How We Work: Looking After Each Other

Welcome to our newest blog series — How We Work. Want to know what it’s like to work at Bunny Studio.? Want to learn how we solved workplace challenges? Read on.

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What’s the challenge?

A team’s well-being is a vital tool for success. How can an organization foster a healthy work environment and look after its employees?

What’s the solution?

Work-life integration is vital for both a healthy work environment and happy employees.

At Bunny Studio, we foster a healthy work-life integration by providing our team members with the benefits, time off and channels of communication they need to feel supported at work.

Why does it work?

Aiming for “work-life integration” is a more holistic goal than aiming for “work-life balance”. The latter evokes a binary opposition between work and life, while the former is an approach that creates greater synergy between the areas that define our lives: work; home and family; community; personal well-being; health.

Work-life integration supports the whole person, not just singular facets of their life.

How does it work?

At Bunny Studio, we support our team members in three main ways.

We support our team members with benefits. We cover 100% of the cost of both health and life insurance for our full-time employees.

We support our team members with time away from work. We know that it is important to take time off to recharge and encourage our team members to take this time off as long as the team’s objectives are not compromised. This also goes for public holidays — as we are a remote company, we work with team members in different countries with different holidays.

Earlier this year, after months of research, we adopted an official parental leave plan. We sponsor four months of paid parental leave for all parents, regardless of gender, during their child’s first year.

Sometimes absences can’t be planned. We support our team members when they need to take some days off due to illness or physical, psychological or emotional needs. Team members can talk to their leader or to People Operations should the need for more long-term or specific support arise.

We also understand that, sometimes, life just happens. A medical appointment, an unexpected errand, familial duties… when these things come up, make sure to properly coordinate with your team and team leader to guarantee your team continues moving forward.

We support our team members with clear communication channels. As long as a team member has a headset with a noise-canceling mic that mutes background noise from entering the microphone and a good internet connection that allows stable voice and video calls, teams can organize their operations from different locations. Team members can request what they need in order to work successfully, from headphones to software to membership at a nearby co-working space.

While we do a lot of communication online, we also expect our team members to be reachable by phone in case of emergencies. These situations could happen during planned or unplanned time off, or if our other communication channels (such as Slack and email) go down.

Finally, there are two committees that impart important information and help look after our team members. The Trust Committee administers our zero-tolerance policy for discrimination, violence, or any form of workplace harassment. It is a safe and confidential place team members can go to for support and help. This committee is made up of four people — two chosen by the company, two nominated by the team. It deliberates independently, only giving a report to People Ops once the situation has been thoroughly discussed and examined. The Trust Committee helps keep us all accountable and helps the company grow in a safe, sustainable way.

Our Health and Safety Committee monitors occupational safety and health, making sure our team members are physically looked after in their work environments. They also ensure that our team members are properly equipped with everything they need to work, such as a computer or set of headphones.

We measure and analyze the effects of our wellbeing efforts. Our wellbeing efforts are an experiment. Because of that, we need to carefully measure their impact and usefulness. What’s working? What isn’t? To measure this, we recently completed our first wellbeing impact analysis. We learned some things. For example, 60% of team members take part in our sponsored Headspace subscription. We translate wellbeing into data so we can better support our team members.

Anything else?

At Bunny Studio, we care about our team members. Because of that, we support and look after them. After all, a healthy and stable team is a hard-working and successful one.

Please note this blog is a copy of the original published in Medium by Emmy Tither.