different devices without compromising on security. It also instills fear that other aspects of the platform could be problematic.

Vube was also accused of having past ties with the porn industry. That served as a killer blow because users were not sure that the platform was not being used underground for the same purpose. It dented the credibility of the platform, sending away stars that had a reputation to protect.

Take, for example, would a gospel artist send fans to a platform associated with porn? Never!

With such chains pulling Vube behind, there was little chance that it could survive.


The Trouble with Vube

From web discussions, the main problem with Vube was the adware. The issue of porn streaming was secondary and even addressed in a hushed tone. Even the founders of the parent company were not willing to speak about it.

Adware in the Guise of Advertising

The founders genuinely admitted that the malware problem was troubling users. However, he exonerated the developer, laying the blame on third-party partners.

Well, that would sound like an understandable excuse. Luckily, the problem had been handled successfully.

To calm down users, the founders insisted that the design of all advertisements capture more views. The accusation that it was used to spread malware or was a phishing expedition vaporized.

Without digging too deeply into the issues, the accusation appeared reasonable. But there was more to the story.

Developer Connection

IT and web development industry is a free market. As such, the same company developing sacrament distribution software can also sell dildos. Well, the example is extreme, but the point is home.

Freedom of IT and web development have provided Vube with a soft landing. Less and less attention went to developers as more vibe focused on a juicy backstory on why such a brilliant idea was extinguished so fast.

The Fall of Vube: The Back Story

Analysts blame Vube for their downfall. The point is that they had a chance to address these fatal issues early but delayed or ignored their potency. Consequently, the platform closed business.

Where did Vube drop the ball?

Well, an investigative journalist would be best placed to tell the story. The ROI for such an investigative piece would be negligible, making an effort useless.

The other challenge with digging deep into such a story is the disdain for the truth. It requires a lot of effort to convince people that it would take to tell a blatant lie.

That said, the truth, as uncomfortable as it is, must be told.

To begin with, startup founders are conservative with the truth. They play more PR than tell the truth. They provide straightforward answers that make it difficult to dig for the truth.

For instance, they could not explain the source of the $50k they were giving in prizes. “The prizes were internally funded!” is not a satisfactory answer by all standards. Without documents, it is difficult to dig into some of these issues.

Any writer will tell you that a story is as strong as the accuracy of the information given. Two people can build castles and lay traps in their account, causing you to believe the unbelievable. That the guys were not volunteering information meant that they control the narrative. That is not good for a person interested in the truth in place of PR.

Could The Story of Vube Have Ended Differently?

A brand is anchored on the perception of the market. Vube failed to control their branding narrative, leaving such gaping holes that they ended up swallowing them.

Here is the thing, Vube failed to address concerns regarding their history proactively. The narrative would have been different if the market had this information.

And who is behind Vube? No one knows, and that is another problem.

Vube did not disclose the people behind its development. As a result, users and would-have-been partners were hesitant to work with the outfit. The outfit appeared to be lacking in honesty.

The last hidden issue was what the company was doing. It was a platform for video content creators to upload their materials, attract likes, and earn a reward on the surface. Such a business model is so simple but not convincing at all.

Vube Internet Profile

It is imperative to have a reliable internet profile to win the confidence of an online market. While Vube understood online marketing presence, they remained obscure, raising more suspicion about their identity.

A low online profile is only joint with two types of people.

  • People with no idea of what they are doing
  • A company or brand with something to hide

Before condemning Vube on these two parameters, it is worth noting that the company knows what it wants to do online. Furthermore,  the traffic and rapid growth in subscription point to a brand on top of its game.

The problem is the second element. What was Vube hiding from users and potential partners? Unfortunately, rumors about adware and the obscured ownership did not help.

Reluctance to Control the Online Narrative

Another problem arises, making the market more hostile for Vube. While the company understood its weakness, it failed to act. Since the rumors started early, Vube would have worked fast to quell the disquiet. Too much time was lost, leading to the death of a brand that was already shaking the market.


Update on Vube

It is impossible to kill a good idea even with a well-oiled negative-publicity machine. Moreover, the most successful brands rely more on the strength of their brand than publicity.

Given the unique product offering, why did Vube sink?

A keen digital investigator will tell you that mere internet marketing is not enough to sustain a company. Some of the tactics the brand could have used include the buying of likes or such stats. But a look at Google Trends gives an image of a genuine company.

Their top market was India, which explains why a significant part of their traffic came from Pakistan. Still, the numbers appeared more outrageous than what you would expect from a standard business curve. Even the most embraced products do not experience such exponential growth.

It would be unfair to condemn a company as brilliant as Vube without the benefit of a reply. As such, the first area of focus is their obscure past, business model, and funding. Clarity on these areas would remove all the doubts about the outfit.

Tech Reviews

Tech review platforms also had a chance to discuss Vube, but the verdict is similar. Numerous companies have grown under the watch of the press.

However, Vube remained obscure. Experience and an investigative eye of these tech-review platforms did not yield much. The death of Vube was, therefore, as mysterious as its existence.

It’s a Wrap

What is more to be said about this UFO of a company? Well, nothing much but the fact that the world will have to wait a bit longer for Vube to grow to maturity. Until the mystery surrounding the platform is resolved, YouTube will remain the preferred video streaming platform.


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